What are the study methods required to get TOEIC 700 points?


Many English learners who have a solid foundation in English and have achieved a TOEIC score of 600 will want to aim for a TOEIC score of 700 as their next goal. In addition, there are many people who are taking the TOEIC test for the first time or beginners who want to aim for 700 points even if it takes time.

If you get 700 points in TOEIC, you may have an advantage in finding a job or changing jobs. It will come in handy in work related to overseas and workplaces that use English.

Therefore, this time, I will explain the study time, study method, teaching materials, etc. for obtaining TOEIC 700 points.

Study time to acquire TOEIC 700 English level

It is said that the study time required to improve the TOEIC score by 100 is 200 to 300 hours. However, the higher the required English level, the more study time will be required.

At a high level, it will be sluggish, and many people will say that the score is about the same in order to increase 100 points. In this case, it may take more than 300 hours or you may need to review your study method.

Study time when increasing 100 points with TOEIC

The study time to improve your TOEIC score by 100 depends on your current English proficiency. If you are a beginner starting English from scratch or aiming to increase your score by 100 at the advanced level, you need more time. Therefore, in reality, it is better to allow more time for study than 200 to 300 hours.

Current level Estimated study time required to increase 100 points
200-300 points 300-400 hours
300-400 points 300-400 hours
400-500 points 250-350 hours
500-600 points 250-350 hours
600-700 points 250-350 hours
700-800 points 500-700 hours
800-900 points 500-700 hours

For reference, if your current English proficiency is 200-300, it will take about 1350 hours to reach 700. Estimate the study time for 1100 hours for 300-400 points, 750 hours for 400-500 points, and 250-350 hours for 500-600 points. It can be daunting for beginners to reach, but it may speed up if you continue to study. Let's keep it as a reference only.

It is common to study for 2 hours and 40 minutes or more per week.

According to the data of IIBC, which operates the TOEIC Program, it takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes to study English for business people with less than 800 points. Therefore, it is necessary to secure at least 2 hours and 40 minutes a week for intermediate English learning.

However, if the TOEIC score is 700 or higher, it will be difficult to improve the score. In order to improve your English and get a TOEIC score, you need to have a longer time to study English.

Reference: Survey on the actual situation of English utilization Companies/organizations Business person 2019

How to secure enough study time?

According to IIBC data, business people with a score of 800 or higher learn English for an average of 6 hours and 4 minutes a week. You will find that it takes a considerable amount of learning time to improve your skills toward the advanced level.

However, in reality, few people can spend a lot of time just learning English in a day. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient English learning, it is necessary to study in a planned manner with a certain period of time before the exam. Set a period of several months to one year and keep studying for about one hour a day.

Also, if you are busy and find it difficult to secure a cohesive time, you can use your free time to study English. If you devote yourself to commuting to work or school for learning English, you will often be able to secure about 30 minutes to 1 hour of study time. In addition to this, it is recommended to review whether there is any gap time in your life such as housework, bathing, lunch time, etc. If you concentrate on your work by utilizing voice data and compact reference books and vocabulary books, you will be able to accumulate knowledge even in a short time.

What is the English level of TOEIC 700 points?

The average score of all TOEIC test takers is less than 600 points, so the TOEIC score of 700 is higher than that of all test takers. It is in the top 30% of the examinees and can be said to be the highest level among intermediate English speakers. You have a solid grasp of high school English vocabulary and grammar, and you can enjoy reading English. Compared to Eiken, the difficulty level of TOEIC 700 points is worth the level from Level 2 to Level 1. However, the two test systems are completely different, so please understand them for reference only.

When applied to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), a TOEIC score of 700 deserves an intermediate B1 level. It is a level where you can understand familiar topics used in work, school, entertainment, etc. and deal with many things yourself. It can be said that they have the skills to be able to perform basic communication in daily life and work without any inconvenience.


To get 700 points in TOEIC, you need to aim for 350 points or more, which is half of the reading section. You have basic vocabulary, English grammar, and reading comprehension skills, and you can read sentences and understand the purpose. In business, it is a level where you can handle daily email exchanges and understanding of materials without problems.

Even if you don't understand a word or sentence, you can guess the details by the context and basic knowledge. You can understand intermediate level vocabulary and understand factual information correctly even if there are paraphrases. Mastering the basic rule-based grammatical structure, you will be able to read difficult sentences that include the subjunctive past and participatory syntax.

