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  1. Have become increasingly concerned about the global peak oil and climate change, problem ,in recent years due to by-products that are released into the atmosphere. Most
  2. To the integers. * Reduction. This technique involves solving a difficult, problem ,by transforming it into a better known problem for which we have (hopefully)
  3. And conquer. A divide and conquer algorithm repeatedly reduces an instance of a, problem ,to one or more smaller instances of the same problem (usually recursively)
  4. Operations at Rhode Island in 1778 and Savannah, Georgia,in 1779. Part of the, problem ,was that France and the United States had different military priorities: France
  5. That it was formerly a diagnostic indicator. Selectivity is the most common, problem , although eating rituals and food refusal also occur; this does not appear to
  6. To algorithms, by regarding the algorithm itself as a" solution" to a, problem , By field of study Every field of science has its own problem s and needs
  7. Of this sub problem to solve the bigger problem . Divide and conquer divides the, problem ,into multiple sub problem s and so the conquer stage will be more complex than
  8. Take advantage of computer architectures where several processors can work on a, problem ,at the same time, whereas distributed algorithms utilize multiple machines
  9. Reduces an instance of a problem to one or more smaller instances of the same, problem ,(usually recursively) until the instances are small enough to solve easily.
  10. 1870—Stanley Evans' " logical abacus" and" logical machine ": The technical, problem ,was to reduce Boolean equations when presented in a form similar to what are
  11. Particular substance (i.e., matter and form),Aristotle tries to solve the, problem ,of the unity of the beings, for example," what is it that makes a man one "?
  12. As Information Technology, Welding,Nursing, and Mechanics. Alaska has had a, problem ,with a" brain drain ". Many of its young people, including most of the highest
  13. Sub problem s, meaning the same sub problem s are used to solve many, problem ,instances, a quicker approach called dynamic programming avoids recomputing
  14. Concepts are involved: that of a symbol space in which the work leading from, problem ,to answer is to be carried out, and a fixed unalterable set of directions. His
  15. By Huffman Tree, Kruskal, Prim,Collin. * Linear programming. When solving a, problem ,using linear programming, specific inequalities involving the inputs are found
  16. A class of heuristic probabilistic algorithms that vary the solution of a, problem ,by a random amount. The name" simulated annealing" alludes to the metallurgic
  17. Sub problem and uses the solution of this sub problem to solve the bigger, problem , Divide and conquer divides the problem into multiple sub problem s and so the
  18. Of algorithms, corresponding to the intuitive notion, remains a challenging, problem , Why algorithms are necessary: an informal definition: For a detailed
  19. A reply to a question or response, or objection, or a correct solution of a, problem , In the common law, an answer is the first pleading by a defendant, usually
  20. Students believe the extent of these behaviors has been exaggerated, with the, problem ,being concentrated among Rand's closest followers in New York. Later years
  21. Don Eyes concluded in a Guidance and Control Conference paper, that the, problem ,was actually due to a hardware design bug that had been seen previously on
  22. In her book of that title, in which she presented her solution to the is-ought, problem ,by describing a meta-ethical theory that based morality in the needs of" man
  23. The quest for holism leads most anthropologists to study a particular place, problem ,or phenomenon in detail, using a variety of methods, over a more extensive
  24. Involves solving a difficult problem by transforming it into a better known, problem ,for which we have (hopefully) asymptotically optimal algorithms. The goal is
  25. Thesis:" If you want Utopian plans, I would say: the only solution to the, problem ,is the despotism of the wise and noble members of a genuine aristocracy, a
  26. Such as: ä AAU='On '; ü instead of: C digraphs were created to solve this, problem ,for ANSI C, although their late introduction and inconsistent implementation in
  27. With high levels of skill and many years of experience. Distance was a major, problem ,: most troops and supplies had to be shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. The
  28. That her meta-ethical argument is unsound and fails to solve the is–ought, problem ,posed by David Hume. Some responses to Notice by other academic philosophers
  29. Rear den knows something is wrong with the world, but he is unable to define the, problem , His friend, Francisco d'Antonia, helps him understand and by this mechanism
  30. Athens. In the archaic pediments and friezes of the temples, the artists had a, problem ,to fit a group of figures into an isosceles triangle with acute angles at the
  31. Moving towards the middle of the numerical range. A solution to this, problem ,is to use the optimization formulation (viz, define the mean as the central
  32. can't prove that a program is 'elegant'"—such a proof would solve the Halting, problem ,(ibid). Algorithm versus function computable by an algorithm: For a given
  33. Connected with a network. Parallel or distributed algorithms divide the, problem ,into more symmetrical or asymmetrical sub problem s and collect the results back
  34. Der Stealing" ( ". Theory of critical opalescence Einstein returned to the, problem ,of thermodynamic fluctuations, giving a treatment of the density variations in
  35. In Book VII (" Elementary Number Theory" ) of his Elements. Euclid poses the, problem ,:" Given two numbers not prime to one another, to find their greatest common
  36. Issues A senior UN official and co-author of a UN report detailing this, problem , Henning Seinfeld, said " Livestock are one of the most significant
  37. Conquer algorithm is the binary search algorithm. * Dynamic programming. When a, problem ,shows optimal substructure, meaning the optimal solution to a problem can be
  38. When a problem shows optimal substructure, meaning the optimal solution to a, problem ,can be constructed from optimal solutions to sub problem s, and overlapping
  39. Original Germanic vocabulary. National languages generally elect to address the, problem ,of dialects by simply associating the alphabet with the national standard.
  40. December 15, 1986),he wrote:" But now I have no strength left - that is the, problem ,". The diaries are sometimes also known as Martyrology and were published
  41. Deterministic or non-deterministic: Deterministic algorithms solve the, problem ,with exact decision at every step of the algorithm whereas non-deterministic
  42. Concept began with attempts to solve the Entscheidungs problem (the" decision, problem ,") posed by David Hilbert in 1928. Subsequent formalization were framed as
  43. By chemical properties to be in violation of known physical properties. Another, problem ,was that the gradual identification of more and more chemically similar and
  44. Which is supported by the international community is dealing with this, problem , Notes Albania (, Gheg Albanian: Shania/Shania),officially known as the
  45. That disagreement about the definition of art are rarely the heart of the, problem , Rather," the passionate concerns and interests that humans vest in their
  46. Clear demonstration that quantum mechanics could solve the specific heat, problem ,in classical mechanics. Peter Deb ye refined this model. Adiabatic principle and
  47. Believed to be rife with corruption, while President Karma vowed to tackle the, problem ,in late 2009 by stating that" individuals who are involved in corruption will
  48. Plain text" files between systems. The best example of this is the newline, problem ,on various operating systems. Teletype machines required that a line of text be
  49. Of Angolan small-scale farmers are trapped in poverty. A serious structural, problem ,of the Angolan economy are the enormous differences between the regions. This
  50. Of ambiguity is closely related to vagueness. Linguistic ambiguity can be a, problem ,in law (see Ambiguity (law) ), because the interpretation of written

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