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  1. Again and this gives many carpet dealers around the country to expand their, business ,by hiring more workers. Afghanistan is a member of SPARC, ECO and OIC. It is
  2. Production-ready modern four-stroke engine, which would enable the Auto Union, business , under a new owner and with the benefit of a rediscovered name, Audi. In 1964
  3. To pursue her writing career. After one year, Schopenhauer left the family, business ,in Hamburg to join her. Schopenhauer became a student at the University of
  4. In New Salem, Illinois. Although the economy was booming in the region,the, business ,struggled and Lincoln eventually sold his share. That March he began his
  5. Of a rediscovered name, Audi. In 1964 Volkswagen acquired a 50 % holding in the, business , which included the new factory in Ingolstadt and the trademark rights of the
  6. For what are, in fact, her brother's policies which directly threaten his, business , When the government passes laws and decrees which make it impossible for him
  7. Oppressed by communist regimes. As a Whig activist, Lincoln was a spokesman for, business ,interests, favoring high tariffs, banks,internal improvements, and railroads
  8. Received widespread criticism for its contractors' labor, environmental,and, business ,practices. To sell the Apple I personal computer kit. They were hand-built by
  9. In Galt's Gulch. *Buffy Mags is the Director of Unification for the railroad, business , He carries a pistol and a lucky rabbit's foot, and he dresses in a military
  10. S bravery during the Second World War. Economy Amsterdam is the financial and, business ,capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is currently one of the best European
  11. Ite mid 47&id 150&option com_content&task view Angola/Israel, business ,volume amounted at USD 400 million Angola Press,22 March 2006 *
  12. Effort to prove her own value. Lillian achieves her goal to destroy Rearden's, business , when she passes on information to James Haggard about her husband's affair.
  13. Of the business world—the Musical spreadsheet program. Musical created a, business ,market for the Apple II, and gave home users an additional reason to buy an
  14. Apple III in May 1980 in an attempt to compete with IBM and Microsoft in the, business ,and corporate computing market. Jobs and several Apple employees including JEF
  15. Drive vehicles with two-stroke engines. Ironically, by the time they sold the, business ,it also included a large new factory and near production-ready modern
  16. And commercial use, and involving a wide range of aircraft types such as, business ,jets (biz jets),trainers, homebuilt, aerobatic types, racers,gliders
  17. Steve Ditto and musician Neil Part of Rush. Rand provided a positive view of, business , and in response business executives and entrepreneurs have admired and
  18. When everybody does" what he wishes and only what he wishes" and where ", business ,transactions alone produce the social order. " Mutualist anarchism is concerned
  19. In 2011 suggested that up to 3 million people are involved in the illegal drug, business ,in Afghanistan, many of the attacks on government employees and institutions
  20. His own money, Kurosawa chose a story more directly critical of the Japanese, business ,and political elites than any of his previous works. The Bad Sleep Well, based
  21. Moral code that is destroying society and would never dream of saying he is in, business ,for any reason other than the good of society. Deign Haggard hires Owen to
  22. And tobacco. In 2008 the Tax Foundation ranked Alaska as having the 4th most ", business ,friendly" tax policy. More" friendly" states were Wyoming, Nevada,and South
  23. The property rights of Rear den Metal to the looters) and thereby destroys his, business , Lillian discovers that she can accomplish her goal to destroy the business but
  24. Financial centers: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Call centers and, business ,process outsourcing (Bros) are becoming major employers in India and the
  25. He built his railroad without any government handouts, and ran the, business ,for no other reason than to turn a profit. He began as a penniless adventurer
  26. Figure" to Agassi. In December 2008 Agassi's childhood friend and former, business ,manager, Perry Rogers, sued Graph for $50,000 in management fees he claimed that
  27. The only thing he knows. When the Anti-dog-eat-dog Rule is used to drive his, business ,out of Colorado, he loses the will to fight, and resigns himself to a quiet
  28. Business Art" – he, in fact, wrote about his interest in thinking about art as, business ,in The Philosophy of Andy Warhol from A to B and Back Again. Personal life
  29. Returning to Sweden with his father after the bankruptcy of their family, business , devoted himself to the study of explosives, and especially to the safe
  30. His business . Lillian discovers that she can accomplish her goal to destroy the, business ,but she can neither achieve the greatness she desires nor her goal to destroy
  31. The gossip magazine Interview, a stage for celebrities he" endorsed" and a, business ,staffed by his friends. He collaborated with others on all of his books (some
  32. Was taken by the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis. As the last piece of, business ,during the afternoon Session," among engrossed Bills" was" signed and sealed
  33. Jobs and Wozniak for $800. Multi-millionaire Mike Markka provided essential, business ,expertise and funding of $250,000 during the incorporation of Apple. The Apple
  34. 1997. The University provides first-level degrees in nursing, computer science, business ,administration, and educational sciences, in addition to higher professional
  35. Were pulled out of circulation by Warhol and the people around him who ran his, business , After Warhol's death, the films were slowly restored by the Whitney Museum
  36. II was chosen to be the desktop platform for the first" killer app" of the, business ,world—the Musical spreadsheet program. Musical created a business market for
  37. Potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a, business ,venture, a love affair, or other major life undertakings. Adventurous
  38. DC) lost the War of Currents to alternating current (AC). In search of, business , the Einstein family moved to Italy, first to Milan and then, a few months
  39. Thriller. By this period, Warhol was being criticized for becoming merely a ", business ,artist ". In 1979,reviewers disliked his exhibits of portraits of 1970s
  40. Idea expressed in the book:" Making money is art, and working is art and good, business ,is the best art. " Warhol used to socialize at various nightspots in New York
  41. Average, with Jobs speculating that the App Store could become a billion-dollar, business ,for Apple. Three months later, it was announced that Apple had become the
  42. Lincoln returned to practicing law in Springfield, handling " every kind of, business ,that could come before a prairie lawyer ". Twice a year for sixteen years, ten
  43. Expansion of the tourism sector. Today, the influence of the oil processing, business ,is minimal. The size of the agriculture and manufacturing sectors also remains
  44. Care of the second son, Ludvig Nobel (1831–1888),who greatly improved the, business , Alfred, returning to Sweden with his father after the bankruptcy of their
  45. Until 2003 * Atlas Electronic GmbH, a naval/marine electronics and systems, business ,based in Bremen, Germany * Dresser Atlas, a provider of oil field services and
  46. To an incompetent applicant. When the order came down he liquidated his entire, business , paid off his depositors, and joined Galt's strike. Mulligan's birth name was
  47. Neil Part of Rush. Rand provided a positive view of business , and in response, business ,executives and entrepreneurs have admired and promoted her work. John Allison
  48. Scudder is an editorial writer for the magazine The Future. He typically bashes, business ,and business men, but he never says anything specific in his articles, relying
  49. England. In order to help reestablish his name and improve the image of his, business ,from the earlier controversies associated with the dangerous explosives, Nobel
  50. To a record in 2007 with about 3 million people reported to be involved in the, business ,but then declined significantly in the years following. The government started

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