However, there are times when you cannot reach the correct answer due to lack of knowledge. If you come across difficult vocabulary or exceptional meanings of commonly used words, you may not be able to catch up. Also, it may not be possible to correctly grasp the logical expansion in a long sentence. It can be difficult to handle complex situations and you will need to improve further.


To get more than 350 points in the listening section, you need to be able to understand and handle problems while listening to English.

In daily life and overseas travel, it is a level where you can understand and output what you hear in English without translating it into Japanese. Especially when the vocabulary is not difficult, you can understand the content of the story and understand the purpose, purpose, and flow accurately. Also, even if there are words you do not understand, you can guess to some extent from the context and background knowledge.

You can understand the other person's story in the business scene, but you may not be able to understand it in unfamiliar vocabulary or in areas that you are not specialized in. It can be difficult to keep up with the conversation of a native speaker, but if the other person speaks politely, you can understand the theme and purpose of the conversation accurately.


About 2500 words are given in one TOEIC test. Since you do not know which word will be asked, it is said that you need to acquire 4000 to 5000 English words in order to get a TOEIC score of 700.

Generally, you will learn 2100-2500 words in elementary and junior high school level English. In addition, you will learn 1800-2500 words in high school English. In other words, the vocabulary of TOEIC 700 points can be said to be the level of mastering English at the high school graduation level.

Speaking ability/writing ability

Speaking and writing are not given in the TOEIC test, which is generally taken. As a guide, TOEIC 700 points is a level at which you can communicate without problems even if you go on an overseas trip or business trip.

He has basic vocabulary and has the ability to listen to and think in English. Therefore, you will be able to output in English to some extent in writing and speaking. However, since there are individual differences in strengths and weaknesses, those who do not have sufficient speaking and writing skills need to intensively strengthen their skills separately from the TOEIC measures.

If you have the ability to score 700 TOEIC in listening and reading, you will soon be able to improve your ability by practicing output through instant English composition training and online English conversation.

TOEIC 700 points in business evaluation

TOEIC scores can be useful when finding a job, changing jobs, or promoting. Here, we will introduce how companies evaluate TOEIC 700 points. Understanding the position of the score will help you to motivate your learning and set goals.

It is advantageous for finding employment, changing jobs, and raising salaries.

The average score for working adults who take the TOEIC is 612. Many working people actually get around 600 points, so if you get 700 points or more, it will be advantageous for finding a job or changing jobs. You can appeal that you have higher than average English proficiency. In addition, 700 points may be set as a standard for salary increases and promotions.

If you want to gain an advantage in changing jobs and raising salaries, aim for 730 points.

If you get 730 points on the TOEIC, you can prove your ability to communicate properly in English in any situation. If you are aiming to work in English such as a trading company or change jobs to a foreign-affiliated company, 730 points may be the starting point. Ideally, you should aim for 800 points, but it is recommended that you get at least 730 points.

Even at other companies, if you get 730 points above the average, English will be an appealing point for job changes and salary increases, and you will be able to leave a good impression.

[By field] Study method to get TOEIC 700 points

Some people who have studied TOEIC may be worried that it will be difficult to improve their score after getting 600 points. In addition, if you aim for 700 points from the first exam, you need to devise measures suitable for the TOEIC and proceed with your studies.

Here, we will introduce specific study methods for each field to get a TOEIC score of 700.

How to study words

In TOEIC, if you have vocabulary, you can read the questions smoothly and it will be easier to improve your score. Vocabulary is the basic ability to solve listening and reading problems, so word learning cannot be neglected even after the intermediate level. Here are some tips for studying words.

Memorize frequently-used words + related words + example sentences together

In order to get a high score in TOEIC, it is effective to first learn the words that appear frequently. If you analyze the tendency of TOEIC questions and use a vocabulary book that carefully selects frequently-used words, you can proceed with learning efficiently. Compared to Eiken, TOEIC tends to be less likely to ask academic words and technical terms. It is safe to remember words in a wide range of fields, but to improve your score, start with the ones that focus on TOEIC frequently-used words.

Also, when learning words, it will be easier to remember if you remember related words and example sentences together. You will be able to understand English in English because you can understand the meaning of words in sentences. It is recommended to choose a vocabulary that is full of related words and example sentences.

Remember pronunciation and accents to match words and sounds

When memorizing a word, it is important to remember not only the meaning but also the pronunciation and accent. If you don't read well, you may not be able to understand and score when you are asked a question in listening, even if you remember it.

