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  1. Deus ex machina, in which the protagonist is saved at the last minute by divine, intervention , This is a useful technique to quickly wrap up a story and make a happy ending
  2. It. Once again it is important to bear in mind the lack of 'neutral' state, intervention , To give a schematic scenario by way of illustration: two men have clashed in
  3. Its own national interests in Central Africa through military and diplomatic, intervention , In 1993,it established formal diplomatic relations with the United States. It
  4. Changes in diagnostic practice and increased availability of effective early, intervention ,make it unclear whether these findings can be generalized to recently diagnosed
  5. Players retired, Arsenal had started to fade by the decade's end, and then the, intervention ,of the Second World War meant competitive professional football in England was
  6. The only major Roman club to resist the merger was S. S. Lazio because of the, intervention ,of the Fascist Militia General NASCAR, member of the club and executive of
  7. Wound abscesses cannot be treated with antibiotics. They require surgical, intervention , debridement and curettage (FBI pus, ibi evacuate. Hippocrates). Incision and
  8. Medical abortion with a combined regimen completed it without surgical, intervention , Bisoprolol can be used alone, but has a lower efficacy rate than combined
  9. To significantly improve function, decrease pain, and delay need for surgical, intervention ,in advanced cases. Exercise prescribed by a physical therapist has been shown
  10. Of his nephew's paternity, Agesilaus' succession was largely due to the, intervention ,of his Spartan general, Lysander,who hoped to find in him a willing tool for
  11. Anaximander attributed some phenomena, such as thunder and lightning, to the, intervention ,of elements, rather than to divine causes. In his system, thunder results from
  12. Father, and for hoping for the cooperation of the common people and the armed, intervention ,of his brother-in-law, the emperor. Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 June 8
  13. In the empire, the repeated pleas by the First Continental Congress for royal, intervention ,on their behalf with Parliament resulted in the declaration by the King that
  14. That Smith" was not pure or doctrinaire about this idea. He viewed government, intervention ,in the market with great skepticism ... yet he was prepared to accept or
  15. Though he was supporter of laissez-faire, late in life he said that State, intervention ,had allowed some extreme concentrations of resources to such a degree that even
  16. Neighbors to the south. Zimbabwe and Namibia joined Angola in its military, intervention ,in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Angolan troops remain in support
  17. Fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants. Farming implies some form of, intervention ,in the rearing process to enhance production, such as regular stocking, feeding
  18. Instance:" I doubt that this is the full story, but the effects of Frankish, intervention ,are clear enough. " According to Peter Heather,Theodoric's former governor
  19. S top aide that a strong central government was necessary to avoid foreign, intervention ,and allay the frustrations due to an ineffectual Congress. Hamilton led a group
  20. III, and his son Alexios IV Angelo's, who were placed on the throne by the, intervention ,of the Fourth Crusade in July 1203. By the beginning of 1204,Isaac II and
  21. Compiled his. And fourth, ancient library catalogs predating Androids ', intervention ,list an Aristotelian corpus quite similar to the one we currently possess. Lord
  22. January 19, 2008: The strategy to support the Afghans against Soviet military, intervention ,was evolved by several intelligence agencies, including the C. I. A. and
  23. Corruption, doctrinal or otherwise, and that this inadequacy justified the, intervention ,of the church of common people. In part this position was also necessary, as
  24. Continuing government intervention . A historically high level of government, intervention ,in the airline industry can be seen as part of a wider political consensus on
  25. Can build a machine which will then solve any problem of the set with no human, intervention ,beyond inserting the question and (later) reading the answer. All three
  26. Its borders with Iran and, which acts as another deterrent to Azeris military, intervention ,over Nagorno-Karabakh. Treaty compliance The Treaty on Conventional Armed
  27. By blood clots, and low doses of aspirin are seen as an effective medical, intervention ,for acute myocardial infarction. An unwanted side effect of the effective
  28. Government programs. In contrast, anarcho-capitalists reject any level of state, intervention , defining the state as a coercive monopoly and, as the only entity in human
  29. The city of Buenos Aires after the first British invasion. *1831 – French, intervention ,forces William I of the Netherlands to abandon his attempt to suppress the
  30. For such reasons. Blocking international, intervention ,Europe in the 1860s was more fragmented than it had been since before the
  31. The Huns from looting Rome. From a baroque standpoint it is a moment of divine, intervention ,in the affairs of man. No doubt part of his patron's message would be that all
  32. Outgrowth of the American Union Against Militarism, the Bureau opposed American, intervention ,in World War I. The NCLB provided legal advice and aid for conscientious
  33. His stepson, Alfonso VII of Castile, son of Errata and her first husband. The, intervention ,of Pope Calculus II brought about an arrangement between the old man and his
  34. Fertilizers and phytosanitary products. As the oldest and largest human, intervention ,in nature, the environmental impact of agriculture in general and more recently
  35. Mobility, outweigh the microeconomic losses and justify continuing government, intervention , A historically high level of government intervention in the airline industry
  36. Saurian troops of the magister minimum per Oriented Zeno and protected by the, intervention ,of the prefect Constantius, who organized the reconstruction of the walls that
  37. National Left, although it seldom openly espouses socialism, favours more state, intervention ,in the economy, is generally less enthusiastic about the US Alliance and is
  38. Illegally, colonists persisted in sending numerous petitions and pleas for, intervention ,from a monarch to whom they still claimed loyalty. In late 1772 Samuel Adams in
  39. And state protected monopolies. He believed the most dangerous state, intervention ,was the requirement that individuals obtain charters in order to operate banks
  40. 25 % of Americans were over diagnosed with depression, regardless of any medical, intervention , The findings were based on a national survey of 8,098 people. A 2002 survey
  41. In 1918 the government sought to revoke this deferment, and only the timely, intervention ,of the Astronomer Royal and other high profile figures kept Eddington out of
  42. S RAM, using direct memory access (DMA),making sound playback without CPU, intervention ,possible. Although the hardware is limited to four separate sound channels
  43. Concentrations of wealth, which he believed were made possible by government, intervention ,and state protected monopolies. He believed the most dangerous state
  44. Economists, believe that monopoly can only come about through government, intervention , 19th-century American individualist anarchists such as Tucker and Lysander
  45. Of the economy. But markets sometimes fail, requiring direct government, intervention ,through instruments such as industry policy. There are also areas where the
  46. Tantamount, at that time, to a charge of treason),and it was only through the, intervention ,of director Yasujiro Oz, who championed the film, that Sanskrit Sugar was
  47. And decrease symptom severity and maladaptive behaviors; claims that, intervention ,by around age three years is crucial are not substantiated. Available
  48. Of the workings of the free market (and of the consequences of government, intervention ,in that market) which individualist anarchists could easily incorporate into
  49. Recognition to eight children with Autism and the results indicated that after, intervention , participants improved on face and voice emotional recognition for basic and
  50. And started a war against Castile. Peace arrived four years later, with the, intervention ,of Infant Maria herself. A peace treaty was signed in Seville in 1339 and, in

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