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  1. With a runner on base and taking a lead, the pitcher may attempt a kickoff,a, quick ,throw to a fielder covering the base to keep the runner's lead in check or
  2. Right hand of God the Father Almighty;: from thence he shall come to judge the, quick ,and the dead.: I believe in the Holy Spirit, : the holy Catholic Church, : the
  3. A whip-like flick with their index finger, at the end of the throw, to cause, quick ,counter-clockwise spin (seen from above). It is the spin that makes the
  4. Transformation of a thermodynamic system can be considered adiabatic when it is, quick ,enough that no significant heat is transferred between the system and the
  5. Apex tape recorders that reproduced his voice better than anything else. Also, quick ,to adopt tape recording was his friend Bob Hope. Mullen continued to work for
  6. Voiceless, thus. The cluster NT can also be flapped/tapped. As a result, in, quick , speech,words like winner and winter can become homophonous. This is a quality
  7. Incident a year earlier when the same failure had been simulated. Aaron's, quick ,thinking and Bean's memory saved what could have been an aborted mission. Bean
  8. Abbot of the first of the monastic colonies, subsequently sent forth in such, quick ,succession by the first Cistercian houses, the renowned abbey of Chateaux (DE
  9. Case this is merger arbitrage, described below. In comparison to the classical, quick ,arbitrage transaction, such an operation can produce disastrous losses.
  10. Were conducted for outgoing employees; remaining employees at Dulles were, quick ,to dub the mass layoff" Bloody Tuesday" in online blogs and news reports. *
  11. Of the nervous system for stereoscopic vision, locomotion and feeding * A, quick ,growth and movement of the eyes to higher up the skull and the formation of
  12. Sperner's lemma in n dimensions. A proof by Hirsch There is also a, quick ,proof, by Morris Hirsch, based on the impossibility of a differentiable
  13. Stock type Reining and cutting horses are smaller in stature, with, quick , agile movements and very powerful hindquarters. Western pleasure show horses
  14. Secessionist states would be readmitted to the Union. Johnson favored a, quick ,restoration, similar to the plan of leniency that Lincoln advocated before his
  15. Is a prerequisite. This methodology - if carried out correctly - results in a, quick ,turnaround against plan, a decreased number of test scenarios which are more
  16. JPG|Half uppercut - a combination of a wide Uppercut/straight punch * Jab – A, quick , straight punch thrown with the lead hand from the guard position. The jab is
  17. Nasir-Sin, Sin-namir, Ipqi-Ishtar and Adad-salulu) all reigning in, quick ,succession. Babylonia seems to have been too powerless to intervene. Finally, a
  18. A tall handsome man, but from the cognizance on his shield, an able man, had a, quick ,eye as well as a strong hand, and could pick what way was straightest among
  19. Therefore, there is the possibility that when one part of the deal is closed,a, quick ,shift in prices makes it impossible to close the other at a profitable price.
  20. JJ"> mcpherson77"/> Excellent railroad links between Union cities allowed for the, quick ,and cheap movement of troops and supplies. Transportation was much slower and
  21. At Maraj-al-Rahab, Khalid defeated a Ghassanid army of Christian Arabs in a, quick ,Battle of Marj-al-Rahit. Meanwhile, Abu Uganda in al-Jarrah, the supreme
  22. Zelazny's. *Magic: Three types of magic are detailed: Power Words, with a, quick , small effect; Sorcery, with pre-prepared spells as in many other game systems;
  23. My Father by Nancy Sinatra,1985). On the other hand Liberace was" cut to the, quick ," over Loverboynik, according to Camp, and even threatened legal action—as
  24. Right hand of God the Father Almighty;: From thence he shall come to judge the, quick ,and the dead.: I believe in the Holy Ghost;: The holy Catholic Church;: The
  25. Was going to bomb the Palace. Holmes had run out of ammunition and made the, quick ,choice to ram it. Holmes bailed out. Both aircraft crashed. In fact the Dorkier
  26. Of sleep known as vigilant sleep, where periods of rest are interspersed with, quick ,eye-opening 'peeks ', allowing them to be sensitive to disturbances and enable
  27. Of fluid dynamics, thus making available to the aerodynamics a range of, quick ,and easy solutions. It is a special case of Subsonic aerodynamics. In solving a
  28. Of false-positives and false-negatives are known. The test also serves as a, quick ,and convenient assay to estimate the carcinogenic potential of a compound since
  29. Northwestern end of the island. Due to its proximity to Athens, it is a popular, quick ,getaway during the summer months, with quite a few Athenians owning second
  30. Their value. The sampan can be reset to the starting position instantly by a, quick ,jerk along the horizontal axis to spin all the beads away from the horizontal
  31. Aircraft, but unless they are already on patrol overhead, they are usually not, quick ,enough to save friendly forces from damage. More often, ground-based
  32. Rugged terrain allowing cover and concealment, the element of surprise, and the, quick ,assault/advance comes down to the present day, and is stressed in US Army
  33. That they will either abandon the town or lynch the new sheriff. With his, quick ,wits and the assistance of drunken gunslinger Jim (Gene Wilder),also known
  34. At the other ... then placed them in the vessel of quick silver ... I found the, quick ,silver stood at 26" and 3½ lines above the quick silver in the vessel ... I
  35. Normally involving planned passes and movement by players without the ball. A, quick ,movement by an offensive player without the ball to gain an advantageous
  36. No command. " Nevertheless, as dusk came the Allied commander was anxious for a, quick ,conclusion. The French infantry fought tenaciously to hold on to their position
  37. His time with the Raiders, designing a horizontal passing system that relied on, quick , short throws - often spreading the ball across the entire width of the field.
  38. Should occur through the day ... Taking the other tube and a portion of the, quick ,silver ... I walked to the top of Puy-de-Dôme, about 500 fathoms higher than
  39. Are ready to leave the water. The material of the tail is being used for a, quick ,growth of the legs. The disappearance of the larval structures is a regulated
  40. The Global Positioning System (GPS) provided a smaller and cheaper means of, quick ,and accurate fixation for target acquisition devices. *Specialized units with
  41. You made or Jay Van Angel made? ": DeVos:" We failed to come down hard enough, quick ,enough, to stamp that sort of thing out. That was a sin of omission. We failed
  42. With terms like" floating, slippery,bolstering-like, feeble,thready and, quick ,", which are used to ascribe a specific imbalance in the body. Learning TCM
  43. 1960s feel to it and is known to be a highly complex piece of music due to the, quick ,playing of the Violin. The score was written within a couple of weeks by
  44. Frustration, resulting in rash play by the batsman which in turn can lead to a, quick ,dismissal. Leg theory can be a moderately successful tactic when used with both
  45. Basket. Screens and cuts are very important in offensive plays; these allow the, quick ,passes and teamwork which can lead to a successful basket. Teams almost always
  46. Might call the original as part of its processing. This could be used as a, quick ,ad-hoc debugging aid. BCPL is reputedly the language in which the original
  47. Knowledge products and services developed, Learning Curves are handy, two-paged, quick , references designed to feed findings and recommendations from evaluation to a
  48. Public revilement rallies, then the order of the day. Retribution was, quick ,to come. They were expelled from the local health-fund clinic and village
  49. Culture Language The primary language is English with a, quick ,creole accent. Music The traditional music of the British Virgin Islands is
  50. Capture as justification to accelerate its domestic spying program to allow, quick ,action on the phone numbers and addresses seized during Abu Zubaydah’s capture.

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