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  1. Also requires bee pollination, and some beekeepers service this need. The vast, northern ,forest reserves of softwood allow Alberta to produce large quantities of lumber
  2. Alumni lived in what is now South central Alaska. The Gwich’in people of the, northern ,Interior region are primarily known today for their dependence on the caribou
  3. Legal in the southern United States but had been generally outlawed in the, northern ,states, such as Illinois. Lincoln disapproved of slavery, and the spread of
  4. Up to about 50′ () south of the Arctic Circle; similarly, on the day of the, northern ,winter solstice, part of the sun may be seen up to about 50′ north of the
  5. Average flow of 2161 m3/s. The Peace River originates in the Rocky Mountains of, northern ,British Columbia and flows through northern Alberta and into the Slave River, a
  6. To Barbados). *In 1998,Benoit Become was the first man to swim across the, northern ,Atlantic Ocean without a kick board, stopping for only one week in the Azores.
  7. And the Namibians were known for their fine cavalry. The indigenous peoples of, northern ,Africa is a distinct native population, the Berbers. After 1000 BCE, the
  8. Of lumber, oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood, and several plants in, northern ,Alberta supply North America and the Pacific Rim nations with bleached wood
  9. And aims at Albanian communities in Kosovo, Serbia,Macedonia, Montenegro and, northern ,Greece, plus the Albanian diaspora in the rest of Europe. RTSH has a past of
  10. Then three million lakes. Marshlands and wetland permafrost cover (mostly in, northern , western and southwest flatlands). Glacier ice covers some land and of
  11. European shore. The Europe-Asia boundary The Don River became unsatisfactory to, northern ,Europeans when Peter the Great, king of the Stardom of Russia, defeating rival
  12. S largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the eastern and, northern ,hemispheres. It covers 8.7 % of the Earth's total surface area (or 30 % of
  13. Employed in the agricultural sector. About 90 percent of Algerians live in the, northern , coastal area; the minority who inhabit the Sahara desert are mainly
  14. Him time to reflect. " Schopenhauer attributed civilizational primacy to the, northern ," white races" due to their sensitivity and creativity (Except for the
  15. Over these currents influence adjacent land areas. The Gulf Stream and its, northern ,extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, for example, warms the
  16. 55-page report by the UN, the Taliban, while trying to consolidate control over, northern ,and western Afghanistan, committed systematic massacres against civilians. U.
  17. North Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. In 2005,there was some concern that warm, northern ,European currents were slowing down, but no scientific consensus formed from
  18. Against Mexican invasion, and in 1839 conducted a campaign against Indians in, northern ,Texas. In February 1840,he resigned and returned to Kentucky, where he married
  19. City in Canada, and serves as a gateway and hub for resource development in, northern ,Canada. The region, with its proximity to Canada's largest oil fields, has
  20. Provided the only land access to most of the region along its entire route. In, northern ,Southeast Alaska, the White Pass and Yukon Route also partly runs through the
  21. The major groupings are the Gets of the north and southern Labs and Tasks. The, northern ,and southern traditions are contrasted by the" rugged and heroic" tone of the
  22. In the southern sections and a subarctic oceanic climate (Köppen CFC) in the, northern ,parts. On an annual basis, the panhandle is both the wettest and warmest part
  23. In the Rocky Mountains of northern British Columbia and flows through, northern ,Alberta and into the Slave River, a tributary of the Mackenzie River. Alberta
  24. Westward through Calgary, and leaves Alberta through Ban ff National Park. The, northern ,corridor, also part of the Trans-Canada network and known as the Yellow head
  25. A much lesser degree, military activities in favor of the independence of the, northern ,exclave of Cabinet, carried out in the context of the protracted Cabinet
  26. The province's population lives in the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor. Most of the, northern ,half of the province is boreal forest, while the Rocky Mountains along the
  27. A tremendous amount of variety in precipitation. An area stretching from the, northern ,side of the Seward Peninsula to the Kabul River valley is technically a desert
  28. In November and December, along with the spring severe weather season. The, northern ,part of the state — along the Tennessee Valley — is one of the areas in the U.
  29. Of precipitation increasing from west to east. Precipitation is heaviest in the, northern ,part of eastern Algeria, where it reaches as much as in some years. Farther
  30. Belief. Hurricanes are also a natural hazard in the Atlantic, but mainly in the, northern ,part of the ocean, rarely tropical cyclones form in the southern parts.
  31. Southern part of the state with its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, while the, northern ,parts of the state, especially in the Appalachian Mountains in the northeast
  32. Been gathered in the wild. Independent development of agriculture occurred in, northern ,and southern China,Africa's Sahel, New Guinea and several regions of the
  33. Angola to the south. In 1999 Namibia signed a mutual defense pact with its, northern ,neighbor Angola. This affected the Angolan Civil War that had been ongoing
  34. Sides of the Durand Line. Burkas is a traditional sport, mainly among the, northern ,Afghans. It is similar to polo, played by horsemen in two teams, each trying to
  35. In the western Mediterranean Sea. Their stronghold was along the stretch of, northern ,Africa known as the Barbary Coast (a medieval term for the Maghreb after its
  36. On western-hemisphere farms. The potato became an important staple crop in, northern ,Europe. Since being introduced by Portuguese in the 16th century, maize and
  37. 25–28, 2011 tornado outbreak. The peak season for tornadoes varies from the, northern ,to southern parts of the state. Alabama is one of the few places in the world
  38. While gaining an unencumbered passage to the gulf. The area making up today's, northern ,and central Alabama, known as the Yahoo lands, had been claimed by the Province
  39. Infestation led tens of thousands of African Americans to seek opportunities in, northern ,cities. They left Alabama in the early 20th century as part of the Great
  40. Free entry into the capitol. Lincoln was supported by Congress and the, northern ,public for these actions. In addition, Lincoln had to contend with reinforcing
  41. NWC) of Montreal to compete with the HBC in 1779. The NWC occupied the, northern ,part of Alberta territory. Peter Pond built Fort Athabasca on Lac la Niche in
  42. Marks in mathematics and physics. The Einsteins sent Albert to Aarav, in, northern , Switzerland to finish secondary school. In Aarav, Einstein studied Maxwell's
  43. Vary widely, but annual averages are probably about and are as high as in some, northern ,areas. The western Albanian Alps (valley of Boga) are among the wettest areas
  44. Disk and not a point, part of the midnight sun may be seen on the night of the, northern ,summer solstice up to about 50′ () south of the Arctic Circle; similarly, on
  45. And is the primary supply and service hub for Canada's oil sands and other, northern ,resource industries. Approximately south of the capital is Calgary,Alberta's
  46. In their own communities, if they are available at all. Agriculture Due to the, northern ,climate and steep terrain, relatively little farming occurs in Alaska. Most
  47. Sea, Denmark Strait, and Baltic Sea. A clockwise warm-water gyre occupies the, northern ,Atlantic, and a counter-clockwise warm-water gyre appears in the southern
  48. Ocean currents, and this is where most tourist development has taken place. The, northern ,and eastern coasts, lacking this protection, are considerably more battered by
  49. Air masses in the winter produce extreme minimum temperatures varying from in, northern ,Alberta to in southern Alberta. In the summer, continental air masses produce
  50. Century as part of the Great Migration to industrial jobs and better futures in, northern ,industrial cities. The population growth rate in Alabama (see" Historical

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