America's latest slang-Sus, That ain't it., Trash, Fire


Today I would like to talk about the following.

This is the second announcement of the latest American slang information

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① Sus suspicion, sneak.

A: He is so quiet today.

B: Yeah, he's acting pretty sus dude.

A: He's very quiet today.

B: Yeah, that's what he's doing.

"Sus" is an abbreviation for the adjective "Suspicious", which is suspicious.

② That ain't it. Not accepted, not accepted.

A: You are suspended.

B: That ain't it.

A: You are suspended.

B: I don't admit that.

The expression "ain't" is often used in slang. If you see it in a drama, check it out.

③ Trash Not good things, things, people.

Why are you dating that guy? He's trash.

Why are you dating that guy? He's a bad guy.

I think many people think that the word “trash” has a bad meaning.

It's a similar expression because it's used as garbage in Japan as well.

④ Fire Cool and cool.

That girl is looking fire!

That girl is cool!

⑤ Spill the tea sis !! Talk about what you know (gossip).

Did you hear what Sarah said to Tom? Oooooo spill the tea sis !!

Did you hear what Sarah said to Tom? Talk about what you know!

“Spilt” means to spill, but it is a nuance such as spilling a secret or revealing a secret.

“Sis” comes from sister, so it's a word used by women.

⑥ Dead ass Really, really.

Did you stay up to 4 am last night? Dead ass.

Did you stay up until 4 o'clock yesterday? Cant Believe It.

In bad words, we often use the expression "ass". Ass is also used as "badass" to mean ass.

However, it's a vulgar word, so don't use it for people you don't get along with. However, it is an expression that is often heard in dramas and movies.

⑦ Low key Calm down. a bit.

The party was low key.

It was a calm party.

It can also be used as an adverb.

I lowkey don't get it.

I didn't understand much.

You can also use it as a "low key person" for a person.

⑧ Sis Girl

Sis talk to me.

The girl talked to me.

A good friend of mine is sometimes called "bro", which is similar to the female version.

⑨ Slaps Very good, very good.

This food is slaps.

This dish is the best.

⑩ Slay Doing great things and cool things.

Miley's new album slayed.

Miley's new album, the best.

How was it?

Today, we have delivered "The 2nd latest slang information from the United States".

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