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  1. Ambiguity can be a problem in law (see Ambiguity (law) ), because the, interpretation ,of written documents and oral agreements is often of paramount importance.
  2. Must be proven with the aid of these basic assumptions. However,the, interpretation ,of mathematical knowledge has changed from ancient times to the modern, and
  3. The clause" You could do with" presents a statement with such wide possible, interpretation ,as to be essentially meaningless. Lexical ambiguity is contrasted with semantic
  4. 26,Article 4 states that we should love ourselves more than our neighbor. His, interpretation ,of the Pauline phrase is that we should seek the common good more than the
  5. Wolff is not an anarcho-capitalist and has expressly repudiated this, interpretation ,of his work. He instead favors social anarchism and an antiauthoritarian
  6. Made true by the set of axioms ", and not, for example," true in the intended, interpretation ,". Gödel's completeness theorem establishes the completeness of a certain
  7. Phenomena. " In 1913,Jung had already adopted a" spiritualist and redemptive, interpretation ,of alchemy ", likely reflecting his interest in the occult literature of the
  8. Had an influence on the ethos of the Communion, an ethos reinforced by their, interpretation ,and expansion by such influential early theologians as Richard Hooker, Lancelot
  9. These early writings have been deciphered, and their exact nature remains open to, interpretation , Based on letter appearances and names, it is believed to be based on Egyptian
  10. His Remarks Upon Alchemists (1855) attempted to make a case for his spiritual, interpretation ,with his claim that the alchemists wrote about a spiritual discipline under a
  11. Einstein tried to develop a unified field theory and to refute the accepted, interpretation ,of quantum physics, both unsuccessfully. Other scientists also fled to America.
  12. Are simply: The theory should be probabilistic in the sense of the Copenhagen, interpretation , ) As a consequence, it is not necessary to explicitly cite Einstein's axioms
  13. Because it could affect the value and meaning with which one handles an, interpretation , Literary critics Barthes and Foucault suggest that readers should not rely on
  14. On the parts of Afghanistan under their control their political and judicial, interpretation ,of Islam issuing edicts forbidding women to work outside the home, attend
  15. Of aristocracy. It is Martin Heidegger, not Nietzsche, who elaborated a new, interpretation ,of Aristotle, intended to warrant his deconstruction of scholastic and
  16. As what" delete" means). Probably the most influential single device on the, interpretation ,of these characters was the Teletype Model 33 ASR series, which was a printing
  17. Through participant observation. Theoretically, he advocated a functionalist, interpretation , which examined how social institutions functioned to satisfy individual needs.
  18. Label was" rub out ". Since the original standard did not give detailed, interpretation ,for most control codes, interpretation s of this code varied. The original
  19. Stop it, at first diplomatically by appealing to previous treaty obligations, interpretation ,of whose terms the two nations disagreed on, and then by searching and seizing
  20. Delete" to mean" remove the character before the cursor" and this, interpretation ,also became common in Unix systems. Most other systems used" Backspace" for
  21. Killing of Achilles by guiding the arrow of his bow into Achilles' heel. One, interpretation ,of his motive is that it was in revenge for Achilles' sacrilege in murdering
  22. Who do not belong to the camp of literary idealism. There was room for, interpretation ,by the bodies he had named for deciding on the physical sciences and chemistry
  23. False, function,property, class,relation, cardinal,and ordinal. Mathematical, interpretation ,of ambiguity In mathematics and logic, ambiguity can be considered to be an
  24. Complex number since:: | x + i0 | \sort \sort = | x |. Similar to the geometric, interpretation ,of the absolute value for real numbers, it follows from the Pythagorean theorem
  25. Turn, are organized into various patterns and compositional structures. In your, interpretation , you would comment on how salient features of the form contribute to the
  26. Notes by his students). However, one classic scholar offers an alternative, interpretation , The 5th century Neoplatonist Ammonium Hermite writes that Aristotle's writing
  27. Foucault have examined the role and relevance of authorship to the meaning or, interpretation ,of a text. Barthes challenges the idea that a text can be attributed to any
  28. Important but less Romantic authors, such as Henrik Ibsen and Leo Tolstoy. This, interpretation ,has since been revised, and the prize has been awarded to, for example, Dario
  29. Guerra,1983. Ambiguity of words or phrases is the ability to admit more one, interpretation , It is distinct from vagueness, which is a statement about the lack of
  30. Views on alchemy from the 1920s and continued until the end of his life. His, interpretation ,of Chinese alchemical texts in terms of his analytical psychology also served
  31. Of its remedies. During the seventeenth century, a short-lived" supernatural ", interpretation ,of alchemy become popular, including support by fellows of the Royal Society:
  32. Instruments. Response Gershwin did not particularly like Walter Damrosch's, interpretation ,at the world premiere of An American in Paris. He stated that Damrosch's
  33. Of Juvenal (c. 200 CE). However, other modern scholars disagree with this, interpretation , In Christianity, Pope Sixths V (1585–90) is noted as the first Pope to
  34. Are simply shorthand for," Based on my knowledge, understanding,and, interpretation ,of the prevailing evidence, I tentatively believe that ...." For instance
  35. The language groups concerned. Some linguists believe the case for either, interpretation ,is about equally strong; they have been called the" skeptics ". Another view
  36. To be separate. Their cryptic allusions and symbolism led to wide variations in, interpretation ,of the art. For example, many alchemists during this period interpreted the
  37. To it, rather than its inherent physical or perceptible qualities. Cultural, interpretation ,(an art theory of some kind) is therefore constitutive of an object's
  38. Aikido is found all over the world in a number of styles, with broad ranges of, interpretation ,and emphasis. However, they all share techniques learned from Yeshiva and most
  39. One is not asserting an absolute truth, but a tentative belief based on, interpretation ,of the assembled evidence. Even though one may set an alarm clock prior to the
  40. And used" Delete" to mean" remove the character at the cursor ". That latter, interpretation ,is the most common now. Many more of the control codes have been given meanings
  41. Of absurdism Many writers have addressed the Absurd, each with his or her own, interpretation ,of what the Absurd is and what comprises its importance. For example, Sartre
  42. In. Foucault warns of the risks of keeping the author's name in mind during, interpretation , because it could affect the value and meaning with which one handles an
  43. Regarded as being identical with the Greek Lion by most scholars. In this, interpretation , Apollo's title of Legends can simply be read as" born in Lucia ", which
  44. The role of the alchemy as a practical tradition or prescience. This, interpretation ,further forwarded the view that alchemy is an art primarily concerned with
  45. Used it most appropriately. Instead, Schopenhauer relied upon the Neoplatonist, interpretation ,of the biographer Diogenes Laertes from Lives and Opinions of Eminent
  46. Royal Society: Robert Boyle and Elias Ash mole. Proponents of the supernatural, interpretation ,of alchemy believed that the philosopher's stone might be used to summon and
  47. Problems, linking the analysis of linguistic forms and processes to the, interpretation ,of sociocultural processes. Linguistic anthropologists often draw on related
  48. EPR paradox),almost immediately contradicted by Niels Bohr, concerning the, interpretation ,of quantum mechanics. This was in 1935. According to Bohr, this new theory
  49. Of this is uncertain; all suggestions have some difficulty either of form or, interpretation , The popular etymology, from ἀντίμοναχός anti-monachos or French Antoine
  50. It is this distinction between producing a written work and producing the, interpretation ,or meaning in a written work that both Barthes and Foucault are interested in.

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