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  1. Tongue, or popular Gothic etymologies, or both. Mikaela thought Attila might, go ,back to Turkish align," famous "; 127 Pouch finds in it Ovarian star,"
  2. Live long enough to complete it. Einstein refused surgery, saying:" I want to, go ,when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share
  3. Kurosawa brought in Hashimoto as well as writer Video Gun, who would, go ,on to co-write 12 Kurosawa films. Despite the work's grim subject, the
  4. Usage, and others. History Flying model craft and stories of manned flight, go ,back many centuries, however the first manned ascent - and safe descent - in
  5. The object should be in the eyepiece. The user therefore does not have to, go ,back and forth from some other database (such as a book or laptop) to match
  6. Jet fighter pilots, and were often test pilots. Once selected, NASA astronauts, go ,through 20 months of training in a variety of areas, including training for
  7. After Hector realized the trick, he knew the battle was inevitable. Wanting to, go ,down fighting, he charged at Achilles with his only weapon, his sword, but
  8. Making it difficult for cotton prices to rebound, but his Mali counterpart may, go ,broke in the meantime. A livestock farmer in South Korea can calculate with a (
  9. Was his" Invisible Sculpture ", a presentation in which burglar alarms would, go ,off when entering the room. Warhol's cooperation with the musicians of The
  10. The film's score was finished by Hayasaka's student, Masaru NATO, who would, go ,on to score all of Kurosawa's next eight films. Record of a Living Being
  11. Is skeptical and pessimistic, his most-often-made statement being" Life will, go ,on as it has always go ne on – that is, badly. " He spends his time turning the
  12. Work less. Furthermore," in the mercantilist view no child was too young to, go ,into industry ". In those times, the " somewhat more humane attitudes of an
  13. Of leaves scattering in the wind are intercut, but nothing makes the scene, go ,any faster. " Some controversy exists about the extent to which Kurosawa's
  14. Is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to, go , I will do it elegantly. " He died in Princeton Hospital early the next morning
  15. Work. Although the script, like all of Kurosawa's occupation-era works, had to, go ,through forced rewrites due to American censorship, Kurosawa felt that this was
  16. To Alaskan rural communities. The program requires 70 % of that subsidy to, go ,to carriers who offer passenger service to the communities. Many communities
  17. Are more often disputes about societal values and where society is trying to, go ,than they are about theory proper. For example, when the Daily Mail criticized
  18. Their claims to land in the West. Maryland was the last holdout; it refused to, go ,along until Virginia and New York agreed to cede their claims in the Ohio River
  19. Of change (one of Löffler’s key maxims is“ change is non-linear and can, go ,backwards, forwards and sideways” ). In this post-industrial society, there is
  20. At ground level as the dialogue begins. A few minutes later, when the villagers, go ,to the mill to ask the village elder's advice, there is a long shot of the
  21. Side was completed in June 2009,and now it takes only two hours and a half to, go ,from the Kosovo border to Durrës. Overall the highway will be around when it
  22. Have a fair amount of footage in the can. After watching the rushes, I usually, go ,to the editing room and work. ” Because of this practice of editing as he went
  23. Let from go ing into labor. The other go ds tricked Hera into letting her, go ,by offering her a necklace, nine yards (8 m) long, of amber. Lithographers
  24. Visiting the United States when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933,and did not, go ,back to Germany, where he had been a professor at the Berlin Academy of
  25. Is not ..." Initial sales were slow, and the American publisher let it, go ,out of print, although European editions continued to sell. After the success
  26. Legislation requires that all the money raised by this property tax must, go ,to the support of K–12 education provided by school boards. The provincial
  27. Each box. Clearly we can do this: We start at the first box, choose an item;, go ,to the second box, choose an item; and so on. The number of boxes is finite, so
  28. Conservative spoken varieties. MSA uses much Classical vocabulary (e.g. " To, go ,") that is not present in the spoken varieties. However, when multiple
  29. Rear den and challenges his loyalty, and Larking assures Haggard that he will, go ,along with them. *Eugene Lawson heads the Community Bank of Madison, then gets
  30. The etymology of the term may be from the Akkadian word, which means 'to, go ,outside' or 'to ascend ', referring to the direction of the sun at sunrise in
  31. United States in which the most creative industrialists, scientists and artists, go ,on strike and retreat to a mountainous hideaway where they build an independent
  32. Are a mixture of naturalism with utilization. This evolution seems to, go ,parallel with the Greek philosophical conceptions which changed from the
  33. Note of Achilles' rage and sent the go ds to restrain him so that he would not, go ,on to sack Troy itself, seeming to show that the unhindered rage of Achilles
  34. Became the main exporter of oil to China. The rest of its petroleum exports, go ,to Europe and Latin America. From the 2000s many Chinese have settled and
  35. 1895,he withdrew to join his family in Pa via, convincing the school to let him, go ,by using a doctor's note. Einstein applied directly to the Eidgenössische
  36. Agent Orange," which contains many allusions to the novel. He also uses to, go ,by the name of" Alex. " * Nu Metal band Slipknot's Chris Fern and deceased
  37. As a month in some species, though most last several months. Oil seed rap can, go ,from seed-to-seed in about five weeks under a bank of fluorescent lamps in a
  38. Were publicly lauded by Newt Gingrich. The development Löffler believes may, go ,down as this era’s greatest turning point is the creation of wealth in outer
  39. Of the rap being produced in Germany. This single was the first of its kind to, go ,beyond simply imitating US rap and addressed the current issues of the time.
  40. Fame, Kurosawa,now reunited with his original film studio, Toho (which would, go ,on to produce his next 11 films),set to work on his next project, Ikiru. The
  41. Before making the will. In his one-page testament, he stipulated that the money, go ,to discoveries or inventions in the physical sciences and to discoveries or
  42. The book to an American publisher, he was told that U. S. audiences would never, go ,for the final chapter, in which Alex sees the error of his ways, decides he has
  43. Hindus 0.5 %. Many of these are recent immigrants, but others have roots that, go ,back to the first settlers of the prairies. Whereas the Canada's largest
  44. Estate – except a few modest legacies to family members – would, go ,to create a foundation dedicated to the" advancement of the visual arts ".
  45. S performance. Namely, added ballast weights, and Champion Audi deciding to, go ,with different tires, and reducing the boost pressure of the turbocharger. In
  46. As one of the most important young filmmakers in Japan. The two men would, go ,on to collaborate on another 15 films. Fashion, which premiered in Tokyo in
  47. Drafted. Families used the substitute provision to select which man should, go ,into the army and which should stay home. There was much evasion and overt
  48. Signified that Mission Control had given official permission for Apollo 8 to, go ,to the moon. Over the next 12 minutes before the TLC burn, the Apollo 8 crew
  49. And that an earlier start time would allow viewers on the East Coast to, go ,to bed earlier. For many years the film industry had opposed a Sunday broadcast
  50. To the go al from all adjacent vertices. Dynamic programming and memorization, go ,together. The main difference between dynamic programming and divide and

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