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  1. Federer and finished the year ranked World No. 4. At age 33,he was the oldest, player ,to rank in the top five since Connors, at age 35,was World No. 4 in 1987. A
  2. Three, the second being Roger Federer and the third being Rafael Nadal) male, player ,in history to have won all four Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces (
  3. American architect *Henry Austin (baseball) (1844-1904),American baseball, player ,*Herbert Austin (1866-1941),British founder of the Austin Motor Company
  4. Which makes puns with homophones, mispunctuation, and run-ons:" Whenever a, player ,plays a spell that counters a spell that has been played, or a player plays a
  5. Known as" lurking" — because the saucer could only shoot directly at the, player ,'s position on the screen, the player could" hide" at the opposite end of the
  6. To special memory addresses (memory mapped ports). The inputs from the, player ,'s controls (buttons) are also mapped into the CPU address space The main
  7. Championships. At Wimbledon, he had an early loss in the second round to ATP, player ,Tommy Haas. He won five titles in ten finals and was runner-up at the Masters
  8. Asteroids increases each round up to a maximum of 12. The game is over when the, player ,has lost all of his/her lives. Like many games of its time, Asteroids contains
  9. Man, current Prime-Minister Cabinet Mike Man 1 *Sidney Poison, former MLB, player ,currently a free agent The Articles of Confederation, formally the Articles of
  10. Animal" *Chris Carter (left-handed hitter) (born 1982),American baseball, player ,nicknamed" The Animal" *Brad Lesley (born 1958),American baseball player
  11. Also became the first (of only two, the second being Rafael Nadal) male, player ,to win the Career Golden Slam, consisting of all four Grand Slam tournaments
  12. On October 23 of the same year, Apple announced the iPod portable digital audio, player , and started selling it on November 10. The product was phenomenally successful
  13. As many points as possible by destroying asteroids and flying saucers. The, player ,controls a triangular-shaped ship that can rotate left and right, fire shots
  14. Been played, or a player plays a spell that comes into play with counters, that, player , may counter the next spell played, or put an additional counter on a permanent
  15. To the game, and would break apart into two smaller ships that homed on the, player ,'s position if shot. Also included was a" 3-D" monitor surround that glowed
  16. 2005 Tennis magazine named him the 7th greatest male player —and 12th greatest, player ,overall—for the period 1965 through 2005. On July 9,2011,Agassi was inducted
  17. In a five-set French Open final, becoming,at the time, only the fifth male, player ,(joining Rod Laver, Fred Perry, Roy Emerson and Don Budge—these have since
  18. In 2001,currently available in a 160 GB model. * iPod Touch, portable media, player ,that runs iOS, first introduced in September 2007 after the iPhone went on sale
  19. Keep the ship in motion with 1 or 2 asteroids in the playfield, allowing the, player ,to pick off as many 1,000 point UFOs as possible. This led to experienced
  20. Rafael Nadal 7–6 (5),6–2,6–4. Against conventions, Agassi,the losing, player , was interviewed on court after the match. At Wimbledon, Agassi announced his
  21. Saucer could only shoot directly at the player 's position on the screen,the, player ,could" hide" at the opposite end of the screen and shoot across the screen
  22. Player nicknamed" The Animal" *Brad Lesley (born 1958),American baseball, player ,and television personality also nicknamed" The Animal" *"Animal" ( DES
  23. Lost to Lampreys in straight sets. At the time, Agassi was also only the fourth, player ,since Later to be the reigning champion of three of four Grand Slam events
  24. 2002,No. 4 in 2003,No. 8 in 2004 and No. 7 in 2005). He also was the oldest, player ,(age 31) to finish in the top three since 32-year-old Connors finished at
  25. Super-hero" when listing a character's occupation. In role-playing games,the, player ,characters are often professional adventurers, who earn wealth and fame by
  26. A player plays a spell that counters a spell that has been played, or a, player ,plays a spell that comes into play with counters, that player may counter the
  27. Display and a two-dimensional view that wraps around in both screen axes. The, player ,controls a spaceship in an asteroid field which is periodically traversed by
  28. Available, which includes Keynote, Pages,and Numbers. iTunes, QuickTime media, player , Safari web browser, and Software Update are available as free downloads for
  29. Conserved — the ship eventually comes to a stop again when not thrusting. The, player ,can also send their ship into hyperspace, causing it to disappear and reappear
  30. ROM contains the descriptions of the main graphical elements (rocks, saucer, player , 's ship, explosion pictures, letters,and digits) in the form of DVG commands.
  31. Writer, feminist and anarchist *Kent Austin (born 1963),American football, player ,and coach *Phil Austin (born 1941),American comedian and writer *Sarah
  32. March 2011. iPod On October 23, 2001,Apple introduced the iPod digital music, player , It has evolved to include various models targeting the wants of different
  33. Other vacation homes. Agassi's older sister, Rita,was married to tennis, player ,Sancho Gonzales, some thirty years her senior. In 1995,when Gonzales died in
  34. Such as lakes and rivers, have water allocated to environmental flow. A key, player ,who is credited to saving billions of lives because of his revolutionary work
  35. Agassi resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, retired professional tennis, player ,Steffi Graf, and their two children. 1970–1985: Early life Agassi was born in
  36. Is strong enough that the adventurers can often be used as a synonym for the, player ,characters. Non- player character groups of adventurers can also exist, and can
  37. Reappears at the bottom and continues moving in the same direction. As the, player ,shoots asteroids, they break into smaller asteroids that frequently move faster
  38. Sells four variants of the iPod. * iPod Shuffle, ultraportable digital audio, player ,first introduced in 2005,currently available in a 2 GB model. * iPod NATO
  39. Grand Slam in the Open Era (one of seven in history). He was the first male, player ,to win all four Grand Slams on three different surfaces (hard, clay and grass
  40. Setback, Agassi finished 2001 ranked World No. 3,becoming the only male tennis, player ,to finish a year ranked in the top 3 in three different decades (
  41. Kinds: Large saucers fire in random directions, while small saucers aim at the, player ,'s ship. The minimalist soundtrack features a memorable deep-toned electronic "
  42. Nicole, MBE, born in Inverse on April 5,1973,is a former professional squash, player ,who represented first Scotland and then England in international squash. *Dame
  43. Of Sinister is to shoot asteroids to get them to release resources which the, player ,needs to collect. Ports and follow-ups Asteroids has been ported to multiple
  44. Actor Given name *Austin Collie (born 1985),Canadian-born American football, player ,*Austin Idol, the ring name of American professional wrestler Dennis McCord (
  45. In 2005,currently available in a 2 GB model. * iPod NATO, portable media, player ,first introduced in 2005,currently available in 8 and 16 GB models. The latest
  46. iPod Classic (previously named iPod from 2001 to 2007),portable media, player ,first introduced in 2001,currently available in a 160 GB model. * iPod Touch
  47. Youth. He regularly is cited as the most charitable and socially involved, player ,in professional tennis. It also has been claimed that he may be the most
  48. Agassi () (born April 29, 1970) is a retired American professional tennis, player ,and former World No. 1. Generally considered by critics and fellow player s to
  49. 1999. It includes fully 3D environments, new weapons, over 50 levels, and a 2, player , split-screen mode; including a Versus mode, a Co-op mode, and a Team mode. In
  50. Heartbeat ", which quickens as the asteroid density is reduced by the, player ,'s fire. Once the screen has been cleared of all asteroids and flying saucers

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