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  1. Wife set off to establish a hospital near an already existing mission post. The, site ,was nearly 200 miles (14 days by raft) upstream from the mouth of the Good
  2. The southwest Ancient Puebloan region and at Mesa Verde, the best known, site ,for this large number of well-preserved cliff dwellings, housing,defensive
  3. Almost all astronomy clubs, even those with very few members, have a web, site , The popularity of CCD imaging among amateurs has led to large numbers of web
  4. Seen on the return journey File: Apollo 11 photo map. PDF|Map showing landing, site ,and photos taken File: First Man on Moon 1969 Issue-10c. JPG|First Man on Moon
  5. The areas of standards, conformity assessment, and technical regulations. The, site ,currently features content for China, India,and Korea, with additional
  6. As South Australia's seat of government and commercial center, Adelaide is the, site ,of many governmental and financial institutions. Most of these are concentrated
  7. In addition to throngs of people crowding highways and beaches near the launch, site , millions watched the event on television, with NASA Chief of Public
  8. Cells, including DNA and ATP. Bacteria from Mono Lake, a naturally arsenic-rich, site ,in California, were cultured in an environment high in arsenic but low in
  9. Nobles traditionally used them. The center of Aarhus was once a pagan burial, site ,until Aarhus' first church, Holy Trinity Church, a timber structure, was built
  10. S half-brother, Cthulhu,crosses its gates in search of Alhazred's burial, site , He indeed finds Alhazred's burial chamber and learns of his fate. Shared
  11. Buildings were constructed, and also a ward for white patients, so that the, site ,became like a village. The onset of famine and a dysentery epidemic created
  12. County, just north of Montgomery. This is the Wetumpka crater, which is the, site ,of" Alabama's greatest natural disaster ". A -wide meteorite hit the area
  13. Communities in the area were among the earliest in the world. An important, site ,of early historical activities, many say that Afghanistan compares to Egypt in
  14. From another Germanic male name *In gin-. History Agincourt is famous as the, site ,of the battle fought on 25 October 1415 in which the army led by King Henry V
  15. By the scholar, John Chadwick. A major cache discovered by Carl Been at the, site ,of ancient Pylons included hundreds of male and female names formed by different
  16. It is also the name of the municipality's main city Aalborg and the, site ,of its municipal council, as well as the name of a seaport. The municipality
  17. Between 350 and 325 BCE. The life size so-called" Adonis" found in 1780 on the, site ,of a villa suburban near the Via Fabiana in the Roman suburb of Centocelle is
  18. Or both. Some courts have samples of a notice of appeal on the court's own web, site , The deadline for beginning an appeal can often be very short: traditionally
  19. On the southern side of the hill, it may have extended downwards as far as the, site ,presently occupied by Facetted University. It was thus a sizeable city by any
  20. Of the Cistercian monastery *Gutenberg is also a lost town and archaeological, site ,in the Eras Siegen-Wittgenstein, North Rhine-Westphalia *Gutenberg
  21. The Chernobyl disaster. For example, the analysis of the debris at the testing, site ,of the first U. S. hydrogen bomb, Ivy Mike, ( November 1,1952,Eniwetok Atoll
  22. Cylinder that was later used by Thomas Edison; The laboratory was also the, site ,where he and his associate invented his 'proudest achievement ', the Photophone
  23. Author’s only liaison to the publishing company, is often characterized as the, site ,of tension. For the author to reach his or her audience, the work usually must
  24. In 1999,when the square was remodeled. The square itself is the most prominent, site ,in Amsterdam for festivals and outdoor concerts, especially in the summer.
  25. Caring. The Minaret of Jam in the Hard River valley is a UNESCO World Heritage, site , A cloak reputedly worn by Islam's Prophet Muhammad is kept inside the Shrine
  26. Only in 1956. Elevated levels of americium were also detected at the crash, site ,of a US B-52 bomber, which carried four hydrogen bombs, in 1968 in Greenland.
  27. Been defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, and a chapel at another Jewish burial, site ,in Malmö was firebombed in 2009. In 2009 the Malmö police received reports of
  28. About southwest of the crater Sabine D (0.67408 N,23.47297E). The landing, site ,was selected in part because it had been characterized as relatively flat and
  29. Just off Solar Cadres in the Plus district. Quite possibly this marks the, site ,where Clement was originally buried. Four years later, a doctor of the town
  30. The original design for the Berlin rally on Hanke's desk, he remarked that the, site ,would resemble a Schützenfest – a rifle club meet. Challenged him to create a
  31. The ancient world that spans almost four hundred years. There is no comparable, site ,in which the organization, social interactions, working and living conditions
  32. And was discovered in 1974 just 74 km (46 mi) away from Ardi's discovery, site , Researchers infer from the form of her pelvis and limbs and the presence of
  33. North. The event is commemorated in South Australia as Proclamation Day. The, site ,of the colony's capital was surveyed and laid out by Colonel William Light
  34. Experiment Package (EASE) and the U. S. flag by studying their landing, site ,through Eagles twin triangular windows, which gave them a 60° field of view.
  35. January 1938,Hitler asked Speer to build a new Reich Chancellery on the same, site ,as the existing structure, and said he needed it for urgent foreign policy
  36. Hide the individual Nazis, many of whom were overweight. Speer surrounded the, site ,with 130 anti-aircraft searchlights. This created the effect of a" cathedral
  37. Games, broadband and mobile phones. AFI Screen Nation AFI Screen Nation is a Web, site ,featuring AFI-produced educational materials and tips for new filmmakers to
  38. The biggest festival in Scandinavia. The Vesting park facility is also a, site ,for large popular-music concerts. One major tourist attraction in Aarhus is The
  39. A neuron. It is unmediated, approximately 25μm in length and functions as the, site ,of action potential initiation. It also has an important role in maintaining
  40. Region in 1333,writes:" We travelled on to Kabul, formerly a vast town,the, site ,of which is now occupied by a village inhabited by a tribe of Persians called
  41. It was considered a possibility and NASA took great precautions at the recovery, site , Divers provided the astronauts with Biological Isolation Garments (Big)
  42. Of Geochemistry University of Vienna published evidence and established the, site ,as an internationally recognized impact crater. The average annual temperature
  43. In the thirty orbits that followed, the crew saw passing views of their landing, site ,in the southern Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis) about southwest of
  44. And his assistant at the time, Nayland Column, discover Alhazred's burial, site , While the two are heading a caravan from Allah, Oman,they cross the border
  45. Design included two colossal figures seemingly about to overrun the German, site , Speer modified his design to include a cubic mass which would check their
  46. Operation. After consultation with his assistants, Speer agreed. Although the, site ,could not be cleared until April, Speer was successful in building the large
  47. Particularly dangerous. The Bermuda Triangle is popularly believed to be the, site ,of numerous aviation and shipping incidents because of unexplained and
  48. In October 1772,Ahmad Shah Duran died of a natural cause and was buried at a, site ,now adjacent to the Shrine of the Cloak in Kandahar. He was succeeded by his
  49. The Geneses, the Seljuk Turks, and the Ottoman Empire. The Aegean was the, site ,of the original democracies, and its seaways were the means of contact among
  50. Saturn V launched Apollo 11 from Launch Pad 39A,part of the Launch Complex 39, site , at the Kennedy Space Center on July 16, 1969 at 13:32:00 UTC (9:32:00 a. m.

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