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  1. Human beings. " National Park historian Bob Sutton said that slavery was the ", principal ,cause" of the war. Sutton also claimed that the issue of state rights was
  2. They are derived from the characteristics of their spectroscopic lines: sharp, principal , diffuse, and fundamental, the rest being named in alphabetical order (
  3. From her head as she was from Zeus's, demigod Annabeth Chase is one of the, principal ,characters. Annabeth's father found her (Annabeth) lying in a golden cradle
  4. American singer *1950 – Flavio Creator, Italian businessman and F1 team, principal ,(Renault F1) * 1950 – David Cassidy, American singer and actor *1952 – Ralph
  5. Graduate; responsible for major department (s) or functions; reports to a, principal ,or partner. *Project Manager: Licensed architect, or non-registered graduate
  6. Angola. The war came to be known as the Colonial War. In this struggle,the, principal ,protagonists were the MPA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola)
  7. Climate of distrust existing during the time of its creation. From its initial, principal ,of $734,000,the fund has grown to $40 billion as a result of oil royalties and
  8. Use to decorate the interiors of caves. Therefore, shell forms became the, principal ,motif in Rococo. The society women competed for the best and most elaborate
  9. Senior vice president. *Junior Principal / Partner: Recently made a partner or, principal ,of the firm; title may include vice president. *Department head / Senior
  10. After Action (Ἄκτιον) and Delphi (Δελφοί) respectively, two of his, principal ,places of worship. An etiology in the Homeric hymns associated the epithet "
  11. End of a play, were managed according to theatrical convention with only three, principal ,actors (a fourth actor, often the leader of the chorus, was permitted to
  12. As a mere means, and with complete right. For public security, which is the, principal ,object of the State, is disturbed by him; indeed it is abolished if the law
  13. The state, linking the central population centers and the Alaska Highway,the, principal ,route out of the state through Canada. The state capital, Juneau,is not
  14. And Ginsberg reading passionately, drunken,with arms outstretched. Ginsberg's, principal ,work," Howl ", is well known for its opening line:" I saw the best minds of
  15. Of Virus. Although Philip had either seven or eight wives, Olympias was his, principal ,wife for a time, likely as a result of giving birth to Alexander. As a member
  16. Measure. The manual also defines the way in which units should be written,the, principal ,rules being: *The conventions for upper and lower case letters must be observed
  17. Said goodbye to all that in 70,000 words" ( the approximate length of his four, principal ,children's books),he had no intention of producing any reworkings lacking in
  18. Personality and emotional functioning of a patient. The end product is not the, principal ,goal in this case, but rather a process of healing, through creative acts, is
  19. Of the 19th century, which eventually restored the Holy Eucharist as the, principal ,Sunday liturgy, and especially during the 18th century, a morning service
  20. In the form:: X \, \maturity \ where X is the energy level corresponding to the, principal ,quantum number n, type is a lower-case letter denoting the shape or subshell of
  21. Several variables, such as by factor analysis, regression analysis, or, principal , component analysis * Principal component analysis – transformation of a sample
  22. Mathcal): l, this leads to a definition of k angles called canonical or, principal ,angles between subspaces. Angles in Riemannian geometry In Riemannian geometry
  23. Level (n 1) and has an angular quantum number of l 0. In X-ray notation,the, principal ,quantum number is given a letter associated with it. For, the letters
  24. Off as a charlatan or fraud. All these techniques help Poirot attain his, principal ,target:" For in the long run, either through a lie, or through truth, people
  25. This filling of orbitals is more obvious if the order is given with increasing, principal ,quantum numbers starting new rows, and repeating each subshell is given as many
  26. To the USA and Canada as" across the pond ", and vice versa. Ocean bottom The, principal ,feature of the bathymetric (bottom topography) is a submarine mountain range
  27. Spring. Besides the capital city of Tirana, which has 800,000 inhabitants,the, principal ,cities are Durrës, Korçë, Elbasan, Shkodër, Gjirokastër,Lore and Dukes. In
  28. Work with the deaf Subsequently, his father was invited by Sarah Fuller, principal ,of the Boston School for Deaf Mutes (which continues today as the public
  29. Becomes more and more of a determining factor in their energy, and the, principal ,quantum numbers n of electrons becomes less and less important in their energy
  30. Behind the amateur telescope making movement in America ". *Tim Puckett,the, principal ,investigator of the Puckett Observatory World Supernova Search team, which has
  31. Of a sample of correlated variables into uncorrelated variables (called, principal ,components),mostly used in exploratory data analysis * Regression analysis –
  32. Arabic are from the related (Semitic) languages Aramaic, which used to be the, principal , international language of communication throughout the ancient Near and Middle
  33. Extended to clerics who had no connection with the monastic system, as to the, principal ,of a body of parochial clergy; and under the Carolingian's to the chief chaplain
  34. Since the restoration of the episcopal hierarchy in 1853. One of the, principal ,architects behind the city's Catholic churches, Cuypers, was also responsible
  35. Of the plateau. Rain-fed cultivation is widespread, with wheat being the, principal ,crop. Irrigated agriculture is restricted to the areas surrounding rivers and
  36. Stone ','sun ', and 'two '. This work has not changed the mind of the, principal ,authors in the field, however. The debate continues unabated – e.g. S. Georg
  37. In the creation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, one of the, principal ,organizations of the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. *1969
  38. Legislature takes out 8 percent from the earnings, puts 3 percent back into the, principal ,for inflation proofing, and the remaining 5 percent is distributed to all
  39. As the mother church of the worldwide communion) and specifically with its, principal ,primate, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The status of full communion means
  40. Wound on his heel, the term" Achilles' heel" has come to mean a person's, principal ,weakness. Etymology Achilles' name can be analyzed as a combination of (ashes
  41. Searchable map Aarhus or Århus () is the second-largest city in Denmark. The, principal ,port of Denmark, Aarhus is on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland in the
  42. Process that made extracting aluminum from minerals cheaper and is now the, principal ,method used worldwide. Hall's process, in 1888 with the financial backing of
  43. Hermes. Hermes and his caduceus or serpent-staff, were among alchemy's, principal ,symbols. According to Clement of Alexandria, he wrote what were called the "
  44. By her for numerous paintings and decorations. Boucher also became the, principal ,designer for the royal porcelain factory and the director of the Goblins
  45. A result of oil royalties and capital investment programs. Most if not all the, principal ,is invested conservatively outside Alaska. This has led to frequent calls by
  46. Together with the rules governing their possible values, are as follows: The, principal ,quantum number, n,describes the energy of the electron and is always a
  47. Extraction of potassium salts in these environments commercially viable. The, principal ,source of potassium – potash – is mined in Canada, Russia,Belarus, Germany
  48. Percent of Australian defense companies are located in Adelaide. The, principal ,government military research institution, the Defense Science and Technology
  49. Uses straight strokes and quarter-circle marks in different orientations as the, principal ," alphabet" of consonants; vowels are shown as light and heavy dots, dashes
  50. And the space within the site surrounding the buildings, that have as their, principal ,purpose human occupancy or use. Etymologically, architect derives from the

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