Translation phrase: And people keep talking .
Recommended translation: People keep talking.
Wrong translation of the week: People all chat.

Let's follow the logic of translating this sentence into English. I am ready to bet 100% that you are driving the word “everything” into the electronic dictionary. And it definitely gives you all as the most popular option. You insert it into your translation. Everything seems to be correct. Pay attention, in my sentence “Everything seems to be right” and in our example “And people keep talking”, the word “everything” means the same thing? Most likely, you will say "no" and you will be right. In my sentence, "everything" is "all things, everything," and in our example, "everything" is "still, yet." In my sentence, "everything" refers to objects, but in our example, to time. These are completely different things.

So, our all is just “everything in a row”. This word is suitable for my translation, but not for our example. What is the correct word for "still"? Look it up in a dictionary! Again, I'm willing to bet that he will give you still or all the time in the first place. And this time it will be the right one.

And now another experiment: try to type the following similar sentences into Google translator:

  • people keep talking
  • you eat everything
  • kids are reading

The following translations will appear:

  • people are chattering
  • you are going
  • children are reading

The word still is not translated. But that's not even the point: note that all these sentences are translated using the Present Continuous Present Continuous (are doing). So, we chose the same examples for a reason. They mean one thing - an action that continues for a long time, including now. Well, that is, it started in the past and continues now. So to speak, it denotes a modern trend, a trend in the present. Such proposals can often be found in newspapers. As a rule - not in the news, but in the columns of the authors (which are called opinion in the foreign press), where they do not talk about past events, but share their opinions about CURRENT events.

The Moscow Times:

Russia is now moving along its own imperial path.

The New Yorker:

But if Clinton isn't using the buzz surrounding her book's publication as an opportunity to launch a presidential campaign, what is the publication's purpose?

Washington Post:

Aside from his past statements, McDaniel is dealing with problems that have arisen during his campaign.