When learning a word, you need to use your ears as well as your eyes to learn it. Use the CDs and phonetic symbols that come with the materials to learn pronunciation and accents together.

Even when looking up new words in long reading comprehension, it is recommended to proceed with learning while checking pronunciation as much as possible. After investigating how to read it, shadowing or reading aloud will make it easier to settle in your memory.

How to study grammar

In order to break through the TOEIC score of 700, it is important to firmly establish the basics of grammar and understand the rules of part of speech. Here, we will introduce specific methods for studying grammar.

Master high school English to improve your basic skills

In order to get 700 points or more in TOEIC, it is important to cover the English grammar learned in high school English. Even if you get 600 points or more, you may not be able to get more scores if you miss the basics of English grammar.

If you are already confident in your grammar knowledge and have scored close to 350 points in the reading section, check the grammar items even in areas where you are not good at. If you know the cause of the mistake, you can concentrate on the countermeasures in the areas you are not good at. If you are worried about English grammar, it is recommended that you redo the basic problem collection.

Understand the rules of part of speech

It is also important to review the rules of part of speech in English grammar. I think I understand it, and sometimes I miss it. Mastering rules such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions, and articles will make it easier to score, especially in Part 5 and Part 6.

A correct understanding of part of speech will deepen your understanding of the syntax and will greatly improve your comprehension of English sentences. It may be easier to understand the explanation of the workbook if you give time to review the rules and characteristics of the part of speech.

How to study reading

To get more than 350 points in the TOEIC reading, you need to have the ability to understand the question sentence accurately and read the question quickly within the time limit. Here, we will introduce how to study reading for improving your TOEIC score.

Improve your Japanese language skills

If you concentrate only on improving your English skills, you may not be able to derive the correct answer by reading long sentences. English, which is a foreign language, does not exceed the ability of Japanese, which is the mother tongue, and if you do not have the ability to speak Japanese, you may not be able to correctly understand the sentence structure and logical development of English sentences.

Language can be thought of as a tool of thinking, and it is often the first time that you can grasp the characteristics of a foreign language and recognize the differences by acquiring the ability of a national language.

It is also important not to stick to learning English, but to read books and be interested in Japanese vocabulary and grammar.

Read English sentences on a wide range of topics with a time limit

In TOEIC reading, many people will run out of time. If you do not have enough time to proceed to Part 7, you will not be able to score the problems that you should be able to solve. It is important to set a time limit for the reading section and set a time limit when solving the exercises.

Also, if you become accustomed to English sentences, reading speed will increase. It is a good idea to take time to read English sentences in a wide range of fields that you are interested in, not just teaching materials. It is important to enjoy reading English, such as novels, English articles, newspapers, and magazines. If you set a time limit and continue little by little every day, such as reading one page within 3 minutes, you will gradually improve your reading comprehension.

Practice finding the information you need quickly by scanning

Scanning is the process of looking over the entire area and finding the information you need. In TOEIC long sentences, if you can find important points and hints for a question in the text, you will often find the correct answer. Even if you don't read a long sentence carefully, you may be able to quickly select an answer by reading the main points.

It is recommended that you read the questions first and learn scanning techniques to quickly read through the entire sentence to find important points. When solving reading comprehension questions, practice scanning and finding answers within the time limit.

How to study listening

In order to get more than 350 points in TOEIC listening, we recommend active training methods such as shadowing, overlapping, and instant English composition. English conversation is also effective as a listening measure. Here, we will introduce specific listening study methods.

Practice shadowing with the official TOEIC questions

As a listening measure, it is effective to use the audio data of the official workbook for shadowing. Shadowing is a training method in which you listen to the voice and pronounce it with a slight delay. Try to imitate pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm and speak out.

When you speak out yourself, you may notice small pronunciation points that you did not understand when you heard them. You can train your listening and speaking skills at the same time.

Shadowing can be used with any teaching material with audio, but the fastest way to prepare for TOEIC is to use the official workbook. Since the official speakers record the audio, you can practice with the same difficulty and speed as the actual one.

Practice to grasp the meaning from the sound by overlapping + instant English composition

Overlapping is a training method in which you follow a voice script with your eyes and speak over the voice at almost the same time. Overlap your voice with the voice you hear. At first, you will not be able to speak according to the voice, and you will often get stuck. While faithfully imitating the voice, practice the same sentence repeatedly until you can say it fluently. If you train every day, you will gradually get the hang of it. You can experience the pattern of sound connection and disappearance, making it easier to hear the native pronunciation when listening.

