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  1. Rewarded with the Confederate capital, despite the exposed position of Richmond, so ,close to Union lines. North Carolina, Tennessee,and Arkansas al so voted for
  2. Past of Homo sapiens influenced its so cial organization and culture? " And, so ,forth. In the United States, contemporary anthropology is typically divided
  3. Alludes to Thetis's chaste resistance to the advances of Zeus, that Thesis was, so ,loyal to Hera's marriage bond that she coolly rejected him. Thesis, although a
  4. 00:00:00),corrections were applied to the output of all participating clocks, so ,that TAI would correspond to proper time at mean sea level (the gelid).
  5. In TAI, and to make better estimates of the true proper timescale. Doing, so ,does not create another version of TAI; it is instead considered to be creating
  6. He hastily asked Gershwin if he might play the so lo; Gershwin said he could and, so ,he briefly participated in the actual recording. The radio broadcast of the
  7. Hermite writes that Aristotle's writing style is deliberately obscurantist, so ,that“ good people may for that rea so n stretch their mind even more, whereas
  8. Which scatter radiation in all directions according to a cosine function, so ,their albedo does not depend on the incident distribution. In practice, a
  9. Cursed Odysseus, which earned the ire of Athena. Athena temporarily made Ajax, so ,mad with grief and anguish that he began killing sheep, thinking them his
  10. That the voters were" depressed by the interminable nature of this war, as, so , far conducted, and by the rapid exhaustion of the national re so urces without
  11. Simply follow from premises, hence he focused on maintaining so lid premises, so ,that the conclusion would logically follow. Consequently, Plato realized that a
  12. Are linear transformations of atomic time, the discontinuities being arranged, so ,that UTC approximated UT2 until the end of 1971,and UT1 thereafter. This was a
  13. His generals, who resented his civilian interference with their own plans. Even, so , he often continued to give detailed directions to his generals as Commander in
  14. Do with the proper function (argon) of a thing. An eye is only a good eye in, so ,much as it can see, because the proper function of an eye is sight. Aristotle
  15. And Ajax realized that he had actually been killing sheep, Ajax was left, so ,ashamed that he committed suicide. Odysseus eventually gave the armor to
  16. Along with Robert Stapler, a father figure to these three. Akston's name is, so ,hallowed that a young lady, on hearing that Francisco had studied under him, is
  17. A universal form of an apple. Moreover, we can place an apple next to a book, so ,that we can speak of both the book and apple as being next to each other. Plato
  18. Seward's initial reaction to the Trent affair, however,was too bellicose, so ,Lincoln al so turned to Sen. Charles Sumner, the chairman of the Senate Foreign
  19. Human landscape and his accounts of the peoples he met as he journeyed were, so ,detailed that they earned for Polo the name" the father of modern anthropology
  20. Values. Rear den struggles to re so lve this internal conflict, and in doing, so , illustrates Rand's sexual theory. Reign Danneskjöld One of the original
  21. Deadline for delivering the finished novel, but when the book was done, she was, so ,exhausted that her doctor ordered two weeks' rest. Her continued use of the
  22. In those states where it already existed. A few weeks before the war, he went, so ,far as to pen a letter to every governor asking for their support in ratifying
  23. Post would have effectively ended his legal and political career in Illinois, so ,he declined and resumed his law practice. Prairie lawyer Lincoln returned to
  24. Art direction on a film. The films below are listed with their production year, so ,the Oscar 2000 for best art direction went to a film from 1999. In the lists
  25. The fall of 1925,Rand was granted a visa to visit American relatives. Rand was, so ,impressed with the skyline of Manhattan upon her arrival in New York Harbor
  26. Warrior queen Penthesilea, but later grieved over her death. At first, he was, so ,distracted by her beauty, he did not fight as intensely as usual. Once he
  27. On the Mall in Washington. In the New Deal era liberals honored Lincoln not, so ,much as the self-made man or the great war president, but as the advocate of
  28. His mother Thesis to convince Zeus to help the Trojans gain ground in the war, so ,that he may regain his honor. As the battle turned against the Greeks, thanks
  29. Slaves was now part of the national war effort. He declared that the deaths of, so ,many brave so ldiers would not be in vain, that slavery would end as a result of
  30. Autistic individuals bypass nonverbal cues and emotional sharing that they find, so ,hard to deal with, and has given them a way to form online communities and work
  31. Zoology, paleontology,anatomy, music theory, art history, so ciology and, so ,on, belonging to professional so cieties in those disciplines as well. History
  32. ABC once again took over broadcast duties in 1976; it is under contract to do, so ,through the year 2020. After more than sixty years of being held in late March
  33. Particular or generic. The same language refers to the effects of causes, so ,that generic effects assigned to generic causes, particular effects to
  34. That the award show has up to a billion viewers internationally, but this has, so ,far not been confirmed by any independent so urces. The Awards show was first
  35. At the scale of the wavelength of light even wavy water is always smooth, so ,the light is reflected in a locally specular manner (not diffusely). The
  36. Troubles but would not speak unless Achilles vowed to protect him. Achilles did, so ,and Catches declared Chrysalis must be returned to her father. Agamemnon
  37. On this line if it takes all summer. " The Confederacy lacked reinforcements, so ,Lee's army shrank with every battle, forcing it back to trenches outside
  38. Boycotted the ceremonies and refused to accept their Oscars. The first to do, so ,was Dudley Nichols (Best Writing in 1935 for The Informer). Nichols boycotted
  39. Child with autism. Treatment is expensive; indirect costs are more, so , For so meone born in 2000,a US study estimated an average lifetime cost of $ (
  40. What makes of what is made and what causes change of what is changed' and, so ,suggests all so rts of agents, nonliving or living, acting as the so urces of
  41. For subsequent publication, the surviving works do not appear to have been, so , According to a distinction that originates with Aristotle himself, his
  42. Parts of the brain that deal with language. Because anthropology developed from, so ,many enterprises (see History of Anthropology),including but not
  43. To lay the new Rear den Metal track for the Rio North Line, but before she does, so , he mysteriously disappears. She later discovers that he has joined the strike
  44. Many coastal watchtowers and fortified churches were erected. The threat was, so ,severe that the island of Fomenter became uninhabited. Between 1609 and 1616
  45. There was no one to play the brief celesta so lo during the slow section, so ,he hastily asked Gershwin if he might play the so lo; Gershwin said he could and
  46. Main Trojan war leaders. Prophecies linked Troilus' fate to that of Troy and, so ,he was ambushed in an attempt to capture him. Yet Achilles, struck by the
  47. Zeus himself took note of Achilles' rage and sent the gods to restrain him, so ,that he would not go on to sack Troy itself, seeming to show that the
  48. That Aristotle shared with Plato essential tenets of thought. Some went, so ,far as to credit Aristotle himself with Neoplatonic metaphysical ideas.
  49. Of an anarchist so ciety, so me anarchists advocate a global one, while others do, so ,by local ones. The diversity in anarchism has led to widely different use of
  50. Gold "; it is hard for many modern readers to accept that one could seriously, so ,admire the style of those works currently available to us. The surviving texts

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