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  1. Melody is a primitive vulgarity. He is one of Lillian Rearden's friends and a, member ,of the cultural elite. *Clifton Local is a friend of Jim Haggard who takes the
  2. Reaches, and settles in,Galt's Gulch. *Fred Kinney is a labor leader and, member ,of the looter cabal. Unlike the others, however,Kinney is straightforward and
  3. He became a country lawyer, an Illinois state legislator, and a one-term, member ,of the United States House of Representatives, but failed in two attempts at a
  4. Antilles, each with its own nationality. Mr. C. Yarzagaray, a parliamentary, member ,representing the AVP political party, proposed a referendum for the people of
  5. Conditions for the admission and expulsion of aliens. Aruba is designated as a, member ,of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) and is thus officially not a
  6. Of GDP. An estimated 10.2 million tourists visit annually, Andorra is not a, member ,of the European Union, but enjoys a special relationship with it, such as being
  7. Membership eligibility may be achieved by a competitive nomination or a, member ,may submit a name based on other significant contribution to the field of
  8. Of Chemical Weapons, and in December 1991 the country became a founding, member ,of the Commonwealth of Independent States. On May 9,2006, Azerbaijan was
  9. The declining of crop and livestock production found more prevalent in OECD, member ,countries. In the U. S.,70 % of the grain grown is fed to animals on feedlots.
  10. The Arab League, OPEC and the United Nations. The country is also a founding, member ,of the Arab Maghreb Union. Etymology The country's name is derived from the
  11. Physician to King Mynas of Macedon. Aristotle was trained and educated as a, member ,of the aristocracy. At about the age of eighteen, he went to Athens to continue
  12. An Encyclopedia of Pacifism, and Pacifism and Philosophy, and was an active, member ,of the Peace Pledge Union. The U. S. In 1937,Huxley moved to Hollywood, with
  13. Visitors annually, and also because of its status as a tax haven. It is not a, member ,of the European Union, but the euro is the de facto currency. The people of
  14. The time as can be seen in the activism and writings of the English anarchist, member ,of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Alex Comfort or the similar activism of the
  15. Caesium (Cs) and francium (Fr). Hydrogen (H),although nominally also a, member ,of Group 1,The alkali metals are mostly silver-colored, except for metallic
  16. The Crawford Prize in 2001 and the gold medal of the CNRS in 2004. He is a, member ,of the French Academy of Sciences and several foreign academies and societies
  17. Is owned by the Angolan government. In December 2006,Angola was admitted as a, member ,of OPEC. The economy grew 18 % in 2005.26 % in 2006 and 17.6 % in 2007.
  18. And a superficial resemblance. Is taken into account. It is the largest, member ,of the proposed clade Afroinsectiphilia. The aardvark is pale yellowish-gray in
  19. Trained by a human spaceflight program to command, pilot,or serve as a crew, member ,of a spacecraft. While generally reserved for professional space travelers, the
  20. 1946,and has maintained good relations with the United States and other NATO, member ,states since the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi in 1919. The United
  21. Number of Albanians from Kosovo found refuge in Albania. Albania became a full, member ,of NATO in 2009. The country is applying to join the European Union. File:
  22. Motion and change were impossible. As a student of the monist Parmenides and a, member ,of the Electric school, Zeno believed time and motion to be illusions.
  23. Strait of Taranto which links the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea. Albania is a, member ,of the UN, NATO,the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
  24. Consisted of one executive, Clifford B. Le Page, who was on loan from a founding, member , ASHE. An annual budget of $7,500 was provided by the founding bodies. In 1931
  25. Pre-shuttle era missions in that the commander was not the most experienced, member ,of the crew. This was also the first case of the rarity of an astronaut who had
  26. Sites is the Assisi n'Ajmer, a mountain range. Affiliations Algeria is a, member ,of the following organizations: This is a list of characters in
  27. The country to expand their business by hiring more workers. Afghanistan is a, member ,of SPARC, ECO and OIC. It is aiming to develop closer economic ties with
  28. Organization. Karl Marx became a leading figure in the International and a, member ,of its General Council. Proudhon's followers, the mutualists, opposed Marx's
  29. Federation the following year. NASA applies the term astronaut to any crew, member ,aboard NASA spacecraft bound for Earth orbit or beyond. NASA also uses the term
  30. Africa, surpassing Nigeria in the 2000s. In January 2007 Angola became a, member ,of OPEC. By 2010 production is expected to double the 2006 output level with
  31. At that time. Joe Walker had joined the US Army Air Force but was not a, member ,during his flight. The first people in space who had never been a member of any
  32. Envoy of the European Commission is present in the country, which is also a, member ,of the United Nations, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, and the NATO
  33. Received a NATO member ship invitation on 3 April 2008. Albania became a full, member ,of NATO on 1 April 2009. Geography Albania has a total area of 28,748 square
  34. Because of its population relative to other U. S. states, Alaska has only one, member ,in the U. S. House of Representatives. This seat is currently being held by
  35. Morals, law,custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a, member ,of society. " However, as Stocking notes, Tylor mainly concerned himself with
  36. Elections in July 2005 brought Sale Bertha, an ex-Albanian communist party, member , as leader of the Democratic Party, back to power. The current president Amir
  37. As Push http://www.vush.org/ was founded in 1892. Today Push has about 160, member , congregations from different Protestant denominations. Push organizes marches
  38. Ambiguous and should be avoided in serious deduction. An animal is a taxonomic, member ,of the Kingdom. Animal or Animals may also refer to: Entertainment Fictional
  39. Azerbaijan is a correspondent at the International Telecommunication Union and, member ,of the Non-Aligned Movement and holds observer status in World Trade
  40. Is almost with an estimated population of 36.3 million as of 2011. Algeria is a, member ,of the African Union, the Arab League, OPEC and the United Nations. The country
  41. As an EU member for trade in manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU, member ,for agricultural products. Andorra lacked a currency of its own and used both
  42. Became full French citizens. Formally Algeria as a French territory was a, member ,of the European Communities from the founding of the European Community of Coal
  43. But enjoys a special relationship with it, such as being treated as an EU, member ,for trade in manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU member for
  44. Not a member during his flight. The first people in space who had never been a, member ,of any countries armed forces were both Konstantin Feoktistov and Boris
  45. In his contract that freed him from most teaching obligations. He became a, member ,of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. In 1916,Einstein was appointed president
  46. For managing the foreign relations of Afghanistan. The nation has been a, member ,of the UN since 1946,and has maintained good relations with the United States
  47. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO),as a founding, member , and the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC),via the U. S.
  48. all the actual navigation calculation, it was necessary to have a crew, member ,serving as navigator so that the crew could successfully return to Earth in
  49. Of Afghanistan. Marxist revolution and Soviet war In 1978,a prominent, member ,of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDP),Mir Akbar Khyber
  50. On the last segment of the Earth return. Repair was not possible until a staff, member ,had his ten-year-old son, Greg Force, do repairs made possible by his small

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