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  1. On microorganisms: bactericidal agents kill bacteria, and bacteriostatic agents, slow ,down or stall bacterial growth. History Before the early 20th century
  2. Digital, programmable and Turing-complete. However, it would have been very, slow , Ada Lovelace reported in her notes on the Analytical Engine:" Mr. Babbage
  3. Sense. The plot is invented, the background is not ..." Initial sales were, slow ,and the American publisher let it go out of print, although European editions
  4. Neighboring Transcaucasia countries - but also less diversified, as a result of, slow ,investment in non-oil sector. With a history of industrial development of more
  5. Systems are also sometimes used to increase or decrease drag, for example to, slow ,the aircraft to a safe speed for landing. Areas of use The major distinction in
  6. Digestive discomfort. Some modern research suggests Aloe vera can significantly, slow ,wound healing compared to normal protocols of treatment. Other reviews of
  7. Of an ALS patient by only a few months. The lack of effective medications to, slow ,the progression of ALS does not mean that patients with ALS cannot be medically
  8. Actinium accumulation in the bones, but the excretion from the body remained, slow , Much better results were obtained with such cheating agents as HERA or DATA (
  9. Was placed on top of the rocket on September 21 and the rocket made the, slow ,3-mile (5 km) journey to the launch pad on October 9. Testing continued all
  10. Provider, AOL. Com. The change from paid to free was also designed to, slow ,the rate of members canceling their accounts and defecting to Microsoft Hotmail
  11. Nile floods later in his reign, strained the economy and precipitated the, slow ,decline into the Second Intermediate Period during the later 13th and 14th
  12. To 90 °C did not result in its disproportionate or reduction, however a, slow ,reduction was observed to Am (III) and assigned to self-irradiation of
  13. The New Kingdom, in the Reside period, after which it entered a period of, slow ,decline. Egypt was conquered by a succession of foreign powers in this late
  14. Circuitry developed by Atari themselves. As the 6502 by itself was too, slow ,to control both the game play and the vector hardware at the same time, the
  15. Dr. Richard: Dr. Richard is chairman of the Oran Medical Association. He is, slow ,to recommend any action to combat the plague, not wanting to arouse public
  16. Of an architect, born at Bogie (Sure). His early progress in learning was, slow , and he still could not read when he was eight years old. At thirteen, he
  17. Found. Genius, who lacked the strength to offer battle, managed to harass and, slow ,Attila's advance with only a shadow force. Attila finally halted at the River
  18. Done in reducing conditions: although oxidation of liquid ammonia is usually, slow , there is still a risk of explosion, particularly if transition metal ions are
  19. Design and build with Amiga, Inc. He also displayed the difference between, slow ,fill and fast fill on live TV with Debbie Harry as a model. (
  20. 1825 and 1847,50,000 French people emigrated to Algeria, but the conquest was, slow , because of intense resistance from such people as Emir Abdelkader, Cheikh
  21. Format were saved and are widely available, recordings of the original, slow ,scan source transmission from the lunar surface were accidentally destroyed
  22. Phrase to warn Armstrong that his metabolic rates were high and that he should, slow ,down. He was moving rapidly from task to task as time ran out. However, as
  23. Banking sector are conducted in the country. The main challenges are due to the, slow ,privatization rate of the state banks, a weak financial market and a lack of
  24. Posse that in the same fashion Alex attacked his 'druids' in the film. (In, slow ,motion at an unexpected moment while playing the same music from the film).
  25. Committed to the Union cause. Although Lincoln's approach to emancipation was, slow , the Emancipation Proclamation was an effective use of the President's war
  26. Atmosphere and strong psychological suspense, developed from the deliberately, slow ,pace of her prose. Twice, the murderer surprisingly turns out to be the
  27. Of producing it in quantity, and because its action appeared to be rather, slow , penicillin would not be important in treating infection. Fleming also became
  28. Transformation of a thermodynamic system can be considered isothermal if it is, slow ,enough so that the system's temperature remains constant by heat exchange with
  29. There is a relatively benign mutation called D90A which is associated with a, slow ,progression. In Japan, the H46R mutation is most common. G93A,the mutation
  30. Paint-on-glass animation: a technique for making animated films by manipulating, slow ,drying oil paints on sheets of glass, for example by Aleksandr Petrov. *
  31. Lavoisier conducted experiments that showed that respiration was essentially a, slow ,combustion of organic material using inhaled oxygen. Lavoisier's explanation
  32. With QuarkXPress in 1987 gained early leads in the DTP market. Adobe was also, slow ,to address the emerging Windows DTP market. However, Adobe made great strides
  33. V. In practice, both oxidation to dinitrogen and reduction to dihydrogen are, slow , This is particularly true of reducing solutions: the solutions of the alkali
  34. Auxiliary propulsion system was fired, and the remaining propellants vented to, slow ,it down to fly past the Moon's trailing edge (the Apollo spacecraft always
  35. Children discovered there was no one to play the brief celesta solo during the, slow ,section, so he hastily asked Gershwin if he might play the solo; Gershwin said
  36. 21.77 years) makes it very convenient radioactive isotope in modeling the, slow ,vertical mixing of oceanic waters. The associated processes cannot be studied
  37. Only 64 more runs. But heavy rain fell overnight and next morning the two, slow ,left-arm bowlers, Peel and Johnny Briggs, were all but unplayable. England went
  38. Some are willing to travel to the other designated areas, especially during, slow ,periods of the day. The bus system is highly complex, and can be rather
  39. Braudel's followers admired his use of the tongue puree approach to stress, slow , and often imperceptible effects of space, climate and technology on the
  40. Set in A. After recapitulating the" walking" themes, Gershwin overlays the, slow ,blues theme from section B in the final“ Grandiose. ” Instrumentation An
  41. Complex language, and both compile-time and run-time performance tended to be, slow ,and tools primitive. Compiler vendors expended most of their efforts in passing
  42. A result of the Seljuk conquest, and this period marks the start of Anatolia's, slow ,transition from predominantly Christian and Greek-speaking, to predominantly
  43. Disputes AOL has faced a number of lawsuits over claims that it has been, slow ,to stop billing customers after their accounts have been canceled, either by
  44. Experience of isolation during the war in writing The Plague. The citizens are, slow ,to realize the magnitude of the danger because they do not believe in
  45. Of the amniotic, possessing few internal septa, large alveoli and therefore a, slow ,diffusion rate of oxygen into the blood. Ventilation is accomplished by buccal
  46. Box office and was declared a hit in India, while Cheese Km picked up after a, slow ,start and was declared an overall average hit. A remake of his biggest hit
  47. Television broadcast from an American spacecraft (Gordon Cooper had broadcast, slow ,scan television pictures from Faith 7 in 1963) and testing the mock LM docking
  48. Bod rum) from the Knights of Saint John. Modern times With the beginning of the, slow ,decline of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, and as a result of the
  49. Engine on the Apollo Command/Service Module ignited for a six-minute burn to, slow ,the craft down into an initial lunar orbit. Once the lowest point of altitude
  50. That there is an epidemic. Authorities, including the Prefect’M. Othón, are, slow , to accept that the situation is serious and quibble over the appropriate action

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