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  1. Extensions of ASCII, leaving the original character-mapping intact, but adding, additional ,character definitions after the first 128 (i.e.,7-bit) characters. This
  2. Regulations) received a narrower air inlet restrict or, reducing power, and an, additional ,of weight compared to the newer LMP1 chassis. On average, the R8s were about
  3. Arnold, later also sending General Anthony Wayne. Arnold was reinforced with, additional ,troops from New York in March, and his army was joined with that of Cornwallis
  4. Georgia and Turkey, became operational at the end of 2006 and offers, additional ,gas supplies to the European market from the Shah Deniz gas field. Shah Deniz
  5. Though he increasingly saw slavery as a crucial issue and made ending it an, additional ,goal. Lincoln's decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation angered both
  6. Such as é, à,and ô. In French, these combinations are not considered to be, additional ,letters. However, in Icelandic, the accented letters such as á, í,and ö are
  7. Uses the same basic alphabet as English, but many of the letters can carry, additional ,marks, such as é, à,and ô. In French, these combinations are not considered to
  8. The previously cited multiple epidemiological study analysis would predict an, additional ,2,000 cases of bladder cancer alone. This represents a clear underestimate of
  9. Exact cost for the total highway has yet to be confirmed by the government. Two, additional ,highways will be built in Albania in the near future: Corridor VIII, which will
  10. Taxes. For example, the total sales tax rate in Mobile is 10 % and there is an, additional ,restaurant tax of 1 %, which means that a diner in Mobile would pay an 11 % tax
  11. South Carolina's declaration of secession from the Union. By February 1861,an, additional ,six Southern states made similar declarations. On February 7,the seven states
  12. Electron from the atoms of the alkali metals. As in the halogens, only one, additional ,electron is required to fill in the outermost shell of the hydrogen atom, so
  13. It was a sketch of a theory, with the equations of motion supplemented by, additional ,gauge fixing conditions. Simultaneously less elegant and more difficult than
  14. Users can teleport back and forth between the two spaces. Audi has stated that, additional ,content will be added in 2010. " Most young people gain their first driving
  15. By 1966 were using the spare capacity of the Ingolstadt plant to assemble an, additional ,60,000 Volkswagen Beetles per year. Two-stroke engines became less popular
  16. Esters with polar, hydrophilic phosphate" head" groups. Membranes contain, additional ,components, some of which can participate in acid-base reactions. In humans and
  17. Peaks rise above the water and form islands. The South Atlantic Ocean has an, additional ,submarine ridge, the Wallis Ridge. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge separates the
  18. The previously created ASCII seven bit code standard (ASA X3.4-1963),with, additional ,codes for European alphabets (see also Extended Binary Coded Decimal
  19. Later men such as Abelard of Bath, who lived in the 12th century, brought, additional , learning. But until the 13th century the moves were mainly assimilation. In
  20. Objects beginning with that letter that the reader can try to identify. As an, additional ,challenge, the author has hidden a picture of himself as a child in every
  21. Out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. " Five, additional ,Apollo missions landed on the Moon between 1969 and 1972. Crew Each crewman of
  22. The control-characters with graphic symbols such as smiley faces, and mapped, additional ,graphic characters to the upper 128 positions. Operating systems such as DOS
  23. Rail and two subway lines with about 300,000 total daily commuters, and three, additional ,subway lines are under construction. Sports As with all other cities of Turkey
  24. Is caring for the child, lack of support from the father, inability to afford, additional ,children, desire to provide schooling for existing children, disruption of
  25. Because tragedy possesses all the attributes of an epic, possibly possesses, additional ,attributes such as spectacle and music, is more unified, and achieves the aim
  26. Or a wired network, with one computer's iTunes library and streams from an, additional ,four. The Apple TV originally incorporated a 40 GB hard drive for storage
  27. Points. ISO/IEC 646,like ASCII, was a 7-bit character set. It did not make any, additional ,codes available, so the same code points encoded different characters in
  28. Providing an opportunity for extended,8-bit,relatives of ASCII, with the 128, additional , characters providing room to avoid most of the ambiguity that had been
  29. And improving crops and animals for high productivity, as well as to developing, additional ,inputs such as artificial fertilizers and phytosanitary products. As the oldest
  30. Using a variety of optical telescopes of varying power and quality, as well as, additional ,sophisticated equipment, such as cameras, to study light from the sky in both
  31. Musical created a business market for the Apple II, and gave home users an, additional ,reason to buy an Apple II—compatibility with the office. By the end of the
  32. Fort Washington in mid-November, taking about 2,000 prisoners (with an, additional ,1,000 having been captured during the battle for Long Island). Thus began the
  33. April 20,eight days after Fort Sumter. On May 3,1861,Lincoln called for an, additional ,42,034 volunteers for a period of three years.
  34. Underground and the rest centralized in a parking structure). There will be, additional ,buildings such as an auditorium, R&D facilities, a fitness center and a
  35. Minister Malcolm Fraser and his family. At the first Melbourne concert,an, additional ,16,000 people gathered outside the fenced-off area to listen to the concert. In
  36. Rate is 4 %. The collection rate could be substantially higher, depending upon, additional ,city and county sales taxes. For example, the total sales tax rate in Mobile is
  37. Lincoln called for a volunteer army from each state. Within two months,an, additional ,four Southern slave states declared their secession and joined the Confederacy:
  38. Rectified, NASA administrators could not justify risking a manned mission until, additional ,unmanned test flights proved that the Saturn V was ready. Teams from the
  39. Of school buildings and teachers. Students are often responsible for paying, additional ,school-related expenses, including fees for books and supplies. 82.9 % of males
  40. Given to engineer Howard Delmar, who refined it, productized it, and then added, additional ,features for Atari's first vector game, Lunar Lander. When it was decided that
  41. Included in the Alismatates as currently defined are here distributed among ten, additional ,orders, all of which are assigned, with the following exception, to the
  42. As analogous to verb conjugations in languages such as Spanish in terms of the, additional ,complexity of verb formation that they induce. (Note, however,that their
  43. And the predominant source of arsenic in our diet is through seafood. An, additional ,route of exposure is through inhalation. In 2005,China was the top producer of
  44. Iterative algorithms use repetitive constructs like loops and sometimes, additional ,data structures like stacks to solve the given problems. Some problems are
  45. Play with counters, that player may counter the next spell played, or put an, additional ,counter on a permanent that has already been played, but not countered ". Songs
  46. For the director. In 1981,the Kurosawa Film Studio was opened in Yokohama; two, additional ,locations have since been launched in Japan. A large collection of archive
  47. In the award was the concept that visitors would use a Newton device to access, additional ,information, find out where they were in the museum, listen to audio, see
  48. The site currently features content for China, India,and Korea, with, additional , countries and regions planned for future content. In philosophy and logic, an
  49. Einstein published another article expanding on the 1907 article, in which, additional ,effects such as the deflection of light by massive bodies were predicted. Hole
  50. SEQUENCE, IF-THEN-ELSE,and WHILE-DO, with two more: DO-WHILE and CASE. An, additional ,benefit of a structured program will be one that lends itself to proofs of

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