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  1. city's famous red-light district. To the south of de Fallen is the old Jewish, quarter ,of Waterlooplein. The 17th century canals of Amsterdam, known as the
  2. By the Spanish Empire). Then, when the Homestead Act was enacted in 1867,the, quarter ,section became the basic unit of land that was granted to new settler-farmers.
  3. There are many public buildings of interest, including the whole Kasai, quarter , Martyrs Square (Sadat ech-Chouhada ساحة الشهداء),the government offices (
  4. Among the" enumerated powers granted to Congress ". Name "/IN"> UCSB"/> One, quarter ,of the U. S. Army—the entire garrison in Texas—was surrendered in February 1861
  5. Are being depleted. For example, water resources per capita in China are only a, quarter ,of the global average, but water consumption is more than five times this
  6. Period of transformation in recent years, moving from the disarray caused by a, quarter ,century of civil war to being the fastest growing economy in Africa and one of
  7. Commercial" 1984 ". It was directed by Ridley Scott, aired during the third, quarter ,of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984,and is now considered a watershed
  8. United States, and to the People's Republic of China, in 2006. In the first, quarter ,of 2008,Angola became the main exporter of oil to China. The rest of its
  9. Stepped forward and intoned the opening word," Murder! " (" Shit tr! "). A, quarter ,of an hour of pandemonium ensued: outraged cries, booing,and whistling by the
  10. Located towards the end of the Avenue; and in the Take Tower at Canada,the, quarter ,with the highest elevation in the city, which commands a magnificent view over
  11. On the summit, with a rod in his hand, turned round by the wind, pointed to the, quarter ,from which it blew. From this model is derived the custom of placing
  12. Today, only the basement and first floors remain. It is situated in the Plus, quarter , Column of Julian The Column of Julian or Julia nus, now in the Plus district
  13. Spacesuit had melted away. Chaffee suffered third degree burns over almost a, quarter ,of his body and a small portion of his spacesuit was damaged. It was later
  14. Plays in this period. He also" gallantly stepped forward" to contribute a, quarter ,of the costs of dramatizing P. G. Wodehouse's A Damsel in Distress. His book
  15. Victory Monument It was erected in 1927 on Safer Square in the Shrine, quarter ,and depicts Ataturk in uniform. Monument to a Secure, Confident Future This
  16. Who is visiting Oran to research a story on living conditions in the Arab, quarter ,of the town. When the plague strikes, he finds himself trapped in a city with
  17. By 1921,held sway over a population of 470–570 million people, approximately a, quarter ,of the world's population at that time. Over the past 400 years the form of
  18. After the Battle of Aberdeen. In 1647 an outbreak of bubonic plague killed a, quarter ,of the population. In the eighteenth century, a new Town Hall was built and the
  19. With the local language, customs or lay of the land since there were a, quarter ,of a million local Afghans willing to fight; that foreign mujahideen themselves
  20. About his health. Despite Jobs' absence, Apple recorded its best non-holiday, quarter ,(Q1 FY 2009) during the recession with a revenue of $8.16 billion and a
  21. Are the only countries in Europe that recorded economic growth in the first, quarter ,of 2009. International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted 2.6 % growth for Albania
  22. It that more than half of the population are Roman Catholics, while about a, quarter ,adhere to the protestant churches introduced during the colonial period: the
  23. Into a small Roman town called Cesium existed on what is now the marine, quarter ,of the city. The rue de la Marine follows the lines of what used to be a Roman
  24. Is of particular interest. * Hack Bay ram Mosque. This mosque, in the Plus, quarter ,next to the Temple of Augustus, was built in the early 15th century in Seljuk
  25. Room to tack the vessel in a conventional manner an anchor attached to the lee, quarter ,may be dropped from the lee bow. This is deployed when the vessel is head to
  26. Is the most widely spoken language in the country and is spoken by about a, quarter ,of the population of Iran, there are 13 other languages spoken natively in the
  27. Bronze Age. In Old Babylonian astronomy, Ea was the ruler of the southernmost, quarter ,of the Sun's path, the " Way of Ea ", corresponding to the period of 45 days
  28. Known for, or only known for, is a novel I am prepared to repudiate: written a, quarter ,of a century ago, a jeu d'esprit knocked off for money in three weeks, it
  29. That" King Corn was more powerful than King Cotton ", as US grain went from a, quarter ,of the British import trade to almost half. Name "/IN"> mcpherson72"/> When
  30. Location of the city's anarchist scene and as a culturally active student, quarter ,with many cafés, bars and bookshops. Exarchal is home to the Athens
  31. Of Mylène * Smyrna, who obtained possession of Ephesus and gave her name to a, quarter ,in this city, as well as to the city of Smyrna Hero cults According to ancient
  32. One where the state played the major role. Azeris GDP grew 41.7 % in the first, quarter ,of 2007,possibly the highest of any nation worldwide. Such rates cannot be
  33. Mile, and fractions thereof. If the square mile is divided into quarter s, each, quarter , has a side length of 1/2 mile (880 yards) and is 1/4 square mile in area, or
  34. Mountain forests and Alberta-British Columbia foothills forests). The southern, quarter ,of the province is prairie, ranging from short grass prairie in the southeastern
  35. The township (36 square miles),the section (one square mile),and the, quarter ,section (160 acres). This system was carried forward to most of the States
  36. Achievement of American space sciences and technology ". It is estimated that a, quarter ,of the people alive at the time saw—either live or delayed—the Christmas Eve
  37. Make your hearth in the southeast corner of the house, which is the, quarter ,of Agni ". He also plays a central role in most Buddhist homey fire-puja rites.
  38. When it was replaced by Annunciation style),and in Germany till the second, quarter ,of the 13th century. * from 25 March 754 AUC (today in AD 1). That second "
  39. The strain on the cable pivots the vessel around what is now the weather, quarter ,turning the vessel onto the other tack. The anchor is then normally cut away as
  40. Of Morality and On the Freedom of the Will). Ethics also occupies about one, quarter ,of his central work, The World as Will and Representation. In occasional
  41. Located Mosque, the largest mosque in the city. Located in the Located, quarter , it was constructed between 1967 and 1987 in classical Ottoman style with four
  42. It was converted into a church by the Byzantines. It is located in the Plus, quarter ,of the city. Roman Bath This bath has all the typical features of a classical
  43. Century by the Seljuk ruler, Mesut. * AHI Evan Mosque, founded in the Plus, quarter ,near the Ankara Citadel and was constructed during the late 14th and early 15th
  44. Destroyed. White suffered third degree burns on almost half of his body and a, quarter ,of his spacesuit had melted away. Chaffee suffered third degree burns over
  45. To find. Main sights Museums: is located on an imposing hill, Anıttepe, quarter ,of the city, where the mausoleum of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, founder of the
  46. To the city, and welcomed foreign ambassadors. It has been calculated that one, quarter ,of all citizens must at one time in their lives have held the post, which could
  47. Opera Regional Argentina ... it grew quickly to a membership of nearly a, quarter ,of a million, which dwarfed the rival social democratic unions. " By the 1880s
  48. Lifts began being used for loading and unloading ships some time in the last, quarter ,of the 19th century. Hunspell (1984) shows a ca. 1885 sketch of an electric
  49. Is aging more rapidly than other Australian capital cities. Just over a, quarter ,(26.7 %) of Adelaide's population is aged 55 years or older, in comparison
  50. Located at the southwestern side of the Rijksmuseum. It was created in the last, quarter ,of the 19th century on the grounds of the former World's fair. The

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