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  1. Wave of feminism in the 1960s. The American Civil Rights Movement and the, movement ,against the war in Vietnam also contributed to the revival of North American
  2. Hitting a bridge. In 1849,he received a patent for a flotation device for the, movement ,of boats in shallow water. The idea was never commercialized, but Lincoln is
  3. Anarchism of the late 20th century drew much of its strength from the labor, movement , and both have incorporated animal rights activism. Anarchist anthropologist
  4. Day. Propaganda of the deed was abandoned by the vast majority of the anarchist, movement ,after World War I (1914–1918) and the 1917 October Revolution. Russian
  5. A growth of interest in her work in the academic community. Objectives, movement ,In 1985,Rand's heir Leonard Payoff established the Ayn Rand Institute, a
  6. Polluter, argued in 1895 for renewed anarchist involvement in the labor, movement ,on the basis that anarchism could do very well without" the individual
  7. Deed was a tactic used by anarchists in the 19th century (e.g. the Nihilist, movement ,), some contemporary anarchists espouse alternative direct action methods such
  8. Federation Anarchist. Anarcho-pacifism became influential in the Anti-nuclear, movement ,and anti-war movement s of the time as can be seen in the activism and writings
  9. Played a role in these isolated acts. The dismemberment of the French socialist, movement , into many groups and, following the suppression of the 1871 Paris Commune, the
  10. Been influential among libertarians and some conservatives. The Objectives, movement ,attempts to spread her ideas, both to the public and in academic settings. Life
  11. Atmosphere of intellectual repressiveness that pervades the Objectives, movement , " A heavy smoker, Rand underwent surgery for lung cancer in 1974. Several more
  12. Anarchism refers to several traditions of thought within the anarchist, movement ,that emphasize the individual and their will over any kinds of external
  13. War (1936–1939). In response to the army rebellion, an anarchist-inspired, movement ,of peasants and workers, supported by armed militias, took control of Barcelona
  14. Of state were assassinated between 1881 and 1914 by members of the anarchist, movement , For example, U. S. President McKinley's assassin Leon Czolgosz claimed to
  15. Various software programs are used to color the drawings and simulate camera, movement ,and effects. The final animated piece is output to one of several deliveries
  16. Of drawings, which are first drawn on paper. To create the illusion of, movement , each drawing differs slightly from the one before it. The animators' drawings
  17. Of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of, movement , The effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of
  18. It suffered the common fate of other esoteric disciplines such as astrology and, movement ,of the preceding centuries. Indian alchemy According to Multan & Gilbert (
  19. Then with what is specific to living beings,e.g. the ability to initiate, movement ,(or in the case of plants, growth and chemical transformations, which
  20. Emerged. Although feminist tendencies have always been a part of the anarchist, movement ,in the form of anarcha-feminism, they returned with vigor during the second
  21. With her and during the late 1970s her activities within the Objectives, movement ,declined, especially after the death of her husband, on November 9,1979. One
  22. Technique, patented by Max Fleischer in 1917,where animators trace live-action, movement , frame by frame. The source film can be directly copied from actors' outlines
  23. A distinct school of thought within anarchism. With greater focus on the labor, movement ,than previous forms of anarchism, syndicalism posits radical trade unions as a
  24. Illegalism. However, as soon as 1887,important figures in the anarchist, movement ,distanced themselves from such individual acts. Peter Kropotkin thus wrote that
  25. The Spanish Workers Federation in 1881 was the first major anarcho-syndicalist, movement ,; anarchist trade union federations were of special importance in Spain. The
  26. Incident became known as the Haymarket affair, and was a setback for the labor, movement ,and the struggle for the eight-hour day. In 1890 a second attempt, this time
  27. While some anarcho-communists are also individualists. Anarchism as a social, movement ,has regularly endured fluctuations in popularity. The central tendency of
  28. All sorts of agents, nonliving or living, acting as the sources of change or, movement ,or rest. Representing the current understanding of causality as the relation of
  29. Involves the use of less detailed and/or more stylized drawings and methods of, movement , Pioneered by the artists at the American studio United Productions of America
  30. And acrasiomycota (cellular slime molds). These two phyla use amoebic, movement ,in their feeding stage. One is basically a giant multinucleate amoeba, while
  31. Fluctuations in popularity. The central tendency of anarchism as a mass social, movement ,has been represented by anarcho-communist and anarcho-syndicalism, with
  32. Of the deed" had begun to be used both within and outside the anarchist, movement ,to refer to individual bombings, regicides and tyrannicides. From 1905 onwards
  33. A significant movement to rewrite and modernize Alabama's constitution. This, movement ,is based upon the fact that Alabama's constitution highly centralizes power in
  34. Many anthropologists (students and teachers) were active in the antiwar, movement , Numerous resolutions condemning the war in all its aspects were passed
  35. Invented during the 19th century. These devices produced the appearance of, movement ,from sequential drawings using technological means, but animation did not
  36. Plants, growth and chemical transformations, which Aristotle considers types of, movement ,). Practical philosophy Ethics Aristotle considered ethics to be a practical
  37. Forty times the length of the U. S. Constitution. There is a significant, movement ,to rewrite and modernize Alabama's constitution. This movement is based upon
  38. Animated films, which regularly use detailed drawings and plausible, movement , Fully animated films can be done in a variety of styles, from more
  39. From 14 different countries, among which important figures of the anarchist, movement , including Enrico Latest, Pierre Monte, Luigi Fabric, Benoît Broutchoux
  40. Favor of collective revolutionary action, for example through the trade union, movement , The anarcho-syndicalist, Fernand Polluter, argued in 1895 for renewed
  41. Officer. The men became international political celebrities among the labor, movement , Four of the men were executed and a fifth committed suicide prior to his own
  42. The libertarian movement would not exist. " In his history of the libertarian, movement , journalist Brian Doherty described her as" the most influential libertarian
  43. Not consider syndicalism by itself sufficient. He thought that the trade-union, movement ,was reformist and even conservative, citing as essentially bourgeois and
  44. During the Congress, in particular concerning the organization of the anarchist, movement , popular education issues, the general strike or antimilitarism. A central
  45. Rudolf Rocker, whose 1938 pamphlet Anarchosyndicalism outlined a view of the, movement ,'s origin, aims and importance to the future of labor. Post-classical currents
  46. Reverence for Rand, with some describing FBI or the entire Objectives, movement ,as a cult or religion. Rand expressed opinions on a wide range of topics
  47. In the United Kingdom in the 1970s this was associated with the punk rock, movement , as exemplified by bands such as Crass and the Sex Pistols. The housing and
  48. Of intermediate filaments and macro tubules. These are not used in amoebic, movement , but are stiff skeletons on which organelles are supported or can move on. The
  49. Of the Libertarian Party, stated that" without Ayn Rand, the libertarian, movement ,would not exist. " In his history of the libertarian movement , journalist Brian
  50. The United States" free thought was a basically anti-christian, anti-clerical, movement , whose purpose was to make the individual politically and spiritually free to

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