Business English Phone-Intercession


Learn about phrases that are often used in the "intercession" scene when answering English calls.


Minami Aoyama who works for ABC Co., Ltd.
One afternoon, when I answered the incoming call, the other person spoke English.

I found out that I needed to transfer an incoming call in English to a colleague. What do I have to ask the other person on the phone before I can make a call?

  • THE. May I have your name, please?
  • B.May I have your company name, please?
  • C.May I ask what this is regarding?
  • D.All of the above (A, B and C).

Correct answer D

In this case, you need to ask any of the questions A, B, and C. By the way, the choice of D means "all of the above (A, B, C)".

Explanation of other options

  • THE. I'm checking the name of the other party. When you make a call, it is essential to tell the person you are calling from.
  • B.
    I am checking the company name of the other party. In addition, it is important to confirm the affiliation of the other party.
    You can also listen to A and B in one sentence as follows.
    “May I have your name and company name, please?”
  • C.
    “Regarding” is a preposition that explains a matter or purpose, meaning “about” or “about”. In this case, C becomes "What kind of business do you have?" And can be used not only as a telephone agent but also when listening to a message. Other expressions include “May I ask what this call is about?”.
    Since various answers are expected for C's question, it may be difficult to respond afterwards. However, the more information you have about the person you are calling, the easier it will be for your co-workers to respond. It's also a way to determine if it's directly related to your business and block unnecessary calls in advance, so it's a good idea to ask questions depending on the situation.

Let's Practice! Learn different Closing

: Good afternoon. Thank you for calling [company name].
This is [your name] speaking. How may I help you?
The other party on the phone
: Hello. Could I speak to Mr.Smith in sales, please?
: May I have your name and company name, please?
The other party on the phone
: My name is Victoria White of ABC Corporation.
: Thank you Ms.White. May I ask what this is regarding?
The other party on the phone
: Yes.It is regarding [Requirements].