Advantage and Disadvantage


If you use English for work or study correspondence, then you have probably had to write about the advantages and disadvantages of something. The same can be said about oral speech: in negotiations, discussions, in everyday conversations, we all often have to prove the correctness of our choice, the pros and cons of goods and services, or someone else's decisions. If you want to do it skillfully in English, then we present you a thematic selection of expressions that will be useful to you in describing the advantages and disadvantages.

List the advantages and disadvantages

Firstly/In the first place/To start/begin with ...

Secondly/In addition/Furthermore/Moreover/Besides...

Thirdly/Finally/Last; Last but not least - Thirdly / in the end / last but not least

We list the advantages

Table 1. How to talk about the benefits in English

The first/main/most important advantage of...

The first / main / most important advantage of something