English vocabulary for expressing Forgetting and remembering


Do you often forget something? We are sure it is. If no one ever forgot anything, then many problems in the world would be avoided! Since English is the language of international communication, it would be nice to learn how to remember and forget in this language.

I don't remember receiving your e-mail.

I can't remember your phone number.

Need to remember!
Remember to do - do not forget to do something
Remember doing - do not forget about what has been done

I’m afraid I’ve left my umbrella on the bus.

Need to remember!
To forget - forget information
To leave - forget things somewhere

I’ve forgotten how to use this software! Would you explain me?

Sorry, I forgot to call you. Is there any chance you will forgive me?

I’m so forgetful of names!

I’m forgetful when it comes to phone numbers.

It has slipped my mind again! I guess you have to remind me all the time.

It’s very important, don’t you forget to book the tickets!

It’s not a big deal, let’s forget it!

I can remember him very well.

I remember putting the lipstick into my purse. Where is it?

I still remember the moment when my grandpa took me fishing.

I must remember to arrange a meeting with my dentist.

As far as I can remember, there is a good travel agency at the corner.

If I remember rightly, you are George, aren’t you?

Remember that the aim of learning a foreign language is communication.

If my memory serves me right, she is the one to host this show.

Don’t let me forget it!

I know the expression, it’s on the tip of my tongue!

Make me think of telling him this story, please!

This actress reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

Need to remember!
Remind of - remind about something, recall events
Remind about - remind someone of something, say not to forget about something

It is crucial that we meet our partners tomorrow. May I remind you to make a prior call?

I’ll never forget the day when I proposed my wife.

Don’t bother, I still recall you.

Need to remember!
Recall, recollect - remember
Remember - remember

I still have his last words in mind.

We must bear in mind that they never forget anything.

As a bonus, we offer several idioms with the word memory - memory.

  • Have a memory like a sieve - have a memory like a sieve, have a bad memory
  • If my memory serves me right / correctly / well - if my memory does not fail me ...
  • Do something from memory - do something from memory