Latest Slang from America


① Snack A  person who looks good

The boy I like is a total snack.

The boy I like is a person who looks good overall.

In slang, "snack" isn't about sweets, it's about people who look good or are attractive.

② Stay up You are all right. I wish you good luck.

Great to see you my brother, stay up!

I'm glad I met you, it's okay if you're an older brother!

“Stay up” also means staying up late, but when you use it for greetings on the way out,

It is used as such a different meaning.

③ Take the L admit losing

She really took the L on that exam.

She really admitted to losing the exam.

It comes from “take the loss”.

At this time, let's pronounce the as [ ði ].

④ Nunya It doesn't matter to you. (Abbreviation for None of your business)

A: Hey, you better check your scores.

B: Nunya.

A: Hey, you should check the test score.

B: It doesn't matter.

There is also the phrase Mind own your business. In a similar sense.

In the United States, the word business is often used to mean extra care.

It is an expression that often appears in overseas dramas.

I personally found this to be the most interesting!

⑤ Stan Celebrity enthusiasts

For example, celebrity waiting fans, it's been a long time

But if you're an enthusiastic fan who's been waiting outside,

You can say something like [What a bunch of Stans!].

⑥ Full send Don't worry about surroundings and risks

For example, when going 100% in a sports game

Sometimes used as an adverb, such as [go full send].

It is also used in [doing something full send].

⑦ Wig Words for scandalous things and surprises

This word, commonly known as a "wig,"

It is used when you are very surprised.

For example, "I got a free concert ticket for ________ (famous singer)!"

It is used as if a friend would answer [Wig!].

⑧ Snatched Fancy people and very fashionable people

Hashtag #snatched on a photo of a very fashionable person

There is also, and it can be used by people with fashionable makeup and clothes.

⑨ On fleek Fancy people and very fashionable people

It is used when you say "it's cool" or "it's decided".

⑨ On point  Fancy people and very fashionable people

Even if it's not perfect, it's "great, gorgeous, sexy"

I use it sometimes. When she met a really sexy woman, she [she's “on point”]

It can be said. It can be used not only for people but also for things and food.

⑩ Rule the roost Leaders and bosses

The person who has the most power in the group.

If the mother is the strongest in the family, she will be the mother, and if the wife is strong, she will be the mother.

It will be [My wife rules the roost in my house.]

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