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  1. The Abu SAAF and the Philippines government. He stated that it is shameful to, commit ,such acts in the name of the Islamic faith, saying that such acts produce
  2. Is a legal term implying one who instigates, encourages or assists another to, commit ,an offense. An abettor differs from an accessory in that he must be present at
  3. Space station. * 1971 – Charles Manson is sentenced to death for conspiracy to, commit ,the Tate/LaBianca murders. *1975 – India's first satellite Prabhat is
  4. In which the dictator defended his actions and informed Speer of his intent to, commit ,suicide and have his body burned. In the published edition of Inside the Third
  5. Law: # The apparent, present ability to carry out; # An unlawful attempt; # To, commit ,a violent injury; # Upon another. Simple assault can be distinguished without
  6. With the public figure, a wish or at least willingness to be killed or, commit ,suicide in the attack. Etymology The word assassin is derived from the word
  7. Before the United States Congress:" I believe that this nation should, commit ,itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on
  8. Suicide in cultures where suicide is heavily stigmatized. For those who do not, commit ,suicide or are killed typically black out and upon regaining consciousness
  9. Emperor Aurangzeb and his forces were heavily engaged in the Deccan Wars to, commit ,any formal assistance to their Ottoman allies. In 1686 English East India
  10. Sources as terrorism. Only a small fraction of those opposed to abortion, commit ,violence, often rationalizing their actions as justifiable homicide or defense
  11. Of age in aiding rape, or a solvent person in aiding and abetting a bankrupt to, commit ,offenses against the bankruptcy laws. More recently, an abettor is generally
  12. Turnpike Authority, James Parasites, was fired in 2000. His replacement had to, commit ,to an $8.55 billion caps on federal contributions. Total expenses eventually
  13. 19 December and in doing so, trap the Germans. However, Montgomery refused to, commit ,infantry he considered under prepared into a snowstorm and for a strategically
  14. The Taliban (who attacked Kabul in early 1995) in later years would, commit ,massacres against civilians compared by United Nations observers to those that
  15. Duty. United States American common law has defined assault as an attempt to, commit ,a battery. Assault is typically treated as a misdemeanor and not as a felony (
  16. This belief is necessary for salvation; #that he who remains in love of God can, commit ,no sin. Because of the first proposition, God himself is thought as invisible
  17. Person (s) he has reasonable cause to believe is commit ting or is about to, commit ,an offense liable to interfere with the safety of persons or property on board
  18. To kill himself before being executed, while Zimetbaum, having failed to, commit ,suicide, died finally after being tortured by the SS.
  19. Could argue that since he was drunk, he could not form the specific intent to, commit ,assault. This defense would most likely fail since only involuntary
  20. That forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of the sins people, commit ,and that the soul can be delivered from despair through the mercy of God,"
  21. The Roman legionaries to look down on their emperor as one who was prepared to, commit ,soldierly conduct. Heroin says" in their opinion Alexander showed no
  22. Of Cottar, and it is he who calls Room for help, when Cottar tries to, commit ,suicide. When the plague takes a grip on the town, Grand joins the team of
  23. Uxbridge commanded the cavalry and had carte blanche from Wellington to, commit ,these forces at his discretion. Wellington stationed a further 17,000 troops at
  24. Paying his bills, for seducing Jenny (who presents herself as a plaintiff) to, commit ,a" carnal act" with him for money, and for inciting the crowd with" an
  25. The county of Cologne and later (1253) divorced Matilda. Determined not to, commit ,the same mistakes as his brother, Afonso III paid special attention to what the
  26. Aid from the United States, but Roosevelt was not yet ready to ask Congress to, commit ,the country to war. In August 1941,Churchill and Roosevelt met and signed the
  27. Northern Africa, and Diego Garcia. Historically renditions to countries which, commit ,torture have been illegal, however,a memo written by John Yew and Jay By bee
  28. Being related to alcohol abuse. Approximately 18 percent of alcoholics, commit ,suicide, History Historically the name dipsomania was coined by German
  29. Of her life (" Send in the Clowns" ). Anne finds Henrik, who is attempting to, commit ,suicide. The clumsy boy cannot complete the task, and Anne tells him that she
  30. Achieved. After approximately two orbits to confirm the spacecraft was ready to, commit ,to the lunar trip, the engine was restarted to make the translunar injection
  31. Since the beginnings of the Buddhist community, monks and nuns have had to, commit ,themselves to Five Precepts of moral conduct. In both codes the first rule is
  32. In a further eighteen plays. He left the Stoke company in 1964,officially to, commit ,his time to the London production of Mr. Whatnot, but reportedly because was
  33. For further discussion. ) Small work-type utility knives have also been used to, commit ,robbery and other crimes, and some schools ban their possession on school
  34. Deeper level beneath HEL, and those who break oaths, abduct and rape women, and, commit , other vile things will be sent there to be among their kind to suffer harsh
  35. The policy direction which a future Labor government would follow, but does not, commit ,the party to specific policies. It maintains that" Labor's traditional values
  36. My own child, let the fear of your great divinity be in his heart, and may he, commit ,no sin; may he enjoy happiness in life ". In addition, The Verse Account of
  37. Job and says that he will fight desperately to keep it. Nora is reluctant to, commit ,to helping him, so Krogstad reveals that he knows she commit ted forgery on the
  38. Up a meeting, where the Bruce intends to declare his intent to join Wallace and, commit ,troops to the war. Still believing there is some good in the nobility of his
  39. Gave an order, the morning of the battle, to all cavalry brigade commanders to, commit ,their commands on their own initiative, as direct orders from himself might not
  40. Will McGuinness, also aged 15. Initially his mother was reluctant to let him, commit ,to an insecure football career, so he began an apprenticeship as an electrical
  41. Be captured. Hitler believed that Paulus would either fight to the last man or, commit ,suicide. Paulus surrendered, commenting," I have no intention of shooting
  42. The Urania Book glossary Dr. William S. Sadler commented that" Philosophers, commit ,their gravest error when they are misled into the fallacy of abstraction, the
  43. September 1939 included the Crown colonies and India but did not automatically, commit ,the Dominions. Australia, Canada,New Zealand, and South Africa all soon
  44. Of imminent serious bodily injury. States vary on whether it is possible to, commit ,an" attempted assault" since it can be considered a double inchoate offense.
  45. That it is an offense, amongst other things, for a person, with intent to, commit ,or at the time of or immediately before or immediately after commit ting the
  46. Murderers should have razor blades left in their cells, so they could decently, commit ,suicide resulted in him being nicknamed" Old Razor Blades" during the
  47. Americans into a bloody war of attrition to wear them down and force them to, commit ,ever more resources to the attack. Colonel Kanagawa concentrated his defenses
  48. In most cases. Finally, the scientist states that BDSM practitioners seldom, commit ,violent crimes. From his point of view, crimes of BDSM practitioners usually
  49. Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to, commit ,to any production schedules or timelines. " However, the Daily Star reported on
  50. From shrapnel wounds to the leg and arm. Though Krupp initially plans to, commit ,suicide if he requires an amputation, the book suggests he postponed suicide

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