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  1. The city, along with the rest of central Anatolia, was occupied by the Celtic, race ,of Galatians, who were the first to make Ankara one of their main tribal
  2. Some Other Race, and 7.3 % from Two or More Races. Hispanics or Latinos of any, race ,made up 5.5 % of the population. Languages According to the 2005–2007 American
  3. Mini-game featuring Audi's e-tron concept. Players collect energy and, race ,for the highest possible speeds and the fastest players earn a place in the
  4. Fellow Volkswagen Group company, competed in the GTP class, and finished the, race ,in the top two positions, while the Champion Racing R8 finished third overall
  5. 1974 – Tim Thomas, American ice hockey player *1975 – Paul Dana, American, race , car driver (d. 2006) * 1975 – Phil Lamont, American vocalist (All That
  6. Compete for cash, prizes,and prestige. The" Serum Run" is another sled dog, race ,that more accurately follows the route of the famous 1925 relay, leaving from
  7. The term" Afro-German" in to the context of German hip hop, and the theme of, race ,is highlighted in much of their music. With the release of the single“ Fred
  8. To the 2010 U. S. Census, Alabama had a population of 4,779,736. In terms of, race ,and ethnicity, the state was 68.5 % White (67.0 % Non-Hispanic White Alone)
  9. 2009) and, in a podium clean-sweep by proving its reliability throughout the, race ,(compared to all four 908 entries retired before the end of the race ) while
  10. At 15:50 UT — just a few hours before the scheduled American liftoff. In a, race ,to reach the Moon and return to Earth, the parallel missions of Luna 15 and
  11. Proclaiming the debasing doctrine of equality of all men, irrespective of, race ,or color ", and that the African race " were rightfully held and regarded as an
  12. Engines. This engine was used not only in production cars but also in their, race ,cars. The 2.1 L inline 5-cylinder engines was used as a base for the rally cars
  13. Imposed by several countries. An epidemic of stem rust on wheat caused by, race ,Ug99 is currently spreading across Africa and into Asia and is causing major
  14. Jeff Timmons, American singer (98 Degrees) *1975 – Elliott Sadler, American, race , car driver *1976 – Amanda Palmer, American musician (The Dresden Dolls) *1978
  15. In long tunnels, in airplanes, or in small rooms. My heart would begin to, race , I would become breathless, the diaphragm would seem to grow heavy, and I would
  16. For example, Boas studied immigrant children to demonstrate that biological, race ,was not immutable, and that human conduct and behavior resulted from nurture
  17. Pirates" over which product would ship first and save Apple. Lisa won the, race ,in 1983 and became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI
  18. It is not the weal or woe of any one individual, but that of the human, race ,to come, which is here at stake. ” In another context, Schopenhauer reiterated
  19. M. Bran ham, American evangelist (d. 1965) * 1909 – Hermann Lang, German, race , car driver (d. 1987) *1911 – Fe odor Felix Konrad Lynn, German biochemist
  20. Round. The Race raised funds for children's Hospital Los Angeles. She won that, race ,for women's K-Swiss team. Kournikova and Wilkinson defeated Jimmy Arias and
  21. States. In his lecture Memoir upon the formation of a deaf variety of the human, race ,presented to the National Academy of Sciences on November 13, 1883 he noted
  22. The race (compared to all four 908 entries retired before the end of the, race ,) while breaking a new distance record (set way back by the Porsche 917K of
  23. The NSU Print, the TT and TTS versions of which are still popular as vintage, race ,cars. NSU then focused on new rotary engines based on the ideas of Felix Wankel
  24. Were deciphered in 1893 by the Danish linguist Wilhelm Thomsen in a scholarly, race ,with his rival, the Germano-Russian linguist Wilhelm Karloff. However, Radloff
  25. Some Other Race, and 1.5 % from Two or More Races. Hispanics or Latinos of any, race ,made up 3.9 % of the population. The largest reported ancestry groups in
  26. The Finding and scattered residual groups of Khoisan. In addition, mixed, race , ( European and African) people amount to about 2 %, with a small (1 %)
  27. The" S1 ", and race d in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The climb, race ,pits a driver and car to drive up a 4,302-metre high mountain in Colorado and
  28. May be formed if it is" based on differences in religion, language, race , gender, profession or region ". In addition, political campaigns must be
  29. Of Einstein's letter and his meetings with Roosevelt, the U. S. entered the ", race ," to develop the bomb, drawing on its" immense material, financial,and
  30. Was able to transmit indistinct, voice-like sounds, but not clear speech. The, race ,to the patent office In 1875,Bell developed an acoustic telegraph and drew up
  31. Inheritance from ancestors in a distant region, transmission from one, race ,sic to another. " Taylor formulated one of the early and influential
  32. Three times in a row with the Audi R8 (2000–2002),as well as winning every, race ,in the American Le Mans Series in its first year. Audi also sold the car to
  33. Of people deemed to be, as Bell called them, a " defective variety of the human, race ,". By the late 1930s,about half the states in the U. S. had eugenics laws, and
  34. Among the white race s; and even with many dark peoples, the ruling caste or, race ,is fairer than the rest and has, therefore,evidently immigrated, for
  35. First in the LMP900 class. Audi returned to the winner's podium at the 2004, race , with the top three finishers all driving R8s: Audi Sport Japan Team Go
  36. Ruins of a certain nameless desert town the shocking annals and secrets of a, race ,older than mankind. He was only an indifferent Mosley, worshipping unknown
  37. Of equality of all men, irrespective of race or color ", and that the African, race ," were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race ".
  38. The distance varies from year to year, the official distance is set at). The, race ,commemorates the famous 1925 serum run to Nome in which mushers and dogs like
  39. To the 2010 U. S. Census, Alaska had a population of 710,231. In terms of, race ,and ethnicity, the state was 66.7 % White (64.7 % Non-Hispanic White Alone)
  40. And variations. In 1979,Warhol was commissioned by BMW to paint a Group 4, race , version of the then elite supercar BMW M1 for the fourth installment in the BMW
  41. African race " were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent, race ,". Alabama secessionist E. S. Margin warned that whites and free blacks could
  42. We are led to the view that a real and thorough improvement of the human, race ,might be reached not so much from outside as from within, not so much by theory
  43. The Alps are usually prominently featured in the three-week road bicycling, race ,LE Tour de France, held annually in July. The lower regions and larger towns of
  44. In the myth of the" Lost Cause ", which shaped regional identity and, race ,relations for generations. 150th anniversary The
  45. Descent. The ethnic distribution consists of 91 % Black or Mulatto,4.4 % mixed, race , 1.7 % White, and 2.9 % other (primarily East Indian and Asian). Most Whites
  46. To alert Americans to the possibility that German scientists might win the, race ,to build an atomic bomb, and to warn that Hitler would be more than willing to
  47. And demonstrate our 'Sprung Dutch Technic' with the virtual e-tron, race , " Kai Mensing's the most recent statement on the Audi Space was that" As a brand
  48. Isiah Thomas, American basketball player *1963 – Michael Walt rip, American, race , car driver *1964 – Tony Fernandes, Malaysian entrepreneur * 1964 – Barrington
  49. Of Fort Charlotte, the Battle of Mobile, and the Siege of Pensacola. Sex, race , class Bus (2005) estimates that about 20,000 slaves defected to or were
  50. American anthropologists adopted his agenda for social reform, and theories of, race ,continue to be popular subjects for anthropologists today. The so-called" Four

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