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  1. The market either as increased fleets for the survivors or the basis of, cheap ,planes for new startups. Where an airline has established an engineering base
  2. This process does not produce any waste stream or sludge and is relatively, cheap , Magnetic separations of arsenic at very low magnetic field gradients have been
  3. As" slip songs. " Alternatively, they might be folded to make small, cheap ,books or" chapbooks" which often drew on ballad stories. They were produced
  4. An industrial scale by the Germans during World War I, Prior to the advent of, cheap ,natural gas, hydrogen as a precursor to ammonia production was produced via the
  5. Printers could be used. The technique has fallen from popularity since all, cheap ,printers can easily print photographs, and a normal text file (or an e-mail
  6. Holes in a metal plate. The product is extensively used for the production of, cheap ,jewelry and articles for smoking. This pressed amber yields brilliant
  7. To appear around 1980. Using solid-state electronics they were relatively, cheap ,and reliable, and became the standard fitted fuse in operational ammunition
  8. The amount of water flowing through it. Sightseeing A, cheap ,way to explore the Bosporus is offered by the public ferries that traverse the
  9. Asia, often use NATO wood, which is again tonally similar to mahogany but is, cheap ,to acquire. Some have also begun using non-wood materials, such as plastic or
  10. New era. His style in architecture and consumer goods was to be functional, cheap ,and consistent with mass production. To these ends, Gropius wanted to reunite
  11. After the collapse of the Warsaw pact, Bulgaria lost the ability to acquire, cheap ,fuel and spares for its military. A large portion of its nearly 2,000 T-55
  12. Artisans used stone to carve statues and fine reliefs, but used wood as a, cheap ,and easily carved substitute. Paints were obtained from minerals such as iron
  13. Inauguration of the substantial irrigation works at Aswan, and the increase of, cheap , sound education, each received his formal approval. He displayed more interest
  14. In Canadian cities have air conditioning systems. While energy is comparatively, cheap ,in Canada, the large size of the average Canadian home and cold winters make
  15. Propellant; low temperature, high energy,non-corrosive, highly stable, cheap , and easy to manufacture in large quantities. Broadly, modern gun propellants
  16. Low resolution approximation of the mode 7 display in a graphics mode. Although, cheap ,and effective in enabling use of some software that only used official ROM
  17. Own PA ". The new group was initially named The Polka Talk Blues Band (after a, cheap ,brand of talcum powder Osbourne saw in his mother's bathroom) and also
  18. Garment industry, which began attracting foreign investors in the 1980s due to, cheap ,labor and low conversion cost. In 2009–10 fiscal year the industry exported
  19. Diamond, larger CBN pellets can be produced by fusing (sintering) relatively, cheap ,CBN powders. As a result, c-BN is widely used in mechanical applications.
  20. An individual in the United States. One of his two great innovations was in the, cheap ,and efficient mass production of steel by adopting and adapting the Bessemer
  21. From Northeastern Brazil relocated to the forests, encouraged by promises of, cheap ,land. Many settlements grew along the road from Brasília to Belém, but
  22. 2006. In 2003,the government began a comprehensive program involving free or, cheap ,generic antiretroviral drugs as well as an information campaign designed to
  23. Used for ammunition cases. *Common brass, or rivet brass, is a 37 % zinc brass, cheap ,and standard for cold working. *DZR brass is denitrification resistant brass
  24. Describing the work as" sickening voyeurism" and saying," I think it's a, cheap ,way for the artist to get attention for his exhibition. " On 12 November 2010
  25. Running from RAM. History The Electron was developed during 1983 as a, cheap ,sibling for the BBC Micro with the intention of capturing the low cost
  26. To prepare other industrial chemicals. Laboratory synthesis Benzoic acid is, cheap ,and readily available, so the laboratory synthesis of benzoic acid is mainly
  27. African slaves were traded to Portuguese merchants who bought them to sell as, cheap ,labor for use on Brazilian agricultural plantations. This trade would last
  28. The process is catalyzed by cobalt or manganese naphthenes. The process uses, cheap ,raw materials, proceeds in high yield, and is considered environmentally green.
  29. Of the writer's love-life. With the rise of education, cheap newspapers and, cheap ,printing, modern concepts of fame and celebrity began to develop, and the
  30. Of chlorhexidine. Research has also indicated that sesame and sunflower oils as, cheap ,alternatives compared to chlorhexidine. Other products like hydrogen peroxide
  31. In the South, hoping for a simultaneous rising in South Carolina. It seemed a, cheap ,way of waging the war, but it failed as the naval force was defeated by the
  32. Who are loosely affiliated. Mass customization offers the possibility of, cheap , personalized, production catering to small niches (see just-in-time
  33. Edge of the Moon as seen from Earth. With more advanced equipment, but still, cheap ,in comparison to professional setups, amateur astronomers can measure the light
  34. Of 1846. Repeal of the Corn Laws had removed the tariffs on the importation of, cheap ,corn/wheat into Britain. Thus, the price of wheat had fallen. Farmers now
  35. Decomposition temperature. This ability of CBN and ISBN powders to fuse allows, cheap ,production of large IN parts. Amorphous boron nitride Layers of amorphous boron
  36. Screw anchors have a higher holding than other permanent designs, and so can be, cheap ,and relatively easily installed, although may not be ideal in extremely soft
  37. Not as 'professional' as an overlay as created by a professional VCR, it is a, cheap ,alternative that is just as accurate. Time code is stored in the metadata areas
  38. And the million wire, if present) may have a different color. As a simple, cheap ,and reliable device, the Russian abacus was in use in all shops and markets
  39. A painful examination of the writer's love-life. With the rise of education, cheap ,newspapers and cheap printing, modern concepts of fame and celebrity began to
  40. Filled with them (in addition to the creation of a smaller market of extremely, cheap ,used paperbacks) owning a private library ceased to be a status symbol for the
  41. Excellent railroad links between Union cities allowed for the quick and, cheap ,movement of troops and supplies. Transportation was much slower and more
  42. Methylated spirits are sometimes used by alcoholics as a desperate and, cheap ,substitute for regular ethanol alcoholic beverages. Willful actions Blinding
  43. The bulk of argon applications arise simply because it is inert and relatively, cheap , Industrial processes Argon is used in some high-temperature industrial
  44. In Asia's developing countries to take advantage of its abundant supply of, cheap ,labor and relatively developed infrastructure. According to Citigroup 9 of 11
  45. Portion) and then pulling out the middle element in the sorted list (the, cheap ,portion). This technique is also known as transform and conquer. * Search and
  46. The Internet Radio Linking Project provides potential for blending older (, cheap ,) local radio broadcasting with the increased range of the internet. Depending on
  47. High population density, operations are relatively profitable, so tickets are, cheap ,and the frequency of services is high. The SNCB is permanently updating its
  48. And state-owned companies were privatized (some for values supposedly too, cheap ,according to his adversaries),the strong real made it easy to import goods
  49. Keyboardist Nicholls and session bassist Laurence Cattle, and rented a" very, cheap ,studio in England ". Anchored by the number 62 charting single" Headless Cross
  50. Be used as a sort of operator that you go through in order to qualify for these, cheap ,calls. However, if the phone you are dialing these numbers from is already

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