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  1. S halting problem. Definition To define Kolmogorov complexity, we must first, specify ,a description language for strings. Such a description language can be based on
  2. To exist after a call s ← pop (t). In practice the formal definition should, specify ,that the space is proportional to the number of items pushed and not yet popped
  3. Depends on the type of light detector. For this reason, it is necessary to, specify ,how the magnitude is measured for the value to be meaningful. For this purpose
  4. In B. Restriction to finite sets The statement of the axiom of choice does not, specify ,whether the collection of nonempty sets is finite or infinite, and thus implies
  5. Href" aim: grim? screennameSend/IN"> notarealuser">Send Message To, specify ,a message body, the message parameter is used, so the link location might look
  6. Being sent. For example, changes in the signal strength can be used to, specify ,the sounds to be reproduced by a loudspeaker, or the light intensity of
  7. Documented at Timeline of binary prefixes and continuing today, is to, specify ,hard drives using SI prefixes and symbols in their SI or" decimal "
  8. The First Circuit's approach to the issue. However, neither of these cases, specify ,whether the opponent to the arbitration has the burden of proof, like in
  9. To carry out some of the more complex instructions the user's program might, specify , (See microcode for the modern equivalent. ) The programming language to be
  10. Meter is defined to be a unit of proper length, but the SI definition does not, specify ,the metric tensor to be used in determining it. Indeed, the International
  11. The ADT before and after the execution of each operation; and invariants, that, specify , properties of the ADT that are not changed by the operations. Example: abstract
  12. The stack may use, nor how long each operation should take. It also does not, specify ,whether the stack state t continues to exist after a call s ← pop (t). In
  13. Of the astronomical unit is incomplete, in particular because it does not, specify ,the frame of reference in which time is to be measured, but has proved
  14. Lists must be of a type that implements the Comparable interface, or you must, specify ,a custom Comparator object. * Microsoft's. NET Framework 2.0 offers static
  15. General, linear equations involving x and y specify lines, quadratic equations, specify ,conic sections, and more complicated equations describe more complicated
  16. A parametric family of probability distributions, then the statistician may, specify ,(in the protocol for the experiment or observational study) that the
  17. Other arithmetic-logical instructions (ADD, SUB,CMP, AND,OR, XOR,TEST) may, specify ,any of the eight registers EAX, ECX, EDX,EBX, ESP,EBP, ESI,EDI as the
  18. An algorithm that uses the ADT. In that case one needs additional axioms that, specify ,how much memory each ADT instance uses, as a function of its state, and how
  19. To count the number of shares available in the bank. However, the rules do not, specify ,whether a player should hold his shares of stock face up or face down. That is
  20. That the Armenian army now has S-300s in its missile arsenal. He declined to, specify ,their number and dates of delivery. Surface to Surface Missiles *Scud ballistic
  21. Languages (such as COBOL and PL/I). These languages allow the programmer to, specify ,an implicit decimal point in front of one of the digits. For example, a packed
  22. Subset of the natural numbers. Every such subset has the smallest element, so to, specify ,our choice function we can simply say that it maps each set to the least
  23. Definitions, the axioms are often expressed by preconditions, that, specify , when an operation may be executed; postconditions, that relate the states of
  24. Like this: aim: grim? Screenname notarealuser&message This+is+my+message To, specify ,an away message, the message parameter is used, so the link location might look
  25. The way computers process data. Many computer programs contain algorithms that, specify ,the specific instructions a computer should perform (in a specific order) to
  26. Unfortunately there were three kings of this name and the text doesn't, specify ,which one. The traditional date, and currently the most popular candidate, is
  27. Of the completed manuscript or on publication. An author's contract may, specify , for example, that they will earn 10 % of the retail price of each book sold.
  28. Of memory with contiguous addresses. Early computer system documentation would, specify ,the memory size with an exact number such as 4096,8192,or 16384 words of
  29. 1 point). Common techniques and practices Positions Although the rules do not, specify ,any positions whatsoever, they have evolved as part of basketball. During the
  30. On the online shopping method of Ditto Delivery, which allows consumers to, specify ,an automatic monthly delivery of each product. In May 2001,Ditto Delivery
  31. Responses be transformed to stabilize the variance. Also, a statistician may, specify ,that logarithmic transforms be applied to the responses, which are believed to
  32. B as the symbol for bit; however, the IEC 60027 and Metric-Interchange-Format, specify ,bit (e.g., Mbit for megabit) for the symbol, a sufficient disambiguation
  33. Such as a piece of text, is a measure of the computational resources needed to, specify ,the object. It is named after Soviet Russian mathematician Andrey Kolmogorov.
  34. Of pride (and jobs) to the city involved. Arkansas is the only state to, specify ,the pronunciation of its name by law (Arkansas).
  35. Such as the Stern stability factor and the Civil stability factor, which, specify , a condition that must be met for the absolute stability of an amplifier in
  36. Inefficient, since the formal definition of the ADT, above,does not, specify ,how much space the stack may use, nor how long each operation should take. It
  37. Certain Bluetooth profiles, which are definitions of possible applications and, specify ,general behaviors that Bluetooth enabled devices used to communicate with other
  38. That they will earn 10 % of the retail price of each book sold. Some contracts, specify ,a scale of royalties payable (for example, where royalties start at 10 % for
  39. In all likelihood, be established through precedent, allowing judgments to, specify ,payments that are reasonably appropriate for most criminal offenses. " The
  40. And enforces the contracts with the private sector franchisees. Franchises, specify ,the passenger rail services which are to be run and the quality and other
  41. Under the protection of the state. " Moreover, in this passage Smith goes on to, specify ,progressive, not flat, taxation:" The rich should contribute to the public
  42. For biologists, the ground of speculations is well noticeable, and biologists, specify ,what is speculative and what is not. A world's ability to support life was
  43. Be the equation for this line. In general, linear equations involving x and y, specify ,lines, quadratic equations specify conic sections, and more complicated
  44. Antenna. Receiving signals The television system for each country will, specify ,a number of television channels within the UHF or VHF frequency ranges. A
  45. RF signal has its zero level at about 50 % of the input DC). Manufacturers, specify ,much higher drain efficiencies, and designers are able to obtain higher
  46. At the standard 10 parsecs distance. In defining absolute magnitude one must, specify ,the type of electromagnetic radiation being measured. When referring to total
  47. As another example, an imperative definition of an abstract stack could, specify ,that the state of a stack S can be modified only by the operations *push (S, x
  48. CPUs are typically 2-operand or 3-operand machines—the additional operands, specify ,which one of many general purpose registers (also called" general purpose
  49. When analyzing the efficiency of algorithms that use stacks, one may also, specify ,that all operations take the same time no matter how many items have been
  50. Introduced in the 1970s. The term octet is used to unambiguously, specify ,a size of eight bits, and is used extensively in protocol definitions, for

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