In addition, it is effective to add instant English composition training. Creating simple sentences with a sense of speed If you write an English composition in a moment, you will be able to understand the sense of speed and pronunciation trends in English. You will be able to grasp the meaning from the sounds and understand English in English.

Conversation with native speaker level people

Speaking in English with a native speaker level person is also effective in improving your listening skills. In the TOEIC test, you need to concentrate on listening to English. Unlike teaching materials, English conversation has a sense of realism, and you will develop the ability to listen to what the other person says at once. Sometimes you have to guess in context what pronunciations are hard to hear or words you don't understand. It will be useful in the TOEIC production if you acquire the ability to deal with such situations.

To speak with native speaker level people, you can participate in language exchange and international exchange events, or use an English conversation school or online English conversation. If you are aiming to take the TOEIC test, a professional instructor will give you accurate advice and useful points for the test.

12 selections of teaching materials that are useful when aiming for 700 points or more in TOEIC

When studying with a TOEIC score of 700 or higher, it is recommended that you understand your level and strengthen your weaknesses. There are many TOEIC and English learning reference books available, so many people may not know which one to choose.

If you touch multiple reference books, you may not be able to acquire the ability by the time of the actual production because all of them are halfway. It is recommended that you carefully select the problem books and reference books and repeatedly study the limited teaching materials within your reach. It's a good idea to choose something that isn't too difficult in light of your progress. Here, we will introduce 12 teaching materials that can be used when aiming for 700 points or more.

▼ List of 12 teaching materials aiming for TOEIC 700 points or higher

Field Teaching material name
word TOEIC L & R TEST Phrase of single express money
word Fast-reading English words compulsory edition [Revised 7th edition]
grammar Easy to understand high school English grammar one by one.
grammar TOEIC L & R Test 1000 Questions for Grammar Questions
Words, reading comprehension, listening Fast-reading fast-listening / English words Daily 1500 ver.3
Reading comprehension Introductory English Problem Seminar 4th Edition
Mock test TOEIC® L & R Test Selected Mock Test Reading 3
Practical problems TOEIC L & R test level-specific question collection 730 points exceeded
Reading section in general TOEIC (R) L & R Test Reading Lecture from Zero
Practical problems TOEIC® L & R TEST 730 points capture complete package
Practical problems Strategy in 2 months TOEIC (C) L & R test 730 points!
Official issue Official TOEIC Listening & Reading Questions 8

If you want to strengthen your vocabulary, "TOEIC L & R TEST"

" TOEIC L & R TEST Phrase of Single Express Money " is a vocabulary book that the author who continued to analyze TOEIC carefully selected the words that appear in TOEIC. The content is divided into 600 point level, 730 point level, 830 point level, and 990 point level, and can be used even when aiming for 700 points or higher. It is compatible with the smartphone free app, and you can listen to the voice of all words and phrases. You will be able to steadily develop your vocabulary by taking advantage of the gap time such as commuting to work / school and lunch time.

The vocabulary that frequently appears in TOEIC is covered, and you can gain confidence by studying one book repeatedly. If you don't have time to take the exam, it may lead to a score if you solidify only the frequently-used words.

Recommended level Intermediate
author TEX Kato
the publisher Asahi Shimbun Publishing
Price (tax included) 979 yen

For vocabulary and reading comprehension, "Quick Reading English Mandatory Edition [Revised 7th Edition]"

" Quick Reading English Words Required Edition [Revised 7th Edition] " is a vocabulary book for learning English words by reading English sentences. As you can learn words in context, you will be able to associate and remember meanings. Since it supports entrance exams, it is recommended for students who are looking at entrance exams and TOEIC, and for working adults who are not good at reading long sentences of TOEIC.

The attached CD contains 2-speed English sentences and aloud words on chants. You can also use it as a listening comprehension by listening to it or using it as a dictation material. If you read quickly and carefully, you can use it as a measure for TOEIC long sentences.

Recommended level Intermediate
author Hiroshi Kazehaya
the publisher Z-kai
Price (tax included) 1,100 yen

For the basics of grammar, "Easy to understand high school English grammar one by one.

If you are worried about the basics of grammar, " Easy to understand high school English grammar one by one. 』\ You can carefully review the basics. It explains the essence of English grammar learned in high school English with easy-to-understand sentences and illustrations, and it is easy for people who are not good at grammar to work on it.

