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  1. The nervous system to motion and sensation. Theophilus also distinguished, between ,veins and arteries, noting that the latter pulse while the former do not.
  2. 3) Practical Philosophy and (4) Poetical Philosophy. In the period, between ,his two stays in Athens, between his times at the Academy and the Lyceum
  3. Two major categories of cognitive theories have been proposed about the links, between ,autistic brains and behavior. The first category focuses on deficits in social
  4. Sermon on the Plain. From biblical to medieval Christian traditions, tensions, between , self-affirmation and other-regard were sometimes discussed under the heading of
  5. The individual, love and compassion in Buddhism are outside the opposition, between ,self and other. It is even said that the very distinction between self and
  6. Aristotle did, Theophrastus suggested a mechanistic scheme, drawing analogies, between ,natural and artificial processes, and relying on Aristotle's concept of the
  7. Processing of auditory signals. In the genetic area, relations have been found, between ,autism and schizophrenia based on duplications and deletions of chromosomes;
  8. Once more obtained revenge on the battlefield, killing Demon. The fight, between ,Achilles and Demon over Antioch echoes that of Achilles and Hector over
  9. Landsteiner and Alfredo M. Bonanza. Theories Intersecting and overlapping, between ,various schools of thought, certain topics of interest and internal disputes
  10. Biologically meaningful subpopulations and by the traditional boundaries, between ,the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology,neurology and pediatrics. Newer
  11. Philosopher Zeno of Elena centered one of his paradoxes on an imaginary footrace, between ," swift-footed" Achilles and a tortoise, by which he attempted to show that
  12. Epilepsy, which may explain why the two conditions are associated. Interactions, between ,the immune system and the nervous system begin early during the embryonic stage
  13. Published the newspaper called (), which was published nine times in Rosario, between ,8 January 1896 and 1 January 1897,and was revived, briefly,in 1901. In Europe
  14. 39 for execution (one was later reprieved). During the Civil War, there were, between ,14,500 and 20,000 western recruits stationed in the Trans-Mississippi West
  15. To speak of free love as the possibility of voluntary sexual encounter, between ,consenting adults. He was also a consistent proponent of polyamory. In the
  16. And (4) Poetical Philosophy. In the period between his two stays in Athens, between ,his times at the Academy and the Lyceum, Aristotle conducted most of the
  17. Are not negatively correlated in time, suggesting an imbalance in toggling, between ,the two networks, possibly reflecting a disturbance of self-referential thought
  18. View anarcho-communist as a way of reconciling the opposition, between ,the individual and society. In the early 20th century, anarcho-syndicalism
  19. Political expression and acts. Numerous heads of state were assassinated, between ,1881 and 1914 by members of the anarchist movement. For example, U. S.
  20. Body. Social behavior and altruism share many similarities to the interactions, between ,the many parts (cells, genes ) of an organism, but are distinguished by the
  21. To the diaphragm. Aristotle also made the observation that when the distance, between ,the aperture and the surface with the image increased, the image was magnified.
  22. To actual effects. Essentially, causality does not suggest a temporal relation, between ,the cause and the effect. Optics Aristotle held more accurate theories on some
  23. Of Heracles. Fate of Achilles' armor Achilles' armor was the object of a feud, between ,Odysseus and Melatonin Ajax (Ajax the greater). They competed for it by
  24. Opposition to slavery, and rejected any" groping for some middle ground, between ,the right and the wrong ". Despite his inelegant appearance—many in the
  25. The general strike or antimilitarism. A central debate concerned the relation, between ,anarchism and syndicalism (or trade unionism). Latest and Monte were in
  26. Symptoms than usual; studies report conflicting results, and the relationship, between ,GI problems and ASD is unclear. Parents of children with ASD have higher levels
  27. Pompous Meal tells that Achilles is buried on the island named Achilles, between ,Boristhene and Sister (De situ orbit, II,7). The Greek geographer Dionysus
  28. To perform better cognitively than those with autism, the extent of the overlap, between ,Asperger syndrome, HFA, and non-syndromal autism is unclear. Some studies have
  29. First part of the Achilles trilogy, The Myrmidons, focused on the relationship, between ,Achilles and chorus, who represent the Achaean army and try to convince
  30. Of the brain was also involved, and it was quite sensitive to the difference, between ,doing something for personal gain and doing it for someone else's gain ". That
  31. Of Darwin's theory of evolution. Insistence on such cooperative behaviors, between ,animals was first exposed by the Russian zoologist and anarchist Peter
  32. The Alabama tribe as their name. The spelling of the word varies significantly, between ,sources. Although the origin of Alabama could be discerned, sources disagree on
  33. Conditions other than ASD, and are not always present in ASD, the relationship, between ,immune disturbances and autism remains unclear and controversial. The
  34. Mutualism has been retrospectively characterized as ideologically situated, between ,individualist and collectivist forms of anarchism. Proudhon first characterized
  35. David Grabber and anarchist historian Andrej Gracie have posited a rupture, between ,generations of anarchism, with those" who often still have not shaken the
  36. Ruler of a Nation," while Bad Jinan said that as soon as" the relationship, between ,lord and subject is established, hearts become daily filled with evil designs
  37. Circuit for imitation in individuals with Asperger syndrome, and a correlation, between ,reduced MNS activity and severity of the syndrome in children with ASD. However
  38. By the Tsarist secret police. Tolstoy established a conceptual difference, between ,education and culture. Summer hill is often cited as an example of anarchism in
  39. Egoist anarchists claim that egoism will foster genuine and spontaneous union, between ,individuals. " Egoism" has inspired many interpretations of Stirner's
  40. Alabama had a governor and Lieutenant Governor of the same party was the period, between ,1983 and 1987 when George Wallace was serving his fourth term as governor and
  41. And processes associated with autism, and the neuropsychological linkages, between ,brain structures and behaviors. The behaviors appear to have multiple
  42. Soybeans, and peaches. Although known as" The Cotton State ", Alabama ranks, between ,eighth and tenth in national cotton production, according to various reports
  43. Pedantic communication. Because the behavior spectrum is continuous, boundaries, between , diagnostic categories are necessarily somewhat arbitrary. Or on how much
  44. Opposition between self and other. It is even said that the very distinction, between ,self and other is part of the root cause of our suffering. In practical terms
  45. Grant's move to Petersburg resulted in the obstruction of three railroads, between ,Richmond and the South. This strategy allowed Generals Sherman and Philip
  46. ASD have local over connectivity in the cortex and weak functional connections, between ,the frontal lobe and the rest of the cortex. Other evidence suggests the
  47. Donald concludes that," His repeated efforts to avoid collision in the months, between ,inauguration and the firing on Ft. Sumter showed he adhered to his vow not to
  48. They had fought against. In 1872,the conflict climaxed with a final split, between ,the two groups at the Hague Congress, where Bakunin and James Guillaume were
  49. And the" esoteric ". Most scholars have understood this as a distinction, between ,works Aristotle intended for the public (exoteric),and the more technical
  50. Nichols boycotted the 8th Academy Awards ceremony because of conflicts, between ,the Academy and the Writer's Guild. George C. Scott became the second person

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