How to make love in English


Intimate conversations cause embarrassment in their native language, not to mention English. And the point is not that you need to talk about the innermost and have remarkable courage for this. The fact is that there are few suitable words for this. We hope this 18+ article will help you with both Russian and English intimate conversation.

Mini dictionary of intimate words

Intimate conversation, for starters, is associated with keywords such as:

  • pleasure - pleasure, delight
  • bed
  • High - euphoria
  • body
  • lust - lust
  • Passion - passion
  • Pleasure - pleasure, enjoyment
  • Bliss - heaven
  • Desire - lust
  • Excitation - excitement, impulse, flutter
  • Weasel - affection, caress

Phrases for an intimate conversation in English

An intimate conversation in English (and in Russian) usually starts from afar and with neutral phrases, for example:

Table 1. Phrases for starting an intimate relationship in English.

Is it worth paying so much attention to a career if there are things that bring much more pleasure? Is there any sense in paying so much attention to your career if there are things that may give you more pleasure?
I take good care of my body. I constantly do massage and with great pleasure I cherish it and cherish it. I take a thorough care of my body. I am constantly massaged up. In other words I cherish it.
Oh, how we want our desires to always be passionate! I wish our lust was always that passionate!
You know, I'm not turned on by this idea. I don’t get high from visiting noisy crowded places at all. You know, I don't get hooked up with this idea. I do not enjoy visiting such crowded joints.
So much desire in your eyes! I so want you to caress my body! I see so much passion in your eyes! I long for you to cherish my body!
I just lose my head at the memory of last night!. I go crazy remembering the last night.
I like kissing your shoulders. I like kissing your shoulders.
I want to feel the warmth of your hands on my body. I want to feel the warmth of your arms on my body.

And now it's time for more bold desires and requests in English.

Table 2. How to make love in English.

I'm yours, honey... I'm yours, baby.
Take me! Take me!
I want you…. I want you.
Touch me without stopping. Don't stop touching me.
Feel my scent... Fell the sense of mine.
Undress me with your eyes! Undress me with your eyes.
I love you to the point of losing consciousness ... I love you to dead weak.
My body is on fire from you... My body burns because of you.
What are you thinking now, honey? What are you thinking about, baby?
I feel such tender trembling from you... I feel such tender shivering inside of me.
I love your whole body! You turn me on so... I adore your body! You turn me on.
You have such a perfect body... You have a perfect body.
You have such great skin... You have awesome skin.

Well, you are now a seduction guru in English. Don't forget this lesson!