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  1. His move away from a purist modernism would be tested in built form with the, commission ,to design Villa Maitreya (1939) in Noormarkku, the luxury home of the young
  2. Spalding called for a commission to find out the real source of baseball. The, commission ,called for citizens who knew anything about the founding of baseball to send in
  3. To poverty, but what is still worse, we should be driven to crime, to the, commission ,of sin. " Beginning in the 1830s,the US Postmaster
  4. Until the end of World War II. His important public commission s include a 1912, commission , for a monument to Cézanne, as well as numerous war memorials commission ed after
  5. Grew from the British sports of cricket and rounders, Spalding called for a, commission ,to find out the real source of baseball. The commission called for citizens who
  6. The commission , though,was biased, as Spalding would appoint anyone to the, commission ,if they believed the sport was somewhat related to the English sport of
  7. Baseball historian George B. Kirsch has described the results of the Mills, commission ,as a" myth ". He wrote," Robert Henderson, Harold Seymour, and other scholars
  8. Stated that it contained many of the same errors as his evidence given to the, commission , Among other things, Wallace pointed out that spectroscopic analysis had shown
  9. To convince skeptics of the merit of the monument, Rodin repaid the Society his, commission ,and moved the figure to his garden. After this experience, Rodin did not
  10. Junior arc hons, not the jury. Here again it is not anything like a legislative, commission ,sitting down to discuss the pros and cons and drafting proposals, but the
  11. The Colonnade Hotel. He had an elder brother, John. His father's civil service, commission ,was still active, and during Turing's childhood years his parents travelled
  12. The Wisconsin Territory. *1861 – American Civil War: Robert E. Lee resigns his, commission ,in the United States Army in order to command the forces of the state of
  13. That covers local news, including meetings of the library board, county, commission , and DDA. Car and Driver magazine and Automobile Magazine are also based in Ann
  14. Sport was somewhat related to the English sport of rounders. Just before the, commission , in a letter to sportswriter Tim Surname, Spalding noted," Our good old
  15. 1826 Johnston graduated eighth of 41 cadets in his class from West Point with a, commission ,as a brevet second lieutenant in the 2nd U. S. Infantry. Johnston was assigned
  16. Monument for decades when Rodin learned of the project. He pursued the, commission , interested in the medieval motif and patriotic theme. The mayor of Calais was
  17. Appealed to King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland,Albert's cousin, who sent a, commission ,to Königsberg. Scaling saved his life by flight, but Funk was executed. The
  18. Undergraduate curriculum. In October 2006,Dr. Dinter-Gottlieb established a, commission ,to review the Acadia Advantage learning environment 10 years after inception.
  19. Politician and future civil war general William Preston. He resigned his, commission ,in 1834 to return to Kentucky to care for his dying wife, who succumbed two
  20. President, congress and monetary system. In 1839,the Texas Congress formed a, commission ,to seek a site for a new capital to be named for Stephen F. Austin. Waterloo
  21. Erroneously) declared baseball to be the invention of Abner Doubleday. The, commission , though, was biased, as Spalding would appoint anyone to the commission if they
  22. He supported himself with small works like crucifixes. Algardi's first major, commission ,came about in 1634,when Cardinal Balding (Medici) contracted for a funeral
  23. Further. In addition to profits on each product sold, Nutrilite also offered, commission ,on the sales of products by new distributors introduced to the company by
  24. In the November 7 run-off because his demands for changes in the electoral, commission ,had not been met. The next day, officials of the election commission cancelled
  25. Electoral commission had not been met. The next day, officials of the election, commission ,cancelled the run-off and declared Hamid Karma as President for another 5-year
  26. As important as design. An architect accepts a commission from a client. The, commission ,might involve preparing feasibility reports, building audits, the design of a
  27. Consensus formed from that evidence. On June 7,2006,Florida's wildlife, commission ,voted to take the manatee off the state's endangered species list. Some
  28. Draw the sword in such a cause. " The Earl of Effing ham publicly resigned his, commission ,when his 22nd Regiment of foot was posted to America, and William Howe and John
  29. The British wanted all the commission s for themselves, and were unwilling to, commission ,colonial officers (who would pay nothing for their commission s) and further
  30. Of the U. S. Army Department of the Pacific in California. He resigned his, commission ,soon after he heard of the secession of Texas. It was accepted by the War
  31. The public gallows at Montauban. *1492 – Spain gives Christopher Columbus his, commission ,of exploration. *1513 – Edmund de la Pole, Yorkist pretender to the English
  32. But in some places it is also common for amateur astronomers to build (or, commission ,the building of) their own custom telescope. Some people even focus on amateur
  33. And complex emotions under which all six men were laboring. One year into the, commission , the Calais committee was not impressed with Rodin's progress. Rodin indicated
  34. And in detail what one did and for what reason, often in relation to, commission ,of a crime. Allocation is sometimes required of a defendant who pleads guilty
  35. And has the power to appoint all Council committee members as well as board and, commission ,members, with the approval of the City Council. The mayor of Ann Arbor is John
  36. The British naval blockade along the North American coast. Amanda invited the, commission ,to his house in Paris, where he was acting as Spanish ambassador, and he became
  37. With his wife for a vacation in East Prussia, agreed to do the work. When the, commission ,was completed, Speer returned to Mannheim and remained there as Hitler took
  38. Advantage learning environment 10 years after inception. The mandate of the, commission ,was to determine how well the current Advantage program meets the needs of
  39. Of the American Revolutionary War) by the Concord (Massachusetts) Band. The, commission ,was funded by the Town of Concord and assistance was given by the Eastern
  40. To the Arab countries. " All Arab" institutions, organizations,merchants, commission ,agents and individuals" were called upon" to refuse to deal in, distribute
  41. Gave evidence before a Royal Commission investigating the controversy. When the, commission ,examined the material he had submitted to support his testimony, they found
  42. To his garden. After this experience, Rodin did not complete another public, commission , Only in 1939 was Monument to Balzac cast in bronze. Other works The popularity
  43. Konstantin Berlin, during a meeting of a Russian-Armenian inter-governmental, commission ,on bilateral military-technical cooperation. The agreement envisages the two
  44. Away from Cooperstown the prior year. Furthermore, the primary testimony to the, commission ,that connected baseball to Doubleday was that of Abner Graves, whose
  45. Russia and Lake Ladoga to see to the building of new ships. This was the last, commission ,entrusted to him, since Peter had not been satisfied with his son's
  46. An understanding of business are as important as design. An architect accepts a, commission ,from a client. The commission might involve preparing feasibility reports
  47. Ignoring large quantities of data inconsistent with their position. The, commission ,found that smallpox vaccination was effective and should remain compulsory
  48. Passed. Alaric displayed similar wisdom in political affairs by appointing a, commission ,to prepare an abstract of the Roman laws and imperial decrees, which would form
  49. Scottish Episcopal Cathedral, constructed in 1817 as Archibald Simpson's first, commission , It is notable for having consecrated the first bishop of the Episcopal Church
  50. Is one of Gershwin's best-known compositions. Gershwin composed the piece on, commission ,from the New York Philharmonic. He also did the orchestration (he did not

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