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  1. Details of memory management; the programmer can either use the default, storage ,pool or define new ones (this is particularly relevant for Non-Uniform Memory
  2. Easier to read and maintain. (For example, directives would be used to reserve, storage ,areas and optionally their initial contents. ) The names of directives often
  3. Be used to preserve compounds such as varnish, polyurethane,paint, etc. for, storage ,after opening. Since 2001,the American National Archives stores important
  4. All cells lost their power, no data was lost due to the non-volatility of this, storage ,), gave birth to the slogan" Newton never dies, it only gets new batteries ".
  5. Provide for a limited form of automatic garbage collection, since destroying a, storage ,pool also destroys all the objects in the pool. Ada was designed to use the
  6. Are also known for their pottery. In general, pottery was used for cooking or, storage ,in the region was unpainted gray, either smooth or textured. In the northern or
  7. Its promise by launching an e-mail service free of cost, and with unlimited, storage ,space. * AIM (AOL Instant Messenger Chat rooms were included with the free
  8. Such that the computations can be tuned to the precision of, e. g., the data, storage ,format or the original measurement hardware. A relative histogram of a random
  9. i.e. with a thickened trunk, usually wider at the base, which has a water, storage ,function),by usually having succulent leaves, and by possessing a timorous
  10. An additional four. The Apple TV originally incorporated a 40 GB hard drive for, storage , includes outputs for HDMI and component video, and plays video at a maximum
  11. For cyclists such as bike paths and bike racks, and several guarded bike, storage ,garages (Fietsenstalling) which can be used for a nominal fee. In 2006,there
  12. Important to know how much of a particular resource (such as time or, storage ,) is theoretically required for a given algorithm. Methods have been developed
  13. The NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia and placed in a secured, storage ,warehouse. On February 17, 2007 the wreckage of CM-012 was moved approximately
  14. All kinds of work with the metal (particularly casting, machining,and, storage ,). A seventh plutonium allotrope exists at very high pressures. The
  15. Reader/punch option. Paper tape was a very popular medium for long-term program, storage ,through the 1980s,less costly and in some ways less fragile than magnetic tape
  16. And an open architecture. While early models used ordinary cassette tapes as, storage ,devices, they were superseded by the introduction of a 5 1/4-inch floppy disk
  17. Such as biotechnology and computer science (for data processing and, storage ,), and technological advances have made it possible to develop new research
  18. Different access types that all designate the same type but use different, storage ,pools. Also, the language provides for accessibility checks, both at compile
  19. They deal with planning and reservist preparation, armaments and equipment, storage , training of formations for active forces rotation or increase in personnel.
  20. Strenuously that the ingestion was accidental, caused by her son's careless, storage ,of laboratory chemicals. Biographer Andrew Hodges suggests that Turing may have
  21. 26Al to 10Be has been used to study the role of transport, deposition,sediment, storage , burial times, and erosion on 105 to 106 year time scales. Cosmogenic 26Al was
  22. Equations. It was successfully tested in 1942. However, its intermediate result, storage ,mechanism, a paper card writer/reader, was unreliable, and when inventor John
  23. Often organized into suites, with front rooms larger than rear, interior,and, storage ,rooms or areas. Ceremonial structures known as Rivas were built in proportion
  24. Proposed building a demonstration version of the full engine, with a smaller, storage ,capacity:" perhaps for a first machine ten (columns) would do, with fifteen
  25. Through explicitly declared access types. Each access type has an associated, storage ,pool that handles the low-level details of memory management; the programmer
  26. Of power supply. This, together with the flash memory used as internal, storage ,starting with the Apple Messaged 120 (if all cells lost their power, no data
  27. Composite video display. An optional board providing a cassette interface for, storage ,was later released at a cost of $75. The Apple I's built-in computer terminal
  28. Canada Line in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada * Aberdeen LLC, a server and, storage ,server computer system manufacturer Algae (or; singular alga, Latin for "
  29. Molecular level. Synapomorphies include the oligosaccharide insulin, a nutrient, storage ,molecule, and unique stamen morphology. The stamens are usually found around
  30. Pest control; security and alarm monitoring; self- storage facilities; boat, storage ,and docking; and pet grooming and kennel services. Along with the state sales
  31. Stimuli, novelty detection, language and face processing, and information, storage ,; several studies have found a preference for non-social stimuli. For example
  32. For system calls and other special code sequences, such as the generation and, storage ,of data realized through advanced bitwise and boolean operations used in gaming
  33. The addressing logic of computers. In most modern computers and many external, storage ,devices, the memory is a one-dimensional array of words, whose indices are
  34. A limited form of region-based storage management; also, creative use of, storage ,pools can provide for a limited form of automatic garbage collection, since
  35. Km) east of American Samoa. During splashdown, a 16 mm camera dislodged from, storage ,and struck Bean in the forehead, rendering him briefly unconscious. He suffered
  36. Refer to all telescopic batons. * Ammunition Supply Point," ammo dump ", storage ,facility for A&E Class V (W) items—see ammunition dump. Computing * Active
  37. A high-gain S-band antenna for communications between the Moon and Earth, and, storage , tanks for water and oxygen. On the last three lunar missions, it also carried a
  38. Crop from Minnesota never reaches the rest of the country, but instead rots in, storage ,; also, the soybean crop is lost, having been reaped too early. *Dan Conway is
  39. X_i only once; for example, when the data are being collected without enough, storage ,to keep all the values, or when costs of memory access dominate those of
  40. A single long acyl chain. The high energy yield of this process and the compact, storage ,of fat explain why it is the densest source of dietary calories. Anaerobic
  41. this large number of well-preserved cliff dwellings, housing,defensive and, storage ,complexes were built in shallow caves and under rock overhangs along canyon
  42. Was insufficient time to make corrections immediately. To conserve memory and, storage ,space, alternative recognition hypotheses would not be saved indefinitely. If
  43. Brand in the world. In June 2011,Apple unveiled the iCloud online, storage ,and syncing service for music, photos,files and software. It has been argued
  44. Migrations of peoples from surrounding areas. Innovations such as pottery, food, storage , and agriculture enabled this rapid growth. Over several decades, the Ancient
  45. Engage the public. Only after damage during the First World War, subsequent, storage , and Rodin's death was the sculpture displayed as he had intended. It is one
  46. Similar to Propane, anhydrous ammonia boils below room temperature. A, storage ,vessel capable of 250 p. s. i. is suitable to contain the liquid. Ammonium
  47. Output and an intermediate results output and input. The intermediate results, storage ,allowed operation on problems too large to be handled entirely within the
  48. Behaviour in real-time systems. Ada does support a limited form of region-based, storage ,management; also, creative use of storage pools can provide for a limited form
  49. In late 2006,AOL began offering free and unlimited digital picture, storage ,for both free and paid accounts. Original resolutions are preserved, and an
  50. Argon tank leakage in confined spaces, and emphasizes the need for proper use, storage ,and handling. Arsenic is a chemical element with the symbol As, atomic number

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