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  1. Her denials of doing so (contradicted by her own director)—because they, expect ,flawless digitalization when they pay serious money for a concert. " Noting on
  2. Army has not deployed a divisional sized formation since 1945 and does not, expect ,to do so in the future. 1st Division 1st Division is currently based on regular
  3. Is immediately at a loss, and knows not what to answer ... a Tyrrhenian cannot, expect , that his philosophy will have any constant influence on the mind: or if it had
  4. Ethical responsibilities. Dusk argues that stakeholders have the right to, expect ,a business to be ethical; if business has no ethical obligations, other
  5. Is skillfully designed and composed to bring the peace and calm that one would, expect ,from a park. The buildings flanking the entrance, though very original and
  6. Was more forgiving to his old friend –" At our age, Marshal,we must no longer, expect ,good fortune. " In the meantime, Marlborough invested the elaborate fortress
  7. Israel and Odom descended from twin brothers, Jacob and Esau. One can therefore, expect ,that Obadiah's purpose was to make it known that according to his God, if
  8. Usually necessitates trespassing on an object. Jumpers who are caught can, expect ,to be charged with trespassing, as well as having charges like breaking and
  9. Species will have it ...." Aristotle's theory of act and potency One might, expect ,a solution to follow from such certain language but none does. Instead
  10. Gave evidence at the Tribunal testified that they were told by an officer to, expect ,a gunfight and" We want some kills ". In the event, one man was witnessed by
  11. 400 million USD in additional loans (there is a time lag, and the bank has to, expect ,to recover the loaned money back into its books). The bank can often lend (
  12. Course of his pilgrimage. He shows no greater political insight than we should, expect ,from his position; but relates what he had seen and heard with a naïve vivacity
  13. An oceanic climate (Köppen CFB). Aberdeen is far milder than one might, expect ,for its northern location. During the winter, especially throughout December
  14. Be more than 10^ collisions in a second, and even greater in a liquid where we, expect ,that there will be 10^ collision in one second. Some of these collisions will
  15. Then 400,000 businesses transacted $10 billion globally in 2008 — and officials, expect ,trade volume to grow by 15 % in 2009. Environmental implications Barter
  16. Β-sheet fibrils composed of primarily parallel sheet strands, where one would, expect ,antiparallel fibrils if antiparallel was more stable. In parallel sheet
  17. For in a greater fashion than magistrates of a republic because" we naturally, expect ,more splendor in the court of a king than in the mansion-house of a doge. " In
  18. Is also aware that working for the common good demands sacrifice; he cannot, expect ,personal happiness. This is a lesson that Lambert learns. At first, he insists
  19. They reasoned that if all three families had a common ancestor, we should, expect ,losses to happen at random, not only at the geographical margins of the family
  20. Neither excelled in that which is good nor excelled in that which is bad can, expect ,to go there after they die and be reunited with their loved ones. *. It is the
  21. The interest or the retirement of debt incurred during its wars, but they did, expect ,a portion of the expenses for colonial defense to be paid by the Americans.
  22. Angered the colonists. 1764–1766: More provocative legislation Britain did not, expect ,the colonies to contribute to the interest or the retirement of debt incurred
  23. Possibly be measurable for a countably additive measure. Hence, one couldn't, expect ,to find an algorithm to find a point in each orbit, without using the axiom of
  24. Body with respect after killing him. Achilles told Hector it was hopeless to, expect ,that of him, declaring that" my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your
  25. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia has repeatedly stated that it would, expect ,direct military assistance from the CST in case war with Azerbaijan resumes
  26. Pastoral Care, kings who fail to obey their divine duty to promote learning can, expect ,earthly punishments to befall their people. The pursuit of wisdom, he assured
  27. Received Communion at Easter; and otherwise individual lay people might, expect ,to receive Communion only when gravely ill, or in the form of a Nuptial Mass on
  28. It can sometimes be advantageous to bid a contract that one does not, expect ,to make and to be defeated, thus losing some points, rather than allow the
  29. Stronghold of Cornwall. Essex had been misled into believing that he could, expect ,substantial support from the people of Cornwall. When he had reached Bodmin on
  30. Shantiparva 265.9.4 Further, the Mahabharata states," How can you, expect ,compassion from a meat-eater? " Quotes from Ramayana: Saint Valid was going
  31. Slowly toward the German lines, because " it'll be the last thing Fritz will, expect , " The final episode of this series," Goodbye ", is known for being
  32. Before the movie itself and helps increase the audience. Indian audiences, expect ,full value for their money, with a good entertainer generally referred to as
  33. Mary Mead like her but are often tired by her nosy nature and how she seems to, expect ,the worst of everyone. In later books she becomes more modern and a kinder
  34. Plot would invite war between Austria and Serbia. They had every reason to, expect ,that Russia would side with Serbia. In all likelihood, they did not anticipate
  35. And acting for the camera. Regardless of a school's approach, students should, expect ,intensive training in textual interpretation, voice and movement. Although
  36. Spartan army could not march to war until the full moon rose; Athens could not, expect ,reinforcement for at least ten days. The Athenians would have to hold out at
  37. Not expect the Union to be dissolved—I do not expect the house to fall—but I do, expect ,it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other. "
  38. This government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not, expect ,the Union to be dissolved—I do not expect the house to fall—but I do expect it
  39. Benzodiazepines as they do not provide the sedation that these patients may, expect ,or equate with anxiety relief. Currently, approved chaperones include buspirone
  40. Told the Chicago Tribune," You can't give fans a game for free on TV and also, expect ,them to go to the ballpark ". Nevertheless, the suit was ordered to trial for
  41. This climate has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably, expect ,warm, sunny weather. It has a land area of and is densely populated with its
  42. Is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we, expect ,our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves
  43. Chattanooga coming in second place. In the second scenario,all the voters, expect ,that Memphis is the likely winner, that Chattanooga is the likely runner-up
  44. Reported that this move was an indication that Sharon's doctors did not, expect ,him to emerge from his coma in the foreseeable future. Dr. Yuri Krieger, Deputy
  45. One is that there is no compelling reason, using current particle physics, to, expect , the universe to be flat, homogeneous and isotropic (see the cosmological
  46. In the world, they are helped immensely by the fact that they know what to, expect ,: they know what all things around them are, why they are there, what they are
  47. Half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved—I do not, expect ,the house to fall—but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become
  48. By the add-on. The disadvantage to this system is that while the SAA5050 would, expect ,to be repeatedly fed the same 40 bytes of data for every display scan line of
  49. Battleships, Evan-Thomas issued his own flag command warning his squadron to, expect ,sudden maneuvers and to follow his lead, before starting to turn on his own
  50. Capital. It was initially supposed to be in service in 2012,but some observers, expect ,it not to be ready before 2016. Metros and Light Rail In Belgium an extensive

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