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  1. Communication needs. Differences in communication may be present from the first, year ,of life, and may include delayed onset of babbling, unusual gestures
  2. Athletic potential. His Boys & Girls Club sees 2,000 children throughout the, year ,and boasts a world-class junior tennis team. It also has a basketball program (
  3. Of Production: 1928 only Proposed awards The Board of Governors meets each, year ,and considers new awards. To date, the following proposed awards have not been
  4. By the defined deadline, the film will be ineligible for Academy Awards in any, year , The form includes the production credits for all related categories. Then
  5. Climate and hydrology In this region, midday desert temperatures can be hot, year ,round. After sunset, however,the clear, dry air permits rapid loss of heat
  6. In art direction on a film. The films below are listed with their production, year , so the Oscar 2000 for best art direction went to a film from 1999. In the
  7. Years before. In 1863,Lincoln declared the final Thursday in November of that, year ,to be a day of Thanksgiving. Administration, cabinet and Supreme Court
  8. Every kind of business that could come before a prairie lawyer ". Twice a, year ,for sixteen year s, ten weeks at a time, he appeared in county seats in the
  9. And Emmy Awards statuettes. Since 1983,approximately 50 Oscars are made each, year ,in Chicago by Illinois manufacturer R. S. Owens & Company. In support of the
  10. Awards season, which usually begins during November or December of the previous, year , This is an elaborate extravaganza, with the invited guests walking up the red
  11. 6–2 but then lost his second match to Mats Wander 6–1,6–1. By the end of the, year , Agassi was ranked World No. 91. Agassi won his first top-level singles title
  12. Less than per year , mostly as snow which stays on the ground almost the entire, year , History Alaska natives Numerous indigenous peoples occupied Alaska for
  13. Positions, clearly attempting to convey the perception of motion. A 5,000, year , old earthen bowl found in Iran in Shari Sophia has five images of a goat
  14. Historically held at the former Morton's restaurant, is now for the 2nd, year , at the Sunset Towers. Actress (Catalan: Actresses) is a 1996 film directed by
  15. Trial and execution of Socrates. He died in Europa of natural causes within the, year ,(in 322 BC). Aristotle named chief executor his student Antimatter and left a
  16. Colts, New England Patriots, or the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl every, year ,except the 2002 NFL season, when the Oakland Raiders lost to the Tampa Bay
  17. Attractions, but crowds have thinned. In the late 1960s,650,000 people a, year ,visited the home in Springfield, slipping to 393,000 in 2000–2003. Likewise
  18. And it is slightly cooler in summer. There are, on average,300 days per, year ,of sunshine. Economy Tourism, the mainstay of Andorra's tiny, well-to-do
  19. Must include English subtitles, and each country can only submit one film per, year , The members of the various branches nominate those in their respective fields
  20. Fire and water),in addition to two chemical elements representing the |, year ,2005|ISBN 0674014952|page 146|quote a corpuscular tradition in alchemy
  21. Has very hot summers and mild winters with copious precipitation throughout the, year , Alabama receives an average of rainfall annually and enjoys a lengthy
  22. Is light in this part of Alaska, with many places averaging less than per, year , mostly as snow which stays on the ground almost the entire year . History
  23. Or $29,411 per capita. Alabama's 2008 GDP increased 0.7 % from the previous, year , The single largest increase came in the area of information. In 1999,per
  24. In Super Bowl XXXVII. By contrast, the NFC have sent a different team each, year ,in that same span. Logo The merged league created a new logo for the AFC that
  25. With milder temperatures in the winter and high precipitation throughout the, year , Juneau averages over of precipitation a year , while other areas receive over.
  26. Child-star Shirley Temple in Heidi and Rebecca of Sunny brook Farm the following, year , Dan also helped launch the career of two other very successful Hollywood
  27. Awards * Best Actress in a Supporting Role: 1936 to present In the first, year ,of the awards, the Best Director award was split into two separate categories (
  28. Although it had initially been conceived as a once-off event, by the following, year ,the celebration of International Workers' Day on May Day had become firmly
  29. Ceremony, most commonly in February or March following the relevant calendar, year , and six weeks after the announcement of the nominees. It is the culmination of
  30. High precipitation throughout the year . Juneau averages over of precipitation a, year , while other areas receive over. This is also the only region in Alaska in
  31. Distanced themselves from such individual acts. Peter Kropotkin thus wrote that, year ,in Le Revolt that" a structure based on centuries of history cannot be
  32. 2001 ranked World No. 3,becoming the only male tennis player to finish a, year ,ranked in the top 3 in three different decades (1980s—finishing World No. 3 in
  33. Singles title in 1987 at the Sub American Open in Ixtapaluca. During the, year , he set the Open Era record for most consecutive victories by a male teenager
  34. Of the official Academy Awards Rules, a film must open in the previous calendar, year , from midnight at the start of January 1 to midnight at the end of December 31
  35. Has yet to be retired. However, due to continuous insufficient eligibility each, year , it has not been awarded since 1984 (when Purple Rain won). Retired awards *
  36. Tennis Masters Cup, Agassi lost in the final to Federer and finished the, year ,ranked World No. 4. At age 33,he was the oldest player to rank in the top five
  37. Went to a film from 1999. In the lists below, the winner of the award for each, year ,is shown first, followed by the other nominees. Superlatives 1920s This award
  38. Of the Century. The annual average snowfall for the Birmingham area is per, year , In the southern Gulf coast, snowfall is less frequent, sometimes going several
  39. Between the roster of two other NFL divisions. This assignment shifts each, year , For instance, in the 2007 regular season, each team in the AFC West played one
  40. And graduate, which Rand did in October 1924. She subsequently studied for a, year ,at the State Technical for Screen Arts in Leningrad. For one of her assignments
  41. Contains his remains and those of his wife and three of his four sons. Within a, year ,of this death, his image began to be disseminated throughout the world on
  42. And commandeers thousands of railcars to move the harvest. As a result,the, year ,'s wheat crop from Minnesota never reaches the rest of the country, but instead
  43. That represented an increase of $444,736,387 over the previous fiscal, year , While Alabama's public education system has improved, it lags behind in
  44. Took over broadcast duties in 1976; it is under contract to do so through the, year ,2020. After more than sixty year s of being held in late March or early April
  45. Spend relatively little time at telescopes - most spend a few weeks per, year ,observing, and the rest of their time reducing the data (changing it from raw
  46. To Federer, Sampras and Naval to date. He also earned more than US$25 million a, year ,through endorsements, during his career and fourth in all sports at the time.
  47. And days tend to be clearer. On average, Anchorage receives of precipitation a, year , with around of snow, although there are areas in the south central which
  48. Would have been banished to Tartarus forever, but was instead sentenced to one, year ,of hard labor as punishment, due to the intercession of his mother, Leto.
  49. Horns by sued Alabama in court and defiantly remained in office for more than a, year ,before finally giving up the seat after losing in court. This ultimately would
  50. a million viewers tuned to the telecast for the 70th Academy Awards in 1998,the, year ,of Titanic, which generated close to US$600 million at the North American box

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