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  1. Fruited plain!: America! America!: God shed His grace on thee, : And crown thy, good ,with brotherhood: From sea to shining sea!: O beautiful for pilgrim feet: Whose
  2. With feminists who note that sometimes love requires acting for one's own, good ,when the demands of the other undermine overall well-being. Islam and Sufism In
  3. Seek the common good more than the private good , but this is because the common, good ,is a more desirable good for the individual. 'You should love your neighbor as
  4. And rays were part of the group he called Solace (selections). Another, good ,example of his methods comes from the Generation of Animals in which Aristotle
  5. Works. Also, alchemy at this time was sanctioned by the church as a, good ,method of exploring and developing theology. Alchemy was interesting to the
  6. S own concerns. The importance lies in sacrifice for the sake of the greater, good ,; Islam considers those practicing i'their as abiding by the highest degree of
  7. Corps for altruism. This volunteer corps still to date is engaged in doing, good ,to others and trains new volunteering recruits for doing the same. Vedanta
  8. He remains deeply in love with her throughout the book, while also being a, good ,and loyal friend of her other two lovers, Hank Rear den and John Salt. His full
  9. Action is not always a loving action. Word defines altruism as acting for the, good ,of the other, and he agrees with feminists who note that sometimes love
  10. Of particular things. For example, it is possible that there is no particular, good ,in existence, but " good " is still a proper universal form. Bertrand Russell
  11. And she" purred, so affectionately that it been impossible not to believe in her, good ,intentions ". She has no interest in the politics of the farm, and the only
  12. Outcomes ranging through poor (46 %),fair (32 %), good (17 %),and very, good ,(4 %); 56 % of these young adults had been employed at some point during
  13. Stability, but rather to allow at least some citizens the possibility to live a, good ,life, and to perform beautiful acts:" The political partnership must be
  14. So rotten they cast on the land, as they do their muck, and thereof springer, good ,corn, especially barley ... After spring-tydes or great rigs of the sea, they
  15. Til selfish gain no longer stain, : The banner of the free.: And crown thy, good ,with brotherhood, : From sea to shining sea. Wellesley's students honor Bates with
  16. And a need for food is not inevitable, and that pesticides simply replace, good ,agronomic practices such as crop rotation. Agriculture can both mitigate or
  17. That may affect human health and the environment. This requires promoting, good ,management of natural resources and respect for the environment, and
  18. Of human evil, as the" man who knew better" but chose not to act for the, good , Wesley Much The incompetent and treacherous lobbyist whom Hank Rear den
  19. Or refuse the appellant's demand to appeal the lower court's decision. A, good ,example of this is the U. S. Supreme Court, in which review in most cases is
  20. Concerning this story, however. First, the condition of the texts is far too, good ,for them to have suffered considerable damage followed by Apellicon's inexpert
  21. The Pauline phrase is that we should seek the common good more than the private, good ,but this is because the common good is a more desirable good for the individual
  22. Zeus in the Titanomachy, who the narrators confused with Python. Python was the, good ,daemon (αγαθός δαίμων) of the temple as it appears in Minoan religion, but
  23. Students honor Bates with a version at graduation, substituting: And crown thy, good ,with Sisterhood, : From sea to shining sea. Idioms" From sea to shining sea "
  24. Are equal, but some animals are more equal than others ", and " Four legs, good , two legs better! " As the pigs become more human. Characters Pigs; Old Major:
  25. Impressively genuine in contrast to the conventional applause which new music, good ,and bad, ordinarily arouses. " Critics believed that An American in Paris was
  26. But is driven out of the farm by Napoleon. Snowball genuinely works for the, good ,of the farm and the animals, and devises plans to help the animals achieve
  27. Napoleon's ideals. They are regularly shown repeating the phrase" four legs, good , two legs bad ". At the end of the novel, one of the Seven Commandments is
  28. Be eliminated on the premise that this would be most conducive with the general, good , An influential form of individualist anarchism, called " egoism," or egoist
  29. To be a practical rather than theoretical study, i. e., one aimed at doing, good ,rather than knowing for its own sake. He wrote several treatises on ethics
  30. That the moral code of the looters is one of death: they recognize what is, good ,and necessary for life, but wish to destroy it anyway. She is a typical Radian
  31. And also arsenic, selenium,and other toxic elements. Bitumen scan provide, good ,preservation of plants and animal fossils. Background Asphalt or bitumen can
  32. His interpretation of the Pauline phrase is that we should seek the common, good ,more than the private good , but this is because the common good is a more
  33. And uncontrolled sense organs are the powerful enemies of humans. Anger spoils, good ,relations, pride destroys humility, deceit destroys peace and greed destroys
  34. To have the potential of ever being happy in this way necessarily requires a, good ,character (strike are),often translated as moral (or ethical) virtue (
  35. As preschoolers found outcomes ranging through poor (46 %),fair (32 %), good , ( 17 %),and very good (4 %); 56 % of these young adults had been employed
  36. Has a value of zero. Apart from their use as fuels, the middle alkanes are also, good ,solvents for nonpolar substances. Alkanes from nonage to, for instance
  37. Should be viewed as relative to each other. There should be no notions, in, good , anthropology,of one culture being better or worse than another culture.
  38. Can remember them, they are boiled down into one basic statement:" Four legs, good , two legs bad! " (with wings counting as legs for this purpose, Snowball
  39. Writes that Aristotle's writing style is deliberately obscurantist so that “, good ,people may for that reason stretch their mind even more, whereas empty minds
  40. Has to do with the proper function (argon) of a thing. An eye is only a, good ,eye in so much as it can see, because the proper function of an eye is sight.
  41. After the pigs learn to walk on two legs and their shout changes to" four legs, good , two legs better ". They can be relied on by the pigs to shout down any dissent
  42. With autism, and are considered core features by some, although there is no, good ,evidence that sensory symptoms differentiate autism from other developmental
  43. Then the private good but this is because the common good is a more desirable, good ,for the individual. 'You should love your neighbor as yourself' from
  44. And tells someone what has happened. Designing for people with dementia is a, good ,example of how the design of the interface of a piece of AT is critical to its
  45. Based on the idea that" people perform altruistic acts because they feel, good ,about it ", what they found was that" another part of the brain was also
  46. Example, it is possible that there is no particular good in existence, but ", good ," is still a proper universal form. Bertrand Russell is a contemporary
  47. Accessible technology yields great rewards to the typical user as well;, good ,accessible design is universal design. One example is the" curb cuts" ( or
  48. In that they repel water. Their solubility in nonpolar solvents is relatively, good , a property that is called lipophilicity. Different alkanes are, for example
  49. And would never dream of saying he is in business for any reason other than the, good ,of society. Deign Haggard hires Owen to produce switches made of Rear den Metal
  50. By human tears.: America! America!: God shed His grace on thee, : And crown thy, good ,with brotherhood: From sea to shining sea. Popular versions Possibly the most

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