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  1. The National Police are in the process of standing up an air wing, which will, provide ,helicopter support for police operations. The National Police are also
  2. At the same time, he established centers and laboratories within France to, provide ,an institutional context within anthropology, while training influential
  3. Although generally of lower power than the majority of telescopes, also tend to, provide ,a wider field of view, which is preferable for looking at some objects in the
  4. The last courses of brick, bond beams are laid across the top of the bricks to, provide ,a horizontal bearing plate for the roof to distribute the weight more evenly
  5. Growing seaweeds are an important source of food, especially in Asia. They, provide ,many vitamins including: A,B1,B2,B6,niacin and C, and are rich in iodine
  6. Of basic experimental devices, like clocks and thermometers. His writings, provide ,an account of many scientific observations, a mixture of precocious accuracy
  7. Cultural studies, and social work. Anthropology has