[2022 version] 21 English slang commonly used in the United States


Slang that is rarely learned in English classes at school. However, when you actually go to an English-speaking country, there are many situations where you can realize how often slang is used. It's often the case that you don't know the slang and you're left alone in a conversation with your friends.

I want to learn slang and enjoy conversations with native speakers more naturally!

So, this time, I would like to introduce "21 latest American slang that is useful to know" from Dr. Joiner who lives in the United States .

This is a must-see for anyone who wants to liven up communication with Americans!

① rona (coronavirus)

rona is Covid-19, a coronavirus. It looks like the corona "ko" is omitted.
The "o" part of the spelling is pronounced with the diphthong / oʊ /.

/ róʊnə /

[Example sentence]
I have a fever. I might have
the rona .

② yeet (yes !!)

yeet is a slang used when you say "yes!" With excitement. Even in Japanese, it is said to be "Yeah!", But the impression is close to that.

/ jíːt /

[Example sentence]
Yeet !! It's 2021!
(Yeah! It's 2021!)

③ simp (a person who is easily compliant)

A simp is a slang that stands for a simple person who quickly becomes compliant with someone he likes. It's a word used in a critical sense, so I don't use it in a good way.

/ símp /

[Example sentence]
A: Jessica, did Bob do your homework for you?
(Jessica, did Bob do your homework?)

B: Yes. He is a simp .
(Yes, he is my obedience.)

④ gorg / gorj (gorgeous, nice)

gorg is an abbreviation for gorgeous. It's short and easy to say without pronouncing the second half of gorgeous "jas".

/ gɔ́ːrdʒ /

[Example sentence]
A: This is my new Tesla car

B: Wow, she is gorg !!
(Wow! It's so cool!)

⑤ extra

Extra is a word that has meanings such as "more" and "extra", but it is also used in slang to mean "overdoing". It is the nuance of "too much" in Japanese.

/ éxstrə /

[Example sentence]
Paris is so loud and chatty. She is so extra .
(Paris is noisy and talkative. That child is overkill.)

⑥ snatched (cool, fashionable)

snatched is a slang that can be used in the same meaning as cool.
A hashtag of #snatched can be attached to a photo of a very fashionable person, so it can also be used by people with fashionable makeup and clothes.

/ snǽtʃt /

[Example sentence]
I love those sneakers! They are so snatched !
(I love these sneakers! It's really good!)

⑦ finsta (back account of Instagram)

There are quite a lot of people who have a back account on Instagram.
finsta is a slang that means a back account.

/ fínstə /

⑧ big yikes (Wow!)

It is a slang that emphasizes yikes (wow when surprised!).

/ bɪg jáɪks /

[Example sentence]
Big yikes , did you see what Ken just posted on
his finsta ?

⑨ cap / no cap (to lie / to tell the truth)

cap is a slang that shows that you lie.
no cap is a slang that indicates that you are not lying (tell the truth) (you can use it the same as For real).

/ kǽp / / noʊ kǽp /

[Example sentence]
What you said is the biggest cap I've heard in a minute. All you do is cap
, there's nothing real about you. I just need to.)

⑩ in a minute (for a long time)

It's only a few minutes, so I think it's only a few minutes, but the meaning of this slang is just the opposite. It is a word used to mean something like "for quite some time."

/ ɪn ə mín ɪt /

[Example sentence] Wow, I
haven't seen you in a minute!

⑪ shade / throw shade

It's a slang that you can use when you see someone doing something suspicious or doing something sneaky.

/ ʃéɪd / / θroʊ ʃéɪd /

[Example sentence]
I see you over there
throwing shade.

⑫ flex (to brag / show off)

flex is a slang that shows someone showing off or showing something. Often used like a slander, it's the perfect expression when you want to say something like "He's bragging again."

/ fléks /

[Example sentence]
Look, he bought a high end watch. He's flexing .
(Look, he's a really high-class watch, he really wants to brag.)

⑬ lewk (meaning look)

lewk is a different way of saying look. It sounds different from look because it is pronounced like Luke, but it has the same meaning.

/ lúːk /

[Example sentence]
I love her
lewk in the show.

⑭ ok boomer

Net slang. It is a slang that can be used when you are already saying "I'm annoyed, shut up" to the other party. It's like, "Yes, I understand, I understand."

/ oʊkeɪ búːmər /

⑮ retweet (agree)

The Twitter term Retweet is used as a slang word to mean "agree".

/ rɪtwíːt /

[Example sentence]
A: She is so nosy

B: Retweet !
(I agree!)

⑯ a real one (really good person, cool person)

Slang using real to show the real thing. It is used as a compliment for people who are really good, people who are really cool, and so on.

/ ə ríəl wʌ̀n /

[Example sentence]
My friend David, he is a real one .
(My friend David is a really nice guy!)

⑰ savage (cool cool person)

savage is a word that has a meaning such as barbarian, but it is used in a good sense in slang. In a good sense, it is a slang that is often used when "it's too bad, it's too amazing".
We also say something like "Isn't that person dangerous? It's too strong," for example, when watching a martial arts match. You can use it in the same way.

/ sǽvɪdʒ /

[Example sentence]
He scored again !? Wow he is savage .
(Did he score a goal again? No, he's too amazing!)

⑱ whip (cool car)

It is a slang that represents a cool car. I don't think it's a car when you hear Whip, but remember that it's not something cool, it's always a car.

/ hwíp /

[Example sentence]
That's my whip .
(That's my cool car!)

⑲ bands (money)

bands are slang for money. It is derived from the rubber band that bundles the wad of bills. it's interesting!

/ bǽndz /

[Example sentence] Beyonce
has a lot of bands .

⑳ loaded (rich)

It is a slang used for rich people. You don't know what it is for a moment. It's one of the slang that you can't predict the meaning at all without knowing it.

/ lóʊdid /

[Example sentence]
This guy has a private jet. He is loaded !
(This guy has a private jet. He is rich!)

㉑ Ghost (disappears)

A slang that represents a sudden disappearance without explanation. In romance, I often hear how to use He has ghoasted when I can't get in touch with the other person and disappear naturally.

/ góʊst /

[Example sentence]
I was supposed to play a video game with Stan but he
ghosted me .


It's interesting that even familiar words are used in a completely different sense when it comes to slang!
English is not enough to study according to the textbook.
To learn live English, learn the slang introduced here little by little, and if you have the chance, use it positively!
(However, slang is a very casual phrase. Let's keep it to casual conversations with friends!)

It's nice to master casual slang, but more important than that is mastering English pronunciation. Even if you remember the slang, you may not be able to understand it unless you can master the pronunciation.

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