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  1. S strong form of the third law of thermodynamics states the entropy of a, perfect ,crystal vanishes at absolute zero. The original Ernst heat theorem makes the
  2. Of interaction the world of gaming affords. PlayStation Home gives Audi the, perfect ,environment to connect with gamers in an unexpected way, and we made sure to
  3. There is a corollary known as the full employment theorem, stating there is no, perfect ,size-optimizing compiler. Chain rule for Kolmogorov complexity The chain rule
  4. Entropy S, ΔS 0 for any adiabatic process. Pure substances can (ideally) form, perfect ,crystals as T → 0. Max Planck's strong form of the third law of thermodynamics
  5. Where the time or resources are limited. They are not practical to find, perfect ,solutions. An example of this would be local search, tabu search, or simulated
  6. To his Church of Colonia Quell so that the inverted catenary arch shapes form, perfect ,compression structures. The large cross at the Park's high-point offers the
  7. Strives to escape from this contradiction so far as possible. Though we cannot, perfect ,the endeavor we should strive for it: the will-to-live constantly renews
  8. The internal lattice structure extends uninterrupted in all directions. The, perfect ,order can be represented by translational symmetry along three (not usually
  9. To lie) and, in parts of Carinthia, schlafen (to sleep). Therefore, the, perfect ,of these verbs would be ICH bin Giessen, ich bin eleven and ICH bin
  10. And Ivy, a pseudo-Buddhist ascetic, continue to insist that the plan was, perfect ,and that the failure of their father's company was entirely due to the workers
  11. Wesley did not teach a salvation by perfect ion, but rather says that," Even, perfect ,holiness is acceptable to God only through Jesus Christ. " Joseph Donnell
  12. Ginsberg later," In this mode perfect ion is basic, and these poems are not, perfect , " Opiates, alcohol,and psychedelics, as a Dexedrine Clown. The phrases "
  13. Engine that would place Apollo into and out of lunar orbit, made eight nearly, perfect ,firings. Even though Apollo's larger cabin was more comfortable than Gemini's
  14. In detail. Muslims regard him as a prophet and patriarch, the archetype of the, perfect ,Muslim, and the revered reformer of the Kaaba in Mecca. And has claimed a
  15. Zero as T → 0:: \LIM_ \Delta S = 0 The implication is that the entropy of a, perfect ,crystal simply approaches a constant value. The Ernst postulate identifies the
  16. Became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers and invent and, perfect ,all the arts in their struggle with need, want and misery, which in their many
  17. Abraham is recognized as a prophet, patriarch,and messenger, archetype of the, perfect ,Muslim, and reformer of the Kaaba. Joseph Blenkinsopp said that the Genesis
  18. Shield to crack or propellant lines to burst. As it was impossible to get a, perfect ,roll, the spacecraft actually swept out a cone as it rotated. The crew had to
  19. To draw a circle, a line, a polygon, etc., and it would clean them up into, perfect ,vector representations (with modifiable control points and defined vertices)
  20. Possible ways in which the sinner might be justified: (1) by our absolute and, perfect ,adherence to the law, or (2) purely by God's imputation of Christ's
  21. Thirty-six states were unrepresented and attempted to fix, by federal law," a, perfect ,equality of the white and black races in every State of the Union. " Johnson
  22. On a conversational style, and avoided traditional punishment. He hoped to, perfect ,the human spirit and, to that end, advocated a vegan diet before the term was
  23. Each principle preceded by" ANI Ma'main B'emu nah Sheath "," I believe with, perfect ,faith that ..." These principles are reflected in the hymn Signal. Sikh The
  24. By using an adiabatic assumption, but there is always some heat loss; as no, perfect ,insulators exist. Ideal gas (reversible process) The mathematical equation
  25. Light on this problem by showing that this symmetry, originally thought to be, perfect , was only approximate. Particle-antiparticle pairs can annihilate each other
  26. Scale from zero for no reflecting power of a perfect ly black surface, to 1 for, perfect ,reflection of a white surface. Albedo depends on the frequency of the radiation
  27. In the Soviet Union ", and author Gore Vidal calling her viewpoint" nearly, perfect ,in its immorality ". Her subsequent books got progressively less attention from
  28. Set of reals is Lebesgue measurable, has the property of Bear, and has the, perfect ,set property (all three of these results are refuted by AC itself). ZF + DC +
  29. Immensely enjoyable and pleasant project ", while Creek characterized it as" a, perfect ,blend of exceptional, lovable compositions ". ABBA's follow-up single," Honey
  30. Island's rugged landscape and the surrounding ocean offers one of the most, perfect ,locations for outdoor adventure activities in Europe from surfing and
  31. Subtraction or change of any letter, into different words, making some, perfect ,sense appliable (i.e., applicable ) to the person named. " Dryden in
  32. Was the 18th century painter and engraver whose works are regarded as the, perfect ,expression of French taste in the Rococo period. Trained by his father who was
  33. Canons, or White canons, had as many as 35 houses in England, of which the most, perfect ,remaining are those of Easy, Yorkshire,and Bay ham, Kent. The head house of
  34. Smoldering volcano that rises to above the North Pacific. It is the most, perfect ,volcanic cone on Earth, even more symmetrical than Japan's Mount Fuji. The
  35. Becomes" ( Dalai Lama * Dharma Nyasa — Nature's tendency to produce a, perfect ,type Jainism The fundamental principles of Jainism revolve around the concept
  36. From the Benedictine arrangement. In each the prior's house is remarkably, perfect , All Clinic houses in England were French colonies, governed by priors of that
  37. Of anagrams assumes an alphabet, the symbols of which are to be permuted. In a, perfect ,anagram, every letter must be used, with exactly the same number of occurrences
  38. Consideration. " She is an expert on nearly everything and plans to create the, perfect ,filing system. She also once worked for the government
  39. Of the long tradition of men attempting to create the stereotypical ", perfect ,woman ". Examples include the Greek myth of Pygmalion and the female robot
  40. Those—the“ star” envisioned in the prophecy of Balsam in Numbers was a, perfect ,match for him. In literature Alexander Antaeus is the main character of the
  41. President. In his inaugural address, he argued that the Constitution was a more, perfect ,union than the earlier Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, that it
  42. U V and W = VS). There was an ongoing tradition of allowing anagrams to be ", perfect ," if the letters were all used once, but allowing for these interchanges. This
  43. That victim which contains the greatest and purest force; a male child of, perfect ,innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory. " Author Robert Anton
  44. Stehen (to stand) and western (to confess) are identical in the present, perfect ,: have gestation. The Austrian variant avoids this potential ambiguity (bin
  45. Verbs that express a state tend to use San as the auxiliary verb in the, perfect , as well as verbs of movement. Verbs which fall into this category include
  46. And internal stresses inherent in the" static" approach of equilibrium and, perfect ,competition, which are the foundations of mainstream Neoclassical economics.
  47. A system to zero in a finite number of operations. (≈ Guggenheim, p. 157) A, perfect ,crystal is one in which the internal lattice structure extends uninterrupted in
  48. I would have. "" This is a sentence - says the Roman - denoting the most, perfect ,wisdom ". Although a Greek, he may have been a soldier of the Persian army when
  49. From an im perfect , diseased,corruptible, and ephemeral state towards a, perfect , healthy, incorruptible,and everlasting state; and the philosopher's stone
  50. Text on sacrifice," the intelligence and innocence of that male child are the, perfect ,understanding of the Magician, his one aim, without lust of result. " In the "

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