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  1. Ilia's Mira by Rescue of Mylène, Iliou Persia by Arctics of Miles, there ,is no trace of any reference to his general invulnerability or his famous
  2. That are not a part of particular things. For example, it is possible that, there ,is no particular good in existence, but " good" is still a proper universal
  3. Of involving parents in active programs of therapy. As late as the mid-1970s, there , was little evidence of a genetic role in autism; now it is thought to be one of
  4. Women: for example, marriage laws and anti-birth control measures. But also, there ,existed Ezra Heywood and Angela Heywood's The Word (1872–1890,1892–1893).
  5. This point, arguing that all universals are instantiated. Aristotle argued that, there ,are no universals that are unattached to existing things. According to
  6. That dedicated to Achilles, were discovered by Captain Kritzikly in 1823,but, there ,has been no modern archeological work done on the island. Pompous Meal tells
  7. 90 % of those with autism, and are considered core features by some, although, there , is no good evidence that sensory symptoms differentiate autism from other
  8. Honored with the Special Achievement Award. Oscar statuette Design Although, there ,are seven other types of awards presented by the Academy (the Irving G.
  9. Gods withdrew their pursuit, and had her wed Pele us. As with most mythology, there ,is a tale which offers an alternative version of these events: in Aeronautical (
  10. Poet Dante says of Aristotle in the first circles of hell, : I saw the Master, there ,of those who know, : Amid the philosophic family, : By all admired, and by all
  11. Thought essentially until the 18th and 19th centuries. Ernst May claimed that, there ,was" nothing of any real consequence in biology after Lucretius and Galen
  12. In antiquity suspected Aristotle of playing a role in Alexander's death, but, there , is little evidence for this. Upon Alexander's death, anti-Macedonian sentiment
  13. Daughter Bavaria, whom in the account of Status he rapes, Achilles, there , fathers a son, Neoptolemus (also called Pyrrhic, after his father's possible
  14. Or plants '. By 335 BC he had returned to Athens, establishing his own school, there ,known as the Lyceum. Aristotle conducted courses at the school for the next
  15. Has generally been poor, their clinical results are mostly tentative, and, there , is little evidence for the relative effectiveness of treatment options.
  16. Recognizing equality of entitlement ". In chronological and theoretical sense, there ,are classical — those created throughout the 19th century — and post-classical
  17. Luce" because the wild animals which live there are white. It is said that, there , in Luce island, reside the souls of Achilles and other heroes, and that they
  18. Although some children with autism also have gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, there ,is a lack of published rigorous data to support the theory that autistic
  19. Supportive; most of the state's 130,000 German Americans voted Democratic but, there ,was Republican support that a German-language paper could mobilize. On February
  20. Antidepressants, stimulants,and antipsychotics. Aside from antipsychotics, there ,is scant reliable research about the effectiveness or safety of drug treatments
  21. To leave the recording studio. Then, a little later, Shilkret discovered, there ,was no one to play the brief celesta solo during the slow section, so he
  22. Writes that the island was called Luce" because the wild animals which live, there ,are white. It is said that there , in Luce island, reside the souls of Achilles
  23. This is similar to the notion of chivalry, but unlike the European concept, there ,is a focus on attention to everything in existence. A constant concern for
  24. Depending on whether the brain is doing social or nonsocial tasks. In autism, there ,is evidence for reduced functional connectivity of the default network, a
  25. And suburban counties are generally decided in the Republican Primary, although, there , are exceptions. Alabama's 67 County Sheriffs are elected in partisan races and
  26. Speak of both the book and apple as being next to each other. Plato argued that, there ,are some universal forms that are not a part of particular things. For example
  27. Perception of people versus objects. Causes It has long been presumed that, there ,is a common cause at the genetic, cognitive,and neural levels for autism's
  28. Is much weaker. *Anxiety disorders are common among children with ASD;, there ,are no firm data, but studies have reported prevalence ranging from 11 % to 84
  29. Effect is best known in colder regions on Earth, because more snow falls, there , it is actually much stronger in tropical regions which receive consistently
  30. A distance of fifty Roman miles from Peace by the Danube Delta, and the temple, there , Ananias has been told that the island is" covered with forests and full of
  31. Damage followed by Apellicon's inexpert attempt at repair. Second, there ,is" incontrovertible evidence," Lord says, that the treatises were in
  32. The victim doesn’t run away anymore, but waits willingly to be caught. So, there ,is a great quantity of silver there , consecrated to the hero, as price for the
  33. They slaughter, others they set free on the island, in Achilles’ honor. But, there ,are others, who are forced to come to this island by sea storms. As they have
  34. County sales taxes. For example, the total sales tax rate in Mobile is 10 % and, there ,is an additional restaurant tax of 1 %, which means that a diner in Mobile
  35. Transient changes to the brain's electrical activity in response to stimuli, there ,is considerable evidence for differences in autistic individuals with respect
  36. Covered with forests and full of animals, some wild, some tame. On this island, there ,is also Achilles’ temple and his statue" ( III.19.11). Ruins of a square
  37. Thesis raised this island from the sea, for her son Achilles, who dwells, there , Here is his temple and his statue, an archaic work. This island is not
  38. They consider fair. But in case the oracle denies them permission, because, there , is an oracle here, they add something to the price offered, and if the oracle
  39. Goal, but rather defeat of the Confederate armies. As Newly (2004) concludes, there ,was no effort to engage in" total war" against civilians, as in World War II.
  40. The film grossly misrepresented conditions in the Soviet Union, portraying life, there ,as being much better and happier than it actually was. When asked about her
  41. See an apple, and we can also analyze a form of an apple. In this distinction, there ,is a particular apple and a universal form of an apple. Moreover, we can place
  42. For example," what is it that makes a man one "? Since, according to Plato, there ,are two Ideas: animal and biped, how then is man a unity? However, according to
  43. More, but waits willingly to be caught. So, there is a great quantity of silver, there , consecrated to the hero, as price for the sacrificial victims. To some of the
  44. Approving 39 for execution (one was later reprieved). During the Civil War, there ,were between 14,500 and 20,000 western recruits stationed in the
  45. Women are happy too: In places like Sparta where the lot of women is bad, there ,can only be half-happiness in society. Loss and preservation of his works
  46. Todd's grandson trying to sell Todd's Oscar statuette illustrates that, there ,are some who do not agree with this idea. When Todd's grandson attempted to
  47. Directors vote for directors, writers for writers, actors for actors, etc.);, there ,are some exceptions though in the case of certain categories, like Foreign Film
  48. To Aristotle, if a universal exists, either as a particular or a relation, then, there , must have been, must be currently, or must be in the future, something on which
  49. Catalan: Actresses) is a 1996 film directed by Ventura Pons. In the film, there ,are no male actors and the four leading actresses dubbed themselves in the
  50. The Kansas–Nebraska Act. Lincoln wrote," I think I am a Whig, but others say, there ,are no Whigs, and that I am an abolitionist, even though I do no more than

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