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  1. A form of monarchy – accusations that had already played out during the, crisis ,of 23 BC. The situation was so serious, that Augustus himself appeared at the
  2. Of identity, were secular and religious loyalties to conflict – and such a, crisis ,indeed occurred in 1776 with the American Declaration of Independence, most of
  3. Critical to maintaining a better air quality in Athens all year round. The, crisis ,eased by mid-January when authorities began taking the garbage to a temporary
  4. Influence on their lives and recommended her novels. The late-2000s financial, crisis ,spurred renewed interest in her works, especially Atlas Shrugged, which some
  5. Ideas, especially from the political left, with critics blaming the economic, crisis ,on her support of selfishness and free markets, particularly through her
  6. Called for Augustus to take on dictatorial powers to personally oversee the, crisis , Nevertheless, the were some who were concerned by the expansion of powers
  7. Power lost through the inactivity of the nuclear plant at Metaphor. This, crisis ,was addressed in 1992-93 by construction of a tunnel to divert water into the
  8. Tennessee had fewer plantations and rejected secession until the Fort Sumter, crisis ,forced them to choose sides. Border states had fewer plantations still and
  9. This was especially beneficial to the leadership after the 1973 oil, crisis , However, the Algerian economy became increasingly dependent on oil which led
  10. Instead of a more highly acclaimed institution because the hyperinflation, crisis ,of 1923 limited his parents' income. In 1924 when the crisis had abated, he
  11. The great crash of 1929. In February 1929,Hayek warned that a coming financial, crisis ,was an unavoidable consequence of reckless monetary expansion. Economist Steve
  12. And are a topic of ongoing discussion. A global strategy to stem the, crisis ,has been released in the form of the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (
  13. In 1865. He led the country through a great constitutional, military and moral, crisis ,— the American Civil War — preserving the Union while ending slavery and
  14. Had a majority in the Senate, the censure was expunged. Nullification, crisis ,Another notable crisis during Jackson's period of office was the "
  15. Peace Conference of 1861 met in Washington in a failed attempt at resolving the, crisis , The remaining eight slave states rejected pleas to join the Confederacy.
  16. That everyone else is in a state of fear, too. Cottar takes advantage of the, crisis ,to make money by selling contraband cigarettes and inferior liquor. When the
  17. The public treasure on his palaces and gardens and attempted to deal with the, crisis ,through diplomatic means. The emperor's attempts to bolster the empire's
  18. Been used in Britain to provide an alternative explanation for the Financial, crisis ,of 2007–2010 to the technical explanations rooted in economic and political
  19. Mother. Therefore, by 1980,there was a very youthful population and a housing, crisis , The new generation struggled to relate to the cultural obsession with the war
  20. A constitutional convention to meet in Philadelphia to remedy the long-term, crisis , Signatures The Second Continental Congress approved the Articles for
  21. A joint siege of Constantinople with the Achenes. Alexios overcame this, crisis ,by entering into an alliance with a horde of 40,000 Humans, with whose help he
  22. Legacy Alexios I had stabilized the Byzantine Empire and overcame a dangerous, crisis , inaugurating a century of imperial prosperity and success. By seeking close
  23. Half the French national revenue went to debt service in the 1780s. The debt, crisis ,became a major enabling factor of the French Revolution as the government could
  24. S Cabin. Three verses were emblematically sung by Tom in his hour of deepest, crisis , He sings the sixth and fifth verses in that order, and Stowe included another
  25. Hayek was one of the few economists who gave warning of a major economic, crisis ,before the great crash of 1929. In February 1929,Hayek warned that a coming
  26. Down the rebellion. Lincoln encountered an unprecedented political and military, crisis , and he responded as commander-in-chief, using unprecedented powers. He
  27. It is unable to pay its enormous external debt, marking the beginning of a debt, crisis ,that spreads to all of Latin America and the Third World. *1985 – Japan
  28. In her works, especially Atlas Shrugged, which some saw as foreshadowing the, crisis , and opinion articles compared real-world events with the plot of the novel.
  29. Top level companies. Among Angola's major problems are a serious humanitarian, crisis ,(a result of the prolonged war),the abundance of minefields, the
  30. Wartime reserves and the infrastructure of the country for defense. In times of, crisis ,the Army's main tasks relate to participation in operations countering
  31. S economy. Regional governors could not rely on the king for help in times of, crisis , and the ensuing food shortages and political disputes escalated into famines
  32. Used to act within a person's home rather than just to respond to a detected, crisis , Using one of the examples above, gas sensors for people with dementia can be
  33. A year to Bordeaux in Aquitania, then allowed him to return unharmed when the, crisis ,had passed. Alaric displayed similar wisdom in political affairs by appointing
  34. Systems. Prominent agricultural scientists Agricultural science and agriculture, crisis ,Agriculture sciences seek to feed the world's population while preventing
  35. Election was to take place, to prevent an uproar, which was probable in this, crisis , His address was interrupted by a call" Ambrose, bishop! ", which was taken up
  36. Forces. Their main functions include deterrence, defense,peace support and, crisis ,management, humanitarian and rescue missions, as well as social functions
  37. Dictate terms to its suppliers. Briefly in July 2011,due to the debt-ceiling, crisis , Apple's financial reserves were greater than those of the US Government. On
  38. That nearly 25 percent of non-Jewish Americans blamed Jews for the financial, crisis ,of 2008–2009,with a higher percentage among Democrats than Republicans. Europe
  39. Hyperinflation crisis of 1923 limited his parents' income. In 1924 when the, crisis ,had abated, he transferred to the" much more reputable" Technical University
  40. Felling of trees for fuel during the winters has created another environmental, crisis , ) During these years, Armenia occupied some 20 % of Azerbaijan's territory
  41. 1870,Melville died from complications due to tuberculosis, causing a family, crisis , His father had also suffered a debilitating illness earlier in life and had
  42. Is falling with the highest speed in the world as a result of the 2008-World, crisis , Before that the economy of Anguilla was expanding rapidly, especially the
  43. Came to command adherence and loyalty. Potentially this would create a, crisis ,of identity, were secular and religious loyalties to conflict – and such a
  44. Portugal and many travelling overland to South Africa. There was an immediate, crisis ,because the indigenous African population lacked the skills and knowledge
  45. Its institutional, legal,metaphysical, and religious defenses .... When the, crisis ,came it chose to fight. It proved to be the death struggle of a society, which
  46. Neo-impressionist painter Théo van Rysselberghe. This would cause the only, crisis ,in the long-standing relationship between Alleged and Gide and damaged the
  47. Privilege, who comes to question her values in a time of political, crisis , The original script had to be extensively rewritten and, because of its
  48. The Whitley Government lost office following the 1975 Australian constitutional, crisis ,and Dismissal, and was defeated in a landslide at the resulting 1975 Australian
  49. The influence that the Slave Power already wielded in government, brought the, crisis ,to a head in the late 1850s. Disagreements between Abolitionists and others
  50. By bands such as Crass and the Sex Pistols. The housing and employment, crisis ,in most of Western Europe led to the formation of communes and squatter

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