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  1. Showing that he has successfully passed himself off as a charlatan or, fraud , All these techniques help Poirot attain his principal target:" For in the
  2. Massive vote fraud perpetrated by Missouri pro-slavery Border Ruffians. Vote, fraud ,led pro-South Presidents Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan to attempt to admit
  3. Backer Herb Woman were investigated for insider-trading and securities, fraud , Nonetheless, the Soc reds were re-elected in 1979 under Bennett, who led the
  4. One-tel. The financial manager, Jodee Rich was subsequently charged with, fraud ,and spent several years in jail after fraud ulently stating the companies
  5. Studies have proven that this is no more than a fabrication, a lie, and a, fraud ,!! That is, it is a 'scenario' the plot of which was carefully tailored, using
  6. Had an interest in the occult especially mesmerism, but was also wary of occult, fraud ,and believed strongly that superstition should be replaced by more scientific
  7. Such as murder, homicide,rape, trespass,robbery, burglary,theft, and, fraud , the ethics of private property is also incompatible with the existence of a
  8. Been deception, bad faith conduct, abuse of judicial process and, perhaps even, fraud , " The judge later revoked the verdict and instead, recorded the case as
  9. Featured vocals from session singer Kevin Glance who would later be tried for, fraud , before re-inventing himself as a Christian singer. The follow-up single," Why
  10. Afghan government plans to start in 2012,it is expected to help prevent major, fraud ,in future elections and improve the security situation. Political divisions
  11. The US Government moved to annul the patent issued to Bell on the grounds of, fraud ,and misrepresentation. After a series of decisions and reversals, the Bell
  12. As one of the wealthiest men in the country. He never earned money by force or, fraud , and never apologized for becoming wealthy and successful. He was one of the
  13. And federal statutes may allow vacating an award on narrow grounds (e.g., fraud ,). These protections for arbitrator awards are premised on the union-management
  14. Election was held in September 2010,but due to disputes and investigation of, fraud , the sworn in ceremony took place in late January 2011. After the issuance of
  15. Over the status of slavery in the Kansas Territory included massive vote, fraud ,perpetrated by Missouri pro-slavery Border Ruffians. Vote fraud led pro-South
  16. Convicted criminals. Most of these members have been convicted of, fraud , while one member, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, was convicted of the kidnapping
  17. Characterized by lack of security, low voter turnout and widespread electoral, fraud , The vote, along with elections for 420 provincial council seats, took place in
  18. His command of the Department of the West were compounded with allegations of, fraud ,and corruption. Lincoln overruled Frémont's proclamation and he was given
  19. All, alchemists were charlatans, and the tradition itself nothing more than a, fraud , The obscure and secretive writings of the alchemists was used as a case by
  20. Murray Rothbard, while also supporting a natural prohibition on force and, fraud , supports the establishment of a mutually agreed-upon centralized libertarian
  21. Did wind up in trouble. On July 12, 1985,in conjunction with a credit card, fraud ,investigation, the Middlesex County, NJ Sheriff's department raided and seized
  22. Or any scheme or attempt to de fraud shareholders. Another example of corporate, fraud ,was the case of Australian telecommunications company One-tel. The financial
  23. Overlooked or suppressed. Alternative medicine providers recognize that health, fraud ,occurs, and argue that it should be dealt with appropriately when it does, but
  24. In consumer to consumer transactions. There is no absolute defense against, fraud , However, it can be argued that when a person barters there is less incentive
  25. 2009,but remained unresolved during a lengthy period of vote counting and, fraud ,investigation. Two months later, under international pressure, a second round
  26. Been brought against Guitar and several of its top-level distributors, alleged, fraud , racketeering, and that the defendants operated as an illegal pyramid scheme.
  27. Of Justice said there was no finding that the actor" himself committed any, fraud ,or manipulated any surreptitious entry in the revenue records ". After
  28. The law and to the constitution of the realm, and he who would, by force or by, fraud , endeavor to prostrate that law and constitution, though he may retain his
  29. The failure of the Holocaust to eliminate all the Jews: With regard to the, fraud ,of the Holocaust … Many French studies have proven that this is no more than a
  30. Minister Harold Wilson's notorious Lavender List (1976),was convicted of, fraud ,(1980) * Cecil Parkinson affair with secretary Sara Keys resulting in their
  31. Mesa and Miles Guano Elections in 1979 and 1981 were inconclusive and marked by, fraud , There were coups d'état, counter-coups,and caretaker governments. In 1980
  32. Consumption – these are not present in Vedas. These have been propagated by, fraud ,people. They have fraud ulently added these uncontrolled, reckless,atheist
  33. With various usages of the word: affinity include: Commerce and law * Affinity, fraud , a type of scam targeting a specific demographic * Affinity analysis, a market
  34. Shah Deniz gas field,Aliyev's presidency was criticized due to suspected vote, fraud ,and corruption. Geography Azerbaijan is in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia
  35. Made by Enron. The act significantly raises criminal penalties for securities, fraud , for destroying, altering or fabricating records in federal investigations or
  36. Allahyar, on April 29, 2002 published an editorial denying the Holocaust as a, fraud , The next paragraph decries the failure of the Holocaust to eliminate all of
  37. Agreements to arbitrate valid and enforceable (unless one party could show, fraud ,or unconscionably or some other ground for rescission which undermined the
  38. And his repeated defense of spiritualist mediums against allegations of, fraud ,in the 1870s damaged his scientific reputation. It strained his relationships
  39. Tax case In 1983,Amway pleaded guilty to criminal tax evasion and customs, fraud ,in Canada, resulting in a fine of $25 million CAD, the largest fine ever
  40. 1993 and 'N Sync formed in 1995,although he was later convicted of unrelated, fraud ,incidents. In the late nineties in the UK, producer Simon Cowell (noted in the
  41. To help combat issues such as gang violence, terrorism threats and health care, fraud , Federal courts Buffalo is also the location of the chief judge, United States
  42. Hap good and Fay, still disguised, take refuge under the rock. Discovering the, fraud , Cora and the council confront them. At that moment, Cora receives a telegram
  43. Dictator Luis Garcia Mesa to 30 years in jail without parole for murder, theft, fraud , and violating the constitution. *1994 – The first discoveries of extrasolar
  44. With assault on a golf course. Yuma, now the State president, was charged with, fraud , bribery and corruption in the Arms Deal. The charges were subsequently
  45. His work was found to contain fraud ulent data. It was the first known case of, fraud ,at Bell Labs. In 2003,the New Jersey Institute of Technology Biomedical
  46. Persons (i.e., direct violence, assault,murder) or property (i.e., fraud , burglary, theft,taxation). The initiation of force is usually referred to as
  47. At least some séance phenomena were genuine, no matter how many accusations of, fraud ,skeptics made or how much evidence of trickery was produced. Historians and
  48. Production in 2006,chronicling what led up to the numerous arson-for-insurance, fraud ,fires of the 1970s in the borough. Bronx gang life was depicted in the 1974
  49. On archeological expeditions. In some cases, an expedition could turn out to be, fraud , with the treasure hunter disappearing with large amounts of money extracted
  50. The veneer of Republican restoration as promoted by Augustus, and exposed his, fraud ,of merely being the first citizen, a first among equals. Even worse, the

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