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  1. Must submit to the authority of any regular British officer, regardless of, rank , This effectively negated the will or the legal authority of the colonies to
  2. In 225. Another wife was Suspicion Media. Her father was a man of consular, rank ,; her grandfather's name was Catullus. Alexander is a common male first name
  3. To be celebrated in Rome. Domitian came from a distinguished family of consular, rank , Through his mother Antonia Major, Domitius was a great nephew of Augustus
  4. Officer positions were in high demand among the British aristocracy—the, rank ,of captain or major sold for thousands of pounds, and could be resold once an
  5. Score being rank ed 1st,the next-highest 2nd,and so on. The character with 1st, rank , in each attribute is considered" superior" in that attribute, being
  6. Academic circles, a leader of modern thought and an intellectual of the highest, rank , and highly regarded as one of the most prominent explorers of visual
  7. To the rank of Archimandrite. Married priests are elevated to the parallel, rank ,of Arch priest or Protopresbyter. Normally there are no celibate priests who are
  8. Are ordinal, and not cardinal; that is, the Austrians contend that one can only, rank ,preferences and cannot measure their intensity. The Austrian School rejects any
  9. Of the highest distinction, and shared all their pleasures and pursuits. This, rank ,and power was, however,often used most beneficially. For instance, we read of
  10. The Orthodox Church, only actual monastics are permitted to be elevated to the, rank ,of Archimandrite. Married priests are elevated to the parallel rank of
  11. Finished the year rank ed World No. 4. At age 33,he was the oldest player to, rank ,in the top five since Connors, at age 35,was World No. 4 in 1987. A major
  12. Asteroid 9999 Wiles was named for Wiles in 1999. * Wiles was appointed to the, rank ,of Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the United Kingdom in
  13. Proclaimed King of the Portuguese by his soldiers, establishing his equality in, rank ,to the other realms of the Peninsula. The first assembly of the estates-general
  14. Pliny the Younger. His mother married Public Julius Lupus (a man of consular, rank ,) effect consul in 98,and bore him two daughters Aria Cupola and Julia
  15. Has different meanings in BRE and AME. In BRE it is the highest academic, rank , followed by Reader, Senior Lecturer and Lecturer. In AME" Professor" refers
  16. On shooting, it down may be taken by an Indian Air Force officer not below the, rank ,of Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operations). Germany In January 2005 a
  17. Allow all practitioners or female practitioners to wear a hakama regardless of, rank , Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging
  18. Raise their rank s, but they can only pay to raise their scores to an existing, rank , Further, a character with a bid-for rank is considered to have a slight
  19. United Empire Loyalists who left the 13 Colonies, and Australian English, which, rank , third and fourth in number of native speakers. Historical background The
  20. Rank in one organization is not comparable or interchangeable with the, rank ,of another. Some dojos do not allow students to take the test
  21. Purpose, and underwent a religious experience that he felt bestowed on him the, rank ,of Exempt Adept, the highest grade of the Second Order of the Golden Dawn.
  22. Days short). It is worth mentioning that the Nepohualtzintzin amounted to the, rank ,from 10 to the 18 in floating point, which calculated stellar as well as
  23. Profitable businesses selling all those books tapes and seminars; things the, rank ,and file distributors can’t sell themselves but, are told over and over again
  24. Rank is considered to have a slight advantage over character with a bought-up, rank , The Auction simulates a 'history' of competition between the descendants of
  25. 547. *1891 – The Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago, Illinois. *1893 – The, rank ,of Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy is established. *1908 – The
  26. Were an honor to the nation. He would entertain as many as 500 persons of, rank ,at one time, besides relieving the poor of the vicinity twice a week. He had
  27. Though some use various belt colors. Testing requirements vary, so a particular, rank ,in one organization is not comparable or interchangeable with the rank of
  28. Of pounds, and could be resold once an officer purchased an even higher, rank , The British wanted all the commissions for themselves, and were unwilling to
  29. 1812 Jackson was appointed commander of the Tennessee militia in 1801,with the, rank ,of colonel. He was later elected major general of the Tennessee militia in
  30. Relatives of the sailor. On 5 January 1651 he was formally reinstated in his, rank ,and spent his remaining years at Batavia. He was in good circumstances, being
  31. Was the Condorcet loser and was also rank ed last by any voter that did not, rank ,it first. Only in the last scenario does the actual winner and runner-up match
  32. Secularization of spiritual institutions. The lay abbot took his recognized, rank ,in the feudal hierarchy, and was free to dispose of his fief as in the case of
  33. Being considered to be substantially better than the character with 2nd, rank , even if the difference in scores is small. All else being equal, a character
  34. Have reached the same level as themselves, but not those that have achieved a, rank ,higher than them. MacDougall weighed dying patients in an attempt to prove that
  35. A mixed response similar to that of Throne of Blood. However, some critics, rank ,it among the director's most underrated works. Kurosawa's three consecutive
  36. An early French automobile In the military * Air Marshal, a military, rank ,in the Royal Air Force and many Commonwealth air forces * Minesweeper (ship)
  37. Johnson military governor of occupied Tennessee in March 1862 with the, rank ,of brigadier general. During his three years in this office, he " moved
  38. The authors excluded it from the family. They also raised Brodiaeeae to family, rank ,as Themidaceae. They reduced the tribe Allied to two genera, Allium and Mill
  39. To him for virtuous education, had been brought up, besides others of a lesser, rank , whom he fitted for the universities. His table, attendance and officers were
  40. Difference in scores is small. All else being equal, a character with a higher, rank ,in an attribute will always win a contest based on that attribute. The
  41. That eventually included a noble title at the attainment of an officer's, rank , Conscription of peasants and townspeople was based on quota system, per
  42. Blue pencil, he might become twice as good as he thinks he is–which would about, rank ,him with Homer. " Delete good-humoredly reprinted the criticism along with a
  43. In reference to the bleached linen garments that served as a mark of their, rank , The upper class prominently displayed their social status in art and
  44. The real reason that Job killed Abner was that he became a threat to his, rank ,of general. He then justifies it later by mentioning his brother.
  45. Of the Union Army. He obtained Congress's consent to reinstate for Grant the, rank ,of Lieutenant General, which no officer had held since George Washington. Grant
  46. Some dojos do not allow students to take the test to obtain a Dan, rank ,unless they are 16 or older. The uniform worn for practicing aikido (aikido
  47. To raise their scores to an existing rank . Further, a character with a bid-for, rank ,is considered to have a slight advantage over character with a bought-up rank .
  48. Alaric apparently hoped he would be promoted from a mere commander to the, rank ,of general in one of the regular armies. He was denied the promotion, however.
  49. As Japanese studios still felt wary about producing another film that would, rank ,among the most expensive ever made in the country, international help was again
  50. 286 – Emperor Diocletian elevates his general Magician to co-emperor with the, rank ,of Augustus and gives him control over the Western regions of the Roman Empire.

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