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  1. On certain aspects of foreign policy (for example, he opposed the decision to, mine ,Nicaraguan harbors). Notwithstanding his prior differences with Dwight D.
  2. Some 500 limestone caves, connected by tunnels. Many of these were former, mine ,shafts that were turned into defense positions. Engineers added sliding steel
  3. Is diamonds. Waning, in Botswana, is the world's largest and richest diamond, mine ,thus the demand of diamonds from Botswana is fairly high. The mine was
  4. can't make no time: And I can't get no hearing from that Memphis girl of, mine , " However, although the blues gained an association with misery and oppression
  5. The hulk. Since there was no enemy nearby, it was assumed that she had hit a, mine ,or a had been torpedoed by a submarine. At 02:15,five British ships of the
  6. Literature analysis aims to employ computational and statistical linguistics to, mine ,this growing library of text resources. For example: * abbreviation recognition
  7. Damage. Heavy ions such as iron, zinc,and arsenic leak during acid, mine ,drainage. When the pH of this solution rises, as a result of dilution by fresh
  8. Weapon, or the use of an antipersonnel explosive device (such as a Claymore, mine ,or other directional weapon). Some military doctrines call for an ambush to be
  9. Would suffer greatly as they are highly dependent on this export. The diamond, mine ,in Waning provides many jobs for the unemployed in Botswana as people are
  10. Carrier) and a planned fourth was cancelled. In April 1937,España ran onto a, mine ,laid by friendly forces, and sank with little loss of life. In May 1937,Jaime
  11. Cause Bolivia to become the" Saudi Arabia of the Green World. " However, to, mine , for it would involve disturbing the country's salt flats (called Solar de
  12. And fiercely protected the Dollar Mine (then, the worlds only diamond, mine ,). In the year 1687 the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb led his grand Mughal army
  13. Of Western Europe and copper was extracted from sites such as the Great Orem, mine ,in northern Wales. Social groups appear to have been tribal but with growing
  14. The Ora pa 2000 project doubled the capacity of the country's main diamond, mine ,from early 2000. This will be the main force behind continued economic
  15. Ruined castle near Tottenham in Baden-Württemberg *Grubs Gutenberg, a derelict, mine ,near Muse in the Switzerland Places in Austria: *Gutenberg in Tull near Vienna
  16. Much smaller, cheaper ordnance and craft: initially the torpedo and the naval, mine , and later aircraft and the guided missile. The growing range of naval
  17. Africa, Bolivia and Tajikistan, reports the British Geological Survey. The, mine ,with the largest deposits in China are Xikuangshan Mine in Hunan province with a
  18. Amateurs ", made up of blue collar workers, a squatter, an MD, and even a, mine ,owner. In addition, many members from the working class supported the liberal
  19. Said to his courtiers —" he who has impoverished his own country and enriched, mine , ". Ballet addressed a fireman to all the governors of his European provinces
  20. Diamond mine thus the demand of diamonds from Botswana is fairly high. The, mine ,was discovered when termites looking for water brought grains of diamond to the
  21. Of the First World War illustrates how, despite this support, the threat of, mine ,and torpedo attack, and the failure to integrate or appreciate the capabilities
  22. In 1800 by the Brazilian chemist José Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva in a, mine ,on the island of To, Sweden. However, it was not until 1817 that Johan August
  23. Gold mine s at Disunite and Gornoseltsi, and a domestic copper and gold, mine ,operates at Chelopech. About 50 nonmetallic mine rals are present in significant
  24. Since P. OSI excavated the Since cemetery near Lending in 1877,has proved a, mine ,of early remains, among which appear in regular succession Aegean fabrics and
  25. Of and executed for the crime, amid much controversy. *1921 – Black Friday:, mine ,owners announce more wage and price cuts, leading to the threat of a strike all
  26. Lübeck, and they made what would be his first short film, Vengeance is, mine , The controversy caused by the fact that the film was shot in English was the
  27. A position he held until his death. Agassiz was a major factor in the, mine ,'s continued success and visited the mine s twice a year. He innovated by
  28. Charitable activities including fund-raising for cancer hospitals, and the land, mine ,clearance charity Mines Advisory Group. Tran mere enthusiasts Half Man Half
  29. The Soviets as reparations and renamed Novorossiysk; she was sunk by a German, mine ,in the Black Sea on 29 October 1955. The two Andrea Doris class ships were
  30. 92. These are the heaviest hailstones ever recorded. *1988 – The strikes a, mine ,in the Persian Gulf during Operation Earnest Will. * 1988 – In a United Nations
  31. Years until 1961,not only was I convinced I should never see a single line of, mine ,in print in my lifetime, but,also, I scarcely dared allow any of my close
  32. Extensive gold mine s in Nubia, and one of the first maps known is of a gold, mine ,in this region. The Wadi Hammett was a notable source of granite, greywacke
  33. Take a lot of liberties with things like that. I twist them round and make them, mine , " Aura Kaaba is the name of a DC Comics villain, who originally uses
  34. Pattern) also called Rodeo Agate and Rosetta Stone depending on who owned the, mine ,at the time. Uses in industry and art Industry uses agates chiefly to make
  35. In the Cooper Basin around Roomba. In Western Australia the Argyle diamond, mine ,in the Kimberley (Western Australia) is the world's the biggest producer of
  36. In the Earth's crust was described by the Swedish scientist and local, mine ,district engineer Anton von Swab in 1783. The type-sample was collected from
  37. With the Inquisition, leaving behind a palace and his beloved. Started a small, mine ,in South America, which became the beginning of a mining empire and a new
  38. That nothing in the realm of experience can really be said to be" I" or ", mine ,". *Nirvana (Sanskrit: Nirvana): It is possible for sentient beings to
  39. Or bronze was practiced soon after the discovery of copper itself. One copper, mine ,at Great Orem in North Wales, extended to a depth of 70 meters. At Adderley
  40. Name for Viable Montage (" old mountain" in French),the former zinc, mine ,in Ellis, Moresnet Any place called Gutenberg may have given rise to Gutenberg
  41. High in silica, but have the advantage of being shallow and relatively easy to, mine , Recycling Aluminum is theoretically 100 % recyclable without any loss of its
  42. The purpose of introducing to Britain" Asphalt in its natural state from the, mine ,at Print Safely in France ", and " laid one of the first asphalt pavements
  43. After the death of Warhol's grandparents. Warhol's father worked in a coal, mine , The family lived at 55 Been Street and later at 3252 Dawson Street in the
  44. When the recently commissioned British super-dreadnought Audacious struck a, mine ,and sank. By the end of October, the British had changed their strategy and
  45. Net exporter of power to the regional pool. BCL, which operates a copper-nickel, mine ,at Selebi-Phikwe, has had a troubled financial history but remains an important
  46. Service with both Allied and Axis air forces during World War II * Buffalo (, mine ,protected vehicle),a military vehicle that allows its operator to exa mine
  47. Ontario, and in various locations throughout Nova Scotia. The largest amethyst, mine ,in North America is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Value Up until the 18th
  48. Transporting natural resources southward (i.e., coal from the Isabella coal, mine ,near Healy to Seward and gravel from the Matroska Valley to Anchorage). The
  49. Copper producer, and the 26th largest zinc producer. The" AtSite" copper, mine ,and reprocessing facility, built during Bulk Chervenkov's rule, takes its
  50. Major polluters, the Kremikovtzi AD Metallurgy Works and the Photo uranium, mine ,(both in southwestern Bulgaria),contaminated the region with lead, sulfur

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