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  1. By this he meant that the unique characteristic of cinema as a medium was to, take ,our experience of time and alter it. Unedited movie footage transcribes time in
  2. He soon struck up a close friendship with Gödel. Einstein and Gödel would, take ,long walks together discussing their work. His last assistant was Burial
  3. Was continuously deferred on the grounds that he would not say he would, take ,up arms to defend the U. S. He claimed a philosophical, rather than a religious
  4. European main routes. Progress to complete the road infrastructure is likely to, take ,some decades, but substantial efforts are already being made in the right
  5. Sailing and George Dalton challenged standard neoclassical economics to, take ,account of cultural and social factors, and employed Marxian analysis into
  6. To man. To illustrate the depth of an anthropological approach, one can, take ,just one of these topics, such as" racism" and find thousands of
  7. Provided for universal suffrage for white men. Settlers rapidly arrived to, take ,advantage of the fertile soil. Southeastern planters and traders from the Upper
  8. Through divine illumination alone. Magnus and Aquinas were among the first to, take ,up the examination of alchemical theory, and could be considered to be
  9. South Korea and Japan have operations in Asia's developing countries to, take ,advantage of its abundant supply of cheap labor and relatively developed
  10. That she was the first and only woman, indeed the first and only American, to, take , up the defense of homosexual love before the public. " In fact, before
  11. Modern population genetics, participant observation and other techniques often, take ,anthropologists" into the field," which means traveling to a community in its
  12. Made the following statement in his discussion of religions: If I wished to, take ,the results of my philosophy as the standard of truth, I should have to concede
  13. Governor; both were Democrats. In Alabama, the members of the Legislature, take ,office immediately after the November elections, but the statewide officials
  14. He spent 1860 in Kentucky until December 21,when he sailed for California to, take ,command of the Department of the Pacific. Civil War At the outbreak of the
  15. From that evidence. On June 7,2006,Florida's wildlife commission voted to, take ,the manatee off the state's endangered species list. Some environmentalists
  16. As a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,Aruba's politics, take ,place within a framework of a 21-member Parliament and an eight-member Cabinet.
  17. The actual move took place in 1906,after initial questions arose),begun to, take ,shape with the construction of the Alaska Governor's Mansion that same year.
  18. European main routes. Progress to complete the road infrastructure is likely to, take ,some decades, but substantial efforts are already being made in the right
  19. And he should answer us, we should despise him for it. Therefore, we must, take ,a man whose opinions are known. " Assassination John Wilkes Booth was a
  20. Civilized men fighting savages ", saying European colonists had the right to, take ,land from American Indians, and calling homosexuality" immoral" and "
  21. In the" Kalmyk" to the" temalpouhkeh ", who were students dedicated to, take ,the accounts of skies, from childhood. Unfortunately the Nepohualtzintzin and
  22. Until he collapses while working on the windmill. Napoleon sends for a van to, take ,Boxer to the veterinarian, explaining that better care can be given there.
  23. Its required tasks, it was jettisoned. The crew then rotated the spacecraft to, take ,some photographs of the spent stage and then practiced flying in formation with
  24. And predicted that, if a Marxist party came to power, its leaders would simply, take ,the place of the ruling class they had fought against. In 1872,the conflict
  25. Tchaikovsky would spend two days preparing for Yukon to film a single long, take , and due to the preparation, usually only a single take was needed. Sven
  26. Title in 1992. On the rare occasion that he charged the net, Agassi liked to, take ,the ball in the air and hit a swinging volley for the winner. Agassi
  27. Pillow when asleep. Others * Walmart provides companionship, reminds users to, take ,medicine and calls for help if something is wrong. * Telephone Reassurance:
  28. Or ethnicity within Western societies, and other social scientists increasingly, take ,a global view of their fields. 20th century In the 20th century, academic
  29. And set the first Wednesday of March 1789 as the day the new government would, take ,over and the government under the Articles of Confederation would come to an
  30. Of Bern. The following year, he quit the patent office and the lectureship to, take ,the position of physics docent at the University of Zurich. He became a full
  31. Medicine as a career ... His uniqueness lay in his universalism. He was able to, take ,all knowledge for his province. Following his education at Billion, Huxley was
  32. Takes place in two stages. The first is called the initial arraignment and must, take ,place within 48 hours of an individual's arrest. During this arraignment the
  33. To any concession or compromise which looks like buying the privilege to, take ,possession of this government to which we have a constitutional right. "
  34. His cabinet in the afternoon, and occasionally Mary Lincoln would force him to, take ,a carriage ride because she was concerned he was working too hard. Lincoln had
  35. Affairs. More simply again that which immediately sets the thing in motion. So, take ,the two dominoes this time of equal weighting, the first is knocked over causing
  36. Was dissatisfied with Huxley, especially after Huxley encouraged Bradbury to, take ,psychedelic drugs. Association with Vedanta Beginning in 1939 and continuing
  37. Takes place by chance if a person sets out with the intent of having one thing, take ,place, but with the result of another thing (not intended) taking place. For
  38. Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and other constitutional offices, take ,office in the following January. Local elections Many local offices (County
  39. Countered with a $10,000 bet; but after being warned by the club owner not to, take ,the bet because he would lose and be embarrassed, Brown and Mike Agassi agreed
  40. To film a single long take , and due to the preparation, usually only a single, take ,was needed. Sven Nyquist In his last film, The Sacrifice, Tarkovsky worked with
  41. Did not always mean greater wealth and economy. The uncontrolled maxim fails to, take ,into account that a person that does not produce in an economic or political
  42. Items that are often cheaper within the state than outside it. Many Alaskans, take ,advantage of salmon seasons to harvest portions of their household diet while
  43. Nor quay and Lakisha. Hunters and fishermen from around the world are able to, take ,home impressive trophies and tall tales from their experiences in Alberta's
  44. To be sold on the open market starting in 1991 were repealed before they could, take ,effect. Effectively, the corporations hold title (including subsurface title
  45. Consume pathogens. Many protists also exist as individual amoebic cells, or, take , such a form at some point in their life-cycle. The most famous such organism is
  46. Correct attitude, blunt end forward. If the computer broke down, Borman would, take ,over. Once the Command Module was separated from the Service Module, the
  47. Granted to the president by the Constitution, and Lincoln was planning to, take ,that action. In that month, Lincoln discussed a draft of the Emancipation
  48. Of the Confederation Nevertheless, the Confederation Congress did, take ,two actions with long lasting impact. The Land Ordinance of 1785 and Northwest
  49. The President almost absolute power. Elections for the National assembly are to, take ,place every five years, and the President is automatically the leader of the
  50. Is the general term for the process by which courts with appellate jurisdiction, take ,jurisdiction of matters decided by lower courts. It is distinguished from

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