It contains many easy-to-write exercises, and you will be able to secure your grammar knowledge through repetitive exercises. It comes with a CD that records how to read the exercises, so you can use it not only for grammar but also for improving your listening skills.

Recommended for those who want to review the basics once before challenging applied problems. Even if you set high goals, it is difficult to improve your score in the test if you do not have a solid foundation.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Megumi Tomioka
the publisher Gakken Plus
Price (tax included) 1,210 yen

Grammar problem ・ For Part 5 measures, "TOEIC L & R test grammar problem 1000 questions"

" 1000 Questions on the TOEIC L & R Test Grammar Question " is a reference book compiled by an author who is familiar with TOEIC to overcome the short sentence fill-in-the-blank question in Part 5. This is a recommended book for test takers who cannot get a score in Part 5 of TOEIC.

It carefully explains the process leading up to the correct answer and explains why other options are not good. You will be able to prevent mistakes in production and answer with confidence.

The spread structure consists of a question on the left page and an opening on the right page, so you can solve the question and check the answer immediately. You will be able to study quickly even in a short time. There are a total of 1049 questions and a volume, and you will feel confident when you finish all the steps.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author TEX Kato
the publisher Ask
Price (tax included) 2,530 yen

If you want to improve your overall English ability, "Fast-reading fast-listening / English words Daily1500 ver.3"

" Fast-reading fast-listening / English words Daily1500 ver.3 " is a reference book for training your vocabulary, idioms, fast-reading, and listening skills. All English texts are written by native speakers and cover a wide range of fields from everyday life to art and science. You will be able to broaden your horizons through learning English. In addition, there are various English styles such as emails, conversations, websites, and articles.

As you can learn words in sentences, you will be able to remember meanings in relation to context. Since it comes with a CD, it can also be used for listening, dictation, and shadowing.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Shigeru Matsumoto, Gail K. Oura, Robert L. Gaynor, Neries Rees
the publisher Z-kai
Price (tax included) 2,090 yen

For English reading comprehension, "Introduction to English Reading Comprehension 4th Edition"

In " Introduction to English Reading Comprehension 4th Edition ", you can learn the basic points necessary for reading comprehension. It explains the viewpoints when reading English sentences, so you will be able to read long sentences in a good manner. Also, at the beginning, a basic lecture that suppresses basic grammatical terms is attached.

This book is an introductory part of the English problem training series trilogy, so it is recommended for those who want to learn how to read comprehension from the basics. If you are having trouble reading long sentences and cannot improve your score, start from the introductory edition.

Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Hironobu Takeoka
the publisher Obunsha
Price (tax included) 1,320 yen

For practical problems, "TOEIC® L & R Test Selection Mock Test Reading 3"

" TOEIC® L & R Test Selection Mock Test Reading 3 " contains 500 questions and explanations created by the author who knows the TOEIC questioning tendency and the weaknesses of the examinees. It covers the same type of questions as the actual one in 5 trials. All the questions explain the process and way of thinking to get the correct answer, so you will be able to learn the techniques for scoring.

There is also a column that advises on strategies and learning points that are directly linked to score improvement. The difficulty level is high, but there are many good questions and the explanations are solid, so you will be able to demonstrate your abilities in production.

Recommended level Intermediate to advanced
author Miwa Kobayashi, Bradley Twle
the publisher The Japan Times Publishing
Price (tax included) 2,090 yen

If you want to improve your score in a short period of time, "TOEIC L & R test level-specific question collection 730 points exceeded"

" TOEIC L & R Test Level-Specific Questions Breakthrough 730 Points " is a reference book for those who aim for a TOEIC score of 730 or higher, and can improve their English proficiency with the same level of questions as the actual test. It consists of a 10-minute mini-test format, so you can work on it little by little every day. Even busy working people and students will be able to continue working on TOEIC measures.

You can read it without looking up the dictionary by the attached phrase list. Even when you don't have time to take the exam, you will be able to understand the content quickly. Since the contents are compactly organized, it is convenient for studying while commuting to work or school. Recommended for those who want to improve their score in a short period of time or with limited study time.

Recommended level Intermediate
author Craig Brantley, Michael Dunbar
the publisher Nagase
Price (tax included) 1,320 yen

If you want to capture the reading section, "TOEIC (R) L & R Test Reading Lecture from Zero"

" TOEIC (R) L & R Test Reading Lecture from Zero " is a reference book that allows you to intensively capture the reading section of TOEIC. It is recommended for test takers who have already obtained 600 points in TOEIC and want to further improve their score.

