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  1. Until 1996,though the ground lost since the initial launch and the prohibitive, expense ,of these units meant that the Amiga line never regained any real popularity.
  2. To provide goods" of such a nature that the profit could never repay the, expense ,to any individual" such as roads, bridges,canals, and harbors. He also
  3. And given leave to escort his sister, a schoolgirl, back to Corsica at state, expense , His family was prospering; the estate increased. Napoleon became a
  4. Patronage of the noble or gentry classes. The new armies, because of their vast, expense , were also dependent on taxation and the commercial classes who also began to
  5. Accompanied by brisk and cheerful music, gliding to a concluding pun at the, expense ,of Ananias, who is thought to have lost his fortune gambling.: :Though to
  6. And PW is work done by the system. Any work (PW) done must be done at the, expense ,of internal energy U, since no heat HQ is being supplied from the surroundings.
  7. Saw Bolshevik success as setting an example; Communist parties grew at the, expense ,of anarchism and other socialist movements. In France and the United States
  8. The Quartering Acts, which required British soldiers to be quartered at the, expense ,of residents in certain areas. Colonists objected to this, as well. In 1765 the
  9. Using conventional techniques. Improved bandwidth efficiency is achieved—at the, expense ,of increased transmitter and receiver complexity—by completely suppressing both
  10. Many comedians, such as Eric Forename, made jokes about this at the team's, expense , The theme was repeated in the 1997 film The Full Monty, in a scene where the
  11. A fenced pond or pool at ground level. Reducing autonomy reduces the size and, expense ,of cisterns. Many autonomous homes can reduce water use below per person per
  12. Given by themselves and private individuals (e.g. at funerals) at their own, expense , Ambitious persons often spent enormous sums in this manner to win the popular
  13. In another bird's nest, they are often accepted and raised by the host at the, expense ,of the host's own brood. Brood parasites may be either obligate brood
  14. Specifically, corporations are accused of seeking to maximize profit at the, expense ,of sabotaging work safety conditions and standards, labor hiring and
  15. Job. A well-designed building can reduce this issue, but usually at the, expense ,of reduced autonomy. An autonomous house must be custom-built (or extensively
  16. Day was added to the Roman games; the exiles refused to bear the additional, expense , whereupon the patricians offered to undertake it, on condition that they were
  17. And again make Assyria a fully independent and indeed imperial power at the, expense ,of Massive Babylonia, the Gianni themselves, Hurrians and the Hittites; and a
  18. With maximum resonant space for greater volume and sustain. This comes at the, expense ,of being oversized, with a very deep sounding box, and thus somewhat more
  19. Also arranged for the other members of the league to pay its share of the, expense ,in money instead of in ships and men, and for this the subject city-states had
  20. Of other design tactics require some degree of non-standard construction, added, expense , ongoing experimentation and maintenance, and also have an effect on the
  21. Promising many perks to a simple majority or even a plurality of voters at the, expense ,of the smaller voting groups. * Approval voting fails the majority criterion
  22. except the Finns),by fostering Eastern Orthodoxy at the, expense ,of other confessions, by persecuting the Jews and by destroying the remnants of
  23. Service. They also reduce water use by half, and eliminate the difficulty and, expense ,of septic tanks. However, they require the local landfill to use sanitary
  24. Internal Revenue Service allowed acupuncture to be deducted as a medical, expense , In 2006,a BBC documentary Alternative Medicine filmed a patient undergoing
  25. Politicians argued that tariffs benefited northern industrialists at the, expense ,of southern farmers. The issue came to a head when Vice President Calhoun, in
  26. To provide people the goods and services they need, but it does so at the, expense ,of reducing everything to a mere commodity. Furthermore, since obtaining wealth
  27. In 1919,but were nevertheless elected to rejoin the First Division at the, expense ,of local rivals Tottenham Hotspur, by reportedly dubious means. Arsenal
  28. Invaders. It had been rebuilt by Ha run al-Rashid in 796,refortified at great, expense ,by the Humanoid Says Al-Aqsa (mid-10th century) and sacked, and ruined by
  29. Use their coercive powers to benefit some businesses and individuals at the, expense ,of others, create monopolies, restrict trade, and restrict personal freedoms
  30. Where they lived during the duration of the filming. Louis B. Mayer spared no, expense ,in spite of the remote location, going so far as to hire the chef from the
  31. Progressive, not flat, taxation:" The rich should contribute to the public, expense , not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that
  32. Ruler after Al-Hakam's death) achieved military successes, but at the, expense ,of uniting the Christian kings of the north against him. Internal divisions
  33. On the basis of which the alleged superiority of one race is justified at the, expense ,of another race. The aurochs (or; also URLs, Bos primigenius),the ancestor
  34. Some controversy, mainly because of the predominance of VFL players at the, expense ,of those who played in other leagues in the years before there was a national
  35. Wave championed the films of the older Japanese master, Kenji Mizoguchi, at the, expense ,of Kurosawa’s work. New Wave critic-filmmaker Jacques Ivette, said:" You can
  36. Tongue-in-cheek appearances in Li'l Abner. The gag was often at his own, expense , as in the above 1951 sequence showing Capp's interaction with" fans" ( see
  37. 2007 general election. Widdecombe was one of the 98 MPs who voted to keep their, expense ,details secret. When the expense s claims were leaked, however,Widdecombe was
  38. Albion made an alliance in 566 with the Avers under Bryan I, at the, expense ,of some tough conditions; the Avers demanded a tenth of the Lombards' cattle
  39. CLAH) his capital, and continued expansion to the northwest, mainly at the, expense ,of the Hittites and Hurricane, conquering Hittite territories such as Alchemist
  40. Of an" elite circle" of commercial and industrial entrepreneurs at the, expense ,of farmers and laborers. After a titanic struggle, Jackson succeeded in
  41. On the final day of the season to secure a UEFA Champions League spot at the, expense ,of AC Milan. That campaign ended in the group stages, however,with the club
  42. Poets Hesiod and Homer, then gallops off again to its comic conclusion at the, expense ,of the unfortunate Particles. Such subtle variations in rhythm are common in
  43. Exercised great influence over him and obtained considerable wealth at public, expense , The state of turmoil caused by these religious and political disputes was
  44. Devised as a way to share the work among Airbus' partners without the, expense ,of two assembly lines, it turned out to be a more efficient way of building
  45. Has been significant. Airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair have grown at the, expense ,of the traditional national airlines. There has also been a trend for these
  46. The U. S. Supreme Court declared that legal counsel must be provided at the, expense ,of the state for indigent felony defendants, under the federal Sixth Amendment
  47. Of astronomers were dispatched to observing points around the world at great, expense ,and personal danger: several of them died in the endeavor. The various results
  48. Made a definite proposal to go as a medical doctor to work at his own, expense ,in the Paris Missionary Society's mission at Nazarene on the Goose river, in
  49. Over the Ara means and Neo Hittites, and again, takes personal credit at the, expense ,of his king. Sheridan III ascended the throne in 772 BC. He proved to be a
  50. Wrote," The state is the great fiction by which everybody seeks to live at the, expense ,of everybody else. " Henry David Thoreau wrote," I heartily accept the motto

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