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  1. While government law already demanded that land purchases be completed with, specie ,or paper notes from specie -backed banks, a large portion of buyers used paper
  2. Account certificate, which is not immediately repayable (redeemable) in, specie , on demand. Credit money is naturally used as money, and may even be the
  3. And may even be the primary type of money. Banknotes which are not backed by, specie ,(see fiat money for the latter case),may be categorized as credit money
  4. Thus depleting the government's gold reserves. The reduction of receipts of, specie ,in payment of the tariff, from the curtailment of imports under the McKinley
  5. Paying legal fines Legal tender issues and commodity money The face value of, specie ,and base-metal coins is set by government fiat, and it is only this value which
  6. Elsewhere, Wittgenstein deliberately borrowed the expression sub, specie ,aeternitatis from Spinoza (Notebooks,1914-16,p. 83). The structure of his
  7. Pay in" specie " ( gold or silver coins). The result was a great demand for, specie , which many banks did not have enough of to exchange for their notes. These
  8. Value, but is accepted by traders because it can be redeemed for the equivalent, specie , A U. S. silver certificate, for example, could be redeemed for an actual piece
  9. Theory applies to the level of fractional reserve accounting allowed against, specie , generally gold, held by a bank. Currency and banking schools of economics
  10. Cetera, solam: Inuit quote Mauritian exercise inventor.: phalli ENIM lithium, specie ,circuits et umbra, : cum sit Trieste habit culture et use serum, : NEC Dubai
  11. Government" and became obsessed with the morality, as well as the legality, of, specie , payment,and enforcement of the gold standard. This policy was against his
  12. At Tower Hill in the year 1816,was the United Kingdom formally put on a gold, specie ,standard, the first of the great industrial powers. Soon to follow was Canada
  13. Like Chase, Garfield became a staunch proponent of" honest money" or ", specie ,payment" backed by a gold standard, and was therefore a strong opponent of the
  14. Specifies how the gold backing would be implemented, including the amount of, specie ,per currency unit. The currency itself has no innate value, but is accepted by
  15. For the pure ego, thus transforming phenomenology into an anthropology,a, specie ,of psychologist strongly disfavored by Husserl. Such observations of Heidegger
  16. By gold or silver. Holders of this paper could only redeem it (in exchange for, specie ,) at the bank’s office. As each and every bank had its own currency, it was
  17. Times the British West Indies was one of the first regions to adopt a gold, specie ,standard. Following Queen Anne's proclamation of 1704,the British West Indies
  18. Fixed mass of gold. There are distinct kinds of gold standard. First, the gold, specie ,standard is a system in which the monetary unit is associated with circulating
  19. Asset. In other words, the redelivery of fungibles is equivalent and not in, specie , In other words, if an owner of 100 shares of IBM transfers custody of those
  20. Deep discounts—and often for irredeemable paper money due to the suspension of, specie ,payment in 1814—the government received only $34 million worth of specie . In
  21. At face value, but the scheme raised little money because Americans had little, specie , and many of the rich merchants were supporters of the Crown. Starting in 1776
  22. Was invalid ". Late in 1861,the United States federal government suspended, specie ,payments, seeking to raise revenue for the American Civil War effort without
  23. Specified how the gold backing would be implemented, including the amount of, specie ,per currency unit. The currency itself is just paper and so has no intrinsic
  24. After August 15,the government refused to take anything but gold and silver, specie ,in exchange for public lands. It did make a special exception to also accept
  25. Gold at the promised exchange rate. It is sometimes referred to as the gold, specie ,standard to more easily identify it from other forms of the gold standard that
  26. Through scientific knowledge to philosophical intuition of all things sub, specie ,æternitatis, Maimonides holds that the road to perfection and immortality is
  27. As a store of value; or there was a depression as governments, demanding, specie , as payment, drained the circulating medium out of the economy. At the same time
  28. Had a legal tender clause that required (by 1843) all payments to be made in, specie , but it further inflamed public opinion on both sides. In a bold step, Van
  29. Would still need money, in the form of enforceable digital cash or physical, specie ,(in special circumstances). They might use such money to buy goods and
  30. United States. Apart from a general hostility to banking and the belief that, specie ,(gold and/or silver) was the only true money,Jackson's reasons for opposing
  31. Shares held. (See also Stock dilution. ) Property dividends or dividends in, specie ,(Latin for" in kind" ) are those paid out in the form of assets from the
  32. We denounce repudiation in every form and guise.: Eighth: A speedy return to, specie ,payment is demanded alike by the highest considerations of commercial morality
  33. Methods to cover the cost of the war, which cost about 66 million dollars in, specie ,(gold and silver). Congress made two issues of paper money, in 1775-1780,and
  34. Of specie payment in 1814—the government received only $34 million worth of, specie , In addition, at least 3,000 American slaves escaped to the British because of
  35. Price in exchange for the circulating currency. History Beginnings The gold, specie ,standard was not designed, but rather arose out of a general acceptance that
  36. Days before hostilities started. Bankers had been pushing for the suspension of, specie ,payments – the convertibility of banknotes into gold – but with Keynes's help
  37. Horrible: Huffallo-dowder: up and down: Human been/been: human being: Human, specie ,: human specie s: Mari: mother: Molecule: molecule: More (y),afterlubrius
  38. Support but mixed reaction, Congress passed a compromise measure providing for, specie ,payment, to take effect in 1879. In the new session Garfield was appointed to
  39. Hoard gold today expect hyperinflation, and are hedging against it by holding, specie , There may also be extensive capital flight or flight to a" hard" currency
  40. Own coinage, that Pliny the Elder (NH VI.101) complained about the drain of, specie ,to India: The maritime (but not the overland) trade routes, harbours, and
  41. Have been created over time. Real bills doctrine Within the context of a fixed, specie ,basis for money, one important controversy was between the quantity theory of
  42. He regretted very much, but understood, the necessity for suspension of, specie ,payment during the emergency presented by the Civil War. Although his desire
  43. Or series of events, such as defeats in battle, or a run on stocks of the, specie ,which back a currency, removes the belief that the authority issuing the money
  44. Applauded as his best oratory yet; in it, he advocated a gradual resumption of, specie ,payment. 1868 election and term Garfield's competition for re-election to a
  45. The circulating medium and reducing the value of the currency. The" shaved ", specie ,is then often res truck into coins with lower weight of gold or silver.
  46. Consumption and hoarding of real assets, causes the monetary base, whether, specie , or hard currency, to flee the country, and makes the afflicted area anathema to
  47. Is accepted by traders because it can be redeemed any time for the equivalent, specie , A U. S. silver certificate, for example, could be redeemed for an actual piece
  48. The Specie Circular, which required buyers of government lands to pay in ", specie ," (gold or silver coins). The result was a great demand for specie , which
  49. Who lives in the present. " (6.4311) " The contemplation of the world sub, specie ,astern is its contemplation as a limited whole. " (6.45) Furthermore
  50. Of the Spanish frigates Thesis and Santa Brigade which were loaded with gold, specie , They were taken by four British frigates who shared the money, each captain

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