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  1. Control and Prevention study showed that Alabama was one of the worst in the, country ,for obesity with most counties having over 29 % of adults obese, except for ten
  2. And Anna. Almost all of this population left during or immediately after the, country ,'s independence from France. Housing and medicine shortages continue to be
  3. Called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra, ( ), is a small landlocked, country ,in southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered
  4. French Republic and the Bishop of Urgell, Catalonia. Andorra is a prosperous, country ,mainly because of its tourism industry, which services an estimated 10.2
  5. Alien or Aliens may refer to: * Alien (law),a non-citizen inhabitant of a, country ,* Extraterrestrial life, defined as life that does not originate from Earth *
  6. Of Algeria. The Kabyle language, the most-spoken Berber language in the, country , is taught and partially co-official (with a few restrictions) in parts of
  7. Status in Kentucky — where he sat on juries, appraised estates, served on, country ,slave patrols, and guarded prisoners. By the time his son Abraham was born
  8. The heyday of libertarian schools and pedagogical projects in all areas of the, country ,where Anarchists exercised some degree of influence. Perhaps the best-known
  9. Rear den reluctantly employs in Washington. Later in the novel, he becomes the, country ,'s economic dictator. Secondary characters The following secondary characters
  10. That combine into one as the main stream, the Gran Va lira river, leaves the, country ,for Spain (at Andorra's lowest point of). Andorra's land area is.
  11. Both systems. According to the United Nations Development Program,the, country ,has one of the world's-highest per-housing-unit occupancy rates for housing
  12. S Soviet-era debt during a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the, country , the first by a Russian leader in half a century. In return, Algerian President
  13. Shortfall of 1.5 million housing units. Women make up 70 percent of the, country ,'s lawyers and 60 percent of its judges, and also dominate the field of
  14. Of the states had even grammatical consequences for the very name of the, country , The term" the United States" has historically been used, sometimes in the
  15. Of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea; it is also the tenth-largest, country ,in the world. The country is bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, in the east
  16. Algerians are Berber in origin (not Arabs),the Arab ethnic presence in the, country ,is mainly due to the Phoenicians and Chilblains migratory movements (3rd
  17. On the President's re-election prospects, and many Republicans across the, country ,feared that Lincoln would be defeated. Sharing this fear, Lincoln wrote and
  18. Having a PhD program. Virtual Studies Center The geographical complexity of the, country ,as well as the small number of students prevents the University of Andorra from
  19. Officially lifted its 19-year-old state of emergency on 24 February 2011. The, country ,'s Council of Ministers approved the repeal two days prior. Geography Algeria
  20. The Mediterranean Sea; it is also the tenth-largest country in the world. The, country ,is bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, in the east by Libya, in the west by
  21. Has grown from 5,000 in 1900. Andorran nationals are a plurality in the, country ,(31,363); other nationalities include Spaniards (27,300),that have never
  22. Rates for housing, and government officials have publicly stated that the, country ,has an immediate shortfall of 1.5 million housing units. Women make up 70
  23. France. Over one million people, ten percent of the population, then fled the, country ,for France in just a few months in mid-1962. These included most of the
  24. He opposed social equality, and proposed sending freed slaves to another, country , Defenders retorted that he was not as bad as most politicians; and that he was
  25. The country is also a founding member of the Arab Maghreb Union. Etymology The, country ,'s name is derived from the city of Algiers. The most common etymology links
  26. As a penniless adventurer and ended up as one of the wealthiest men in the, country , He never earned money by force or fraud, and never apologized for becoming
  27. Community until the 1960s. Nearly all of this community emigrated following the, country ,'s independence, although a very small number of Algerian Jews continue to live
  28. Banks by the National Banking Act provided a strong financial network in the, country , It also established a national currency. In 1862,Congress created, with
  29. Tizz Ouzo and Anna are Algeria's main cities. Algeria is the biggest, country ,in Africa, followed by Democratic Republic of Congo, thus more than ninety
  30. Metal. Nearly is incompetent, but Deign can find no one better in all the, country , Nearly believes that anything can get done with enough muscle power. He sees no
  31. Such as the symbol for the United Kingdom's pound sterling (£). Almost every, country ,needed an adapted version of ASCII since ASCII only suited the needs of the USA
  32. For that category. Foreign films must include English subtitles, and each, country ,can only submit one film per year. The members of the various branches nominate
  33. Mags seizes control of Project X and accidentally destroys it, demolishing the, country ,'s last railroad bridge across the Mississippi River and killing himself, his
  34. Of oil and natural gas are being used by the new government to improve the, country ,'s infrastructure and especially improve industry and agricultural land.
  35. I. The Byzantine Empire then retained a precarious grip on the east of the, country ,until the coming of the Arabs in the 8th century. Middle Ages The Berber people
  36. 99 percent of the population. There are also some 250,000 Christians in the, country , including about 10,000 Roman Catholics and 150,000 to 200,000 evangelical
  37. Family on the western frontier, Lincoln was mostly self-educated. He became a, country ,lawyer, an Illinois state legislator, and a one-term member of the United
  38. Primarily of French people, in addition to Spaniards in the west of the, country , Italians and Maltese in the east, and other Europeans such as Greeks in
  39. Was" sadly disappointed" at Lincoln seems failure to realize that" the, country ,was sleeping on a volcano" and that the South was preparing for war. Donald
  40. The ages of six and 15. Approximately 5 % of the adult population of the, country ,is illiterate. In Algeria there are 46 universities,10 colleges, and 7
  41. Africa with Algiers as its capital. In terms of land area, it is the largest, country ,in Africa, the Arab World and of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea;
  42. With the statistics on June 2009 showing almost 0 % unemployment within the, country , Demography Population The population of Andorra is estimated to be 83,888 (
  43. A result, the year's wheat crop from Minnesota never reaches the rest of the, country , but instead rots in storage; also, the soybean crop is lost, having been
  44. States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in 1865. He led the, country ,through a great constitutional, military and moral crisis — the American Civil
  45. 1991. In December 1991,the Islamic Salvation Front won the first round of the, country ,'s first multi-party elections. The military then intervened, declared a state
  46. Alabama has one of the highest incidents of adult onset diabetes in the, country , exceeding 10 % of adults. Economy The state has invested in aerospace
  47. Member of the African Union, the Arab League, OPEC and the United Nations. The, country ,is also a founding member of the Arab Maghreb Union. Etymology The country 's
  48. Alabama is expected to become the third-largest steel producing state in the, country ,behind Indiana and Pennsylvania. Alabama's industrial and manufacturing plants
  49. Split between Arabic, Kabyle and French, has been strongly influenced by the, country ,'s recent history. Famous novelists of the 20th century include Mohammed Did
  50. Formally referred to as the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria, is a, country ,in the Maghreb region of Northwest Africa with Algiers as its capital. In terms

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