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  1. The term" logic" he reserved to mean dialectics. Most of Aristotle's, work ,is probably not in its original form, since it was most likely edited by
  2. Foundation for Objectives Scholarship, which provides grants for scholarly, work ,on Objectives in academia. The charitable foundation of BB&T Corporation has
  3. Ciabatta, Allan Gotten, Edwin A. Locke and Tara Smith, have taught her, work ,in academic institutions. Ciabatta co-edits the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, a
  4. Each work er in the mutualist system would receive" just and exact pay for his, work ,; services equivalent in cost being exchangeable for services equivalent in cost
  5. Empirical research program Aristotle is the earliest natural historian whose, work ,has survived in some detail. Aristotle certainly did research on the natural
  6. The powerful as the oppressed ", Academic reaction During Rand's lifetime her, work ,received little attention from academic scholars. A few articles about Rand's
  7. Level of independence as adults,10 % had some friends and were generally in, work ,but required some support,19 % had some independence but were generally living
  8. Bros., and she returned to Hollywood to write the screenplay. Finishing her, work ,on that screenplay, she was hired by producer Hal Wallis as a screenwriter and
  9. Medicine After Theophrastus, the Lyceum failed to produce any original, work , Though interest in Aristotle's ideas survived, they were generally taken
  10. The most creative thinker alive. " Atlas Shrugged was to be Rand's last, work ,of fiction; a turning point in her life, it marked the end of Rand's career as
  11. Wrote an essay about the actress Pole Negri, which became her first published, work , By this time she had decided her professional surname for writing would be
  12. The death of her husband, on November 9,1979. One of her final projects was, work ,on a never-completed television adaptation of Atlas Shrugged. Rand died of
  13. Began applying mathematics to the physical sciences, and Aristotle's, work ,in this area was deemed hopelessly inadequate. His failings were largely due to
  14. Notice misstated Rand's case. Since Rand's death in 1982,interest in her, work ,has gradually increased. Historian Jennifer Burns has identified" three
  15. Of early Medieval Christian commentators. Oriental interpreters of Aristotle's, work ,followed the Greek interpreters without chronological gap, and the Medieval
  16. Cones is one of the leading specialists on operator algebras. In his early, work ,on von Neumann algebras in the 1970s,he succeeded in obtaining the almost
  17. On ethics, which address the individual, Aristotle addressed the city in his, work ,titled Politics. Aristotle considered the city to be a natural community.
  18. In response business executives and entrepreneurs have admired and promoted her, work , John Allison of BB&T and Ed Snider of Comcast Spectator have funded the
  19. Greatest in the United States, there has been international interest in her, work , Rand's contemporary admirers included fellow novelists, such as Ira Kevin
  20. As such in the Italian section of the First International. The theoretical, work ,of Peter Kropotkin and Enrico Latest took importance later as it expanded
  21. Son Achilles, who dwells there. Here is his temple and his statue, an archaic, work , This island is not inhabited, and goats graze on it, not many, which the
  22. I know they laugh at Rand," while forecasting a growth of interest in her, work ,in the academic community. Objectives movement In 1985,Rand's heir Leonard
  23. Tempo caused him to walk out of the hall during a matinée performance of this, work , The audience, according to Edward Cushing, responded with" a demonstration of
  24. Same time, many rural whites and blacks migrated to the city of Birmingham for, work ,in new industrial jobs. It experienced such rapid growth that it was nicknamed
  25. With the customary obligation of a son to give his father all earnings from, work ,done outside the home until age 21. In later years, Lincoln occasionally loaned
  26. At some point during their lives, mostly in volunteer, sheltered or part-time, work , Changes in diagnostic practice and increased availability of effective early
  27. To spread her ideas, both to the public and in academic settings. Life and, work ,Early life Rand was born Alisa Minor'Evan Rosenbaum () on February 2,1905
  28. By Captain Kritzikly in 1823,but there has been no modern archeological, work ,done on the island. Pompous Meal tells that Achilles is buried in the island
  29. Prescribed the amphetamine Benzedrine to fight fatigue. The drug helped her to, work ,long hours to meet her deadline for delivering the finished novel, but when the
  30. Of him as one of the boys in the household and became an adept Alemán in his, work ,building rail fences. Lincoln also agreed with the customary obligation of a
  31. Things can be causes of one another, causing each other reciprocally, as hard, work ,causes fitness and vice versa, although not in the same way or function, the
  32. In the Politics, for example, but is generally confident that the, work ,has come down to us relatively intact. As the influence of the Falstaff grew in
  33. The rest follows. " Reception and legacy Reviews During Rand's lifetime, her, work , evoked both extreme praise and condemnation. Rand's first novel, We the Living
  34. This did not set Gershwin back, as his real intent abroad was to complete a new, work ,based on Paris and perhaps a second rhapsody for piano and orchestra.
  35. 1998 in a two-CD set. Arthur Fielder and the Boston Pops Orchestra recorded the, work ,for RCA Victor, including one of the first stereo recordings of the music. In
  36. And Canada unanimously set 1 May 1886,as the date by which the eight-hour, work ,day would become standard. The next day,4 May, anarchists staged a rally at
  37. Journal dedicated to the study of Rand's philosophical and literary, work , In 1987 Gotten helped found the Ayn Rand Society, and has been active in
  38. Oscar-nominated Love Letters and You Came Along. This role gave Rand time to, work ,on other projects, including a planned nonfiction treatment of her philosophy
  39. Foreign scientists, many of the purged students were allowed to complete their, work ,and graduate, which Rand did in October 1924. She subsequently studied for a
  40. White ", and was introduced into optics by Johann Heinrich Lambert in his 1760, work , Photometria. Terrestrial albedo Albedos of typical materials in visible light
  41. For the 1940 Presidential campaign of Republican Wendell Willie. This, work ,led to Rand's first public speaking experiences, including fielding the
  42. And relied on the enthusiasm of the Republican Party. The party did the leg, work ,that produced majorities across the North, and produced an abundance of
  43. So hard to deal with, and has given them a way to form online communities and, work ,remotely. Sociological and cultural aspects of autism have developed: some in
  44. She was hired by producer Hal Wallis as a screenwriter and script-doctor. Her, work ,for Wallis included the screenplays for the Oscar-nominated Love Letters and
  45. Scholars of English and American literature have largely ignored her, work , although attention to her literary work has increased since the 1990s. Some
  46. The superior power of" free labor ", whereby a common farm boy could, work ,his way to the top by his own efforts. The Republican Party's production of
  47. As a" career honor" to recognize a distinguished nominee's entire body of, work , Associated events The following events are closely associated with the annual
  48. With her 1943 novel The Fountainhead. In 1957,she published her best-known, work , the philosophical novel Atlas Shrugged. Afterward she turned to nonfiction to
  49. Led to a job as an extra in his film, The King of Kings, and to subsequent, work ,as a junior screenwriter. While work ing on The King of Kings, she met an
  50. Literature have largely ignored her work , although attention to her literary, work ,has increased since the 1990s. Some academic philosophers have criticized Rand

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