You will learn the essentials of grammar and train your reading and solving skills step by step. Start with a simple super-basic problem and gradually move closer to the actual level. You will naturally deepen your understanding without overdoing it, and you will surely be able to improve your abilities. There are explanations from the learner's point of view, and you can efficiently learn the tips of how to solve. The feature is that it is composed of contents that can be enjoyed as reading material so that learners can easily continue studying.

Recommended level Intermediate
author Kenji Waku
the publisher Japan Times Publishing Co., Ltd.
Price (tax included) 1,980 yen

For practical skills, "TOEIC® L & R TEST 730 points capture complete package"

The " TOEIC® L & R TEST 730-Point Strategy Complete Package " is a collection of frequently-used items, training questions, practical questions, and mock exams that you should definitely keep in mind in order to aim for a TOEIC score of 730 or higher. Recommended for those who want to improve their English proficiency from intermediate to advanced by exceeding 700 points. Since one unit consists of contents that can be tackled in 20 to 40 minutes, it will be easy for busy working people to continue learning.

You can improve your practical skills by studying little by little every day in combination with other basic reference books. Recommended for those who have a sluggish score after 600 points.

Recommended level Intermediate
author Z-kai editorial department
the publisher Z-kai
Price (tax included) 2,200 yen

If you want to improve your score in a short period of time, "Two months to capture TOEIC (C) L & R test 730 points!"

" Two months to capture the TOEIC (C) L & R test 730 points! " Is a daily program to ensure that you acquire the TOEIC 730 points level ability in the two months leading up to the test. Since the amount of learning is about 30 minutes a day, even busy people will be able to efficiently acquire the technique of taking the exam.

The training program is designed to identify points that are easy for people aiming for 730 points to stumble. You can concentrate on learning English while learning the strategy techniques so that your weaknesses are the source of points. By solving it repeatedly, the score in production will be greatly improved.

Recommended level Intermediate
author Katsuya Yokomoto, Koji Hayakawa
the publisher ALC
Price (tax included) 2,530 yen

For official teaching materials, "Official TOEIC Listening & Reading Problem Collection 8"

" Official TOEIC Listening & Reading Question Book 8 " is the official TOEIC teaching material. Not only the audio of the listening section, but also some of the audio of the reading section is recorded as a score. You will get a feel for the latest trends, countermeasures and difficulty levels. A score conversion table is included, so you can get an idea of your current ability.

Recommended level Intermediate
author ETS
the publisher Institute for International Business Communication
Price (tax included) 3,300 yen

Precautions when aiming for a high score of TOEIC 700 points or higher

If you aim for a high score of 700 points or higher in TOEIC, you need to study and schedule according to your level. Also, if you stick to the TOEIC score too much, you may be able to get points but not acquire practical English proficiency. Here are some things to keep in mind when aiming to improve your score at the advanced level of TOEIC.

Need learning and scheduling according to your level

In TOEIC, it is important to set score goals, but it is also important to understand your own ability at this stage. Even if you use a collection of questions that can get 700 points or more, you will not be able to learn the contents without understanding. It is recommended to check the target level of the reference book and review from the basic level if you find it too difficult. Even if you try a difficult problem in a hurry, if the basics are missing, the application will not work and it will be difficult to increase the score.

Also, set the exam date within a reasonable range in light of your study plan. Once you have decided on an exam day, calculate back and plan how much you should study each day. Let's continue learning English by making good use of the gap time such as commuting to work / school and lunch time.

Score up = English ability is not up!

Comprehensive English learning and TOEIC preparation are different. If you get a high score in TOEIC, you can improve your English reading and listening skills and promote your English in business. However, since the power of speaking and writing is not tested, the power of output may be weakened only by TOEIC measures.

Because we don't train in speaking and writing, we often don't actually speak English even if we get a high score. Even if you appeal your English ability with the TOEIC score when you get a job, you may not be able to meet your expectations if you cannot use English at the workplace where you were hired, so be careful.

Let's aim to acquire practical English ability

In learning English, it is also important to acquire practical English proficiency without sticking to the TOEIC score. In order to communicate comfortably using English, it is important to improve your English conversation ability.

Learners who have the ability to reach the 700-point level in TOEIC will improve their skills as soon as they do training to speak. You will be able to acquire practical English proficiency by incorporating learning that focuses on speaking and writing, such as English conversation lessons and instant English composition, so that your score will be accompanied by practical skills.