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  1. Then Wallace's, and it was unlikely that, without Darwin,Wallace's views on, evolution ,would have been taken seriously. Lyell and Hooker's arrangement relegated
  2. With the scientific establishment, especially with other early proponents of, evolution , In addition to his scientific work, he was a social activist who was critical
  3. Even though he had no theory of natural selection, some people consider him as, evolution ,'s the most ancient proponent. The theory of an aquatic descent of man was
  4. That discipline and other facets of Western cultural history, such as the, evolution ,of science and philosophy, the sociology and psychology of the intellectual
  5. And, neglecting surface disturbances, to observe the long and medium-term, evolution ,of economy, society and civilization. The Annalists, especially Lucien Fever
  6. Activity) were typically the result of accidental colonization and subsequent, evolution , He divided continental islands into two separate classes depending on whether
  7. S, and was considered by many (especially Darwin) to be a leading thinker on, evolution ,in his day, whose ideas could not be ignored. One historian of science has
  8. Or give any suggestion that he considered himself a prominent person in the, evolution ,of the game. Chairman Mills himself, who had been a Civil War colleague of
  9. Anarchism and social anarchism, which have some different origins, values and, evolution , The individualist wing of anarchism emphases negative liberty, i. e.
  10. And semantics. It analyzes language in context of anthropology, biology, evolution , geography, history,neurology, psychology,and sociology. It also takes the
  11. Possible. Applied to the alchemist himself, the twin goal symbolized his, evolution ,from ignorance to enlightenment, and the stone represented a hidden spiritual
  12. Of the Price equation, which is a mathematical equation used to study genetic, evolution , An interesting example of altruism is found in the cellular slime molds, such
  13. Of the next generation ... These ideas foreshadowed the discovery of, evolution , Freud's concepts of the libido and the unconscious mind, and evolution ary
  14. To give a series of popular lectures. Most of the lectures were on Darwinism (, evolution ,and natural selection),but he also gave speeches on biogeography
  15. Was one of a number of contributions Wallace made in the area of the, evolution ,of animal coloration in general and the concept of protective coloration in
  16. An ardent defender of natural selection for the rest of his life. By the 1880s, evolution , was widely accepted in scientific circles, but Wallace and August Weizmann were
  17. Nicest"—not to be confused with the biological concept of Darwin's theory of, evolution , Insistence on such cooperative behaviors between animals was first exposed by
  18. Functions of language. Anthropological linguistics is also concerned with the, evolution ,of the parts of the brain that deal with language. Because anthropology
  19. Were highly shaped by the requirement to conform to Marxist theories of social, evolution , Countries Britain E. B. Taylor (2 October 1832 – 2 January 1917) and James
  20. Frog. While he was exploring the archipelago, he refined his thoughts about, evolution ,and had his famous insight on natural selection. In 1858, he sent an article
  21. And biologist. He is best known for independently proposing a theory of, evolution ,due to natural selection that prompted Charles Darwin to publish his own theory
  22. And" Um, yes ", and often allowing others to speak for him) – and even the, evolution ,of his pop style – can be traced to the years when Warhol was first dismissed
  23. In the ancient world. Post-classical culture A brief summary of Athena's, evolution ,of myriad motifs after her dominance in Greece may be seen as follows: The rise
  24. By his biogeographical research in the Malay Archipelago of the reality of, evolution , As he later wrote in his autobiography: The problem then was not only how and
  25. And the philosopher's stone then represented a mystic key that would make this, evolution ,possible. Applied to the alchemist himself, the twin goal symbolized his
  26. S book The Gift contains a passage:" Note on alms ". This note describes the, evolution ,of the notion of alms (and by extension of altruism) from the notion of
  27. Comparative anatomy and comparative embryology, through common roots in, evolution , Anatomy is subdivided into gross anatomy (or macroscopic anatomy) and
  28. T. Kalashnikov, a series of halls and multimedia exhibitions is devoted to the, evolution ,of the AK-47 assault rifle and attracts 10,000 monthly visitors. The museum
  29. 4.5: 1: 2. Studies of Algol led to the Algol paradox in the theory of stellar, evolution ,: although components of a binary star form at the same time, and massive stars
  30. That the world was full of distinct cultures, rather than societies whose, evolution ,could be measured by how much or how little" civilization" they had. He
  31. The ancestral hominid condition. " The fossil sheds light on a stage of human, evolution ,about which little was known, more than a million years before Lucy (
  32. That Server said anticipated some ideas about design in nature and directed, evolution ,that would arise from various religious traditions throughout the 20th century.
  33. Supporting its validity. Application of theory to man, and role of teleology in, evolution ,In 1864,Wallace published a paper," The Origin of Human Races and the
  34. Difference affected the flora and fauna. He talked about how isolation affected, evolution ,and how that could result in the preservation of classes of animals, such as
  35. Mechanisms are: * Selective investment theory – a theoretical proposal for the, evolution ,of long-term, high-cost altruism * Sexual selection, in particular, the
  36. River basin. Although it contained no mention of any possible mechanisms for, evolution , this paper foreshadowed the momentous paper he would write three years later.
  37. In evolution ary psychology, is that the presence of venomous spiders led to the, evolution ,of a fear of spiders or made acquisition of a fear of spiders especially easy.
  38. And his masterpieces are a mixture of naturalism with utilization. This, evolution ,seems to go parallel with the Greek philosophical conceptions which changed
  39. Dune. Edward Fred kin argues that" artificial intelligence is the next stage in, evolution ," an idea first proposed by Samuel Butler's" Darwin among the Machines" (
  40. Dangers, such as from spiders, are overrated and not sufficient to influence, evolution , Instead, inheriting phobias would have restrictive and debilitating effects
  41. Modern primitives as almost filling the gap between man and ape ". He saw the, evolution ,of man in two stages: achieving a bipedal posture freeing the hands to carry
  42. Argued that human societies could be classified into categories of cultural, evolution ,on a scale of progression that ranged from savagery, to barbarism, too
  43. The 'lower Asparagus' in such a way that it is not clear where to place the, evolution ,of different ovary morphologies. The position of the ovary seems a much more
  44. The study of animal behavior),and more generally in the study of social, evolution , altruism refers to behavior by an individual that increases the fitness of
  45. I. P. Sharp Associates, where one of his major contributions was directing the, evolution ,of Sharp APL to be more in accordance with his vision. As other vendors were
  46. 1813–1899),which makes life, or life and mind, the directive principle in, evolution ,and growth, holding that all cannot be traced back to chemical and mechanical
  47. Belief in animism among early humans was the basis for the latter, evolution ,of religions. In one such theory, put forward by Sir E. B. Taylor, early humans
  48. A common theme in Greek and Roman art and also in the art of Renaissance. The, evolution ,of the Greek sculpture can be observed in his depictions from the almost static
  49. Transmutation of common metals into gold and the universal panacea symbolized, evolution ,from an imperfect, diseased,corruptible, and ephemeral state towards a perfect
  50. Of Phoenician (the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet). Aramaic-derived scripts Since the, evolution ,of the Aramaic alphabet out of the Phoenician one was a gradual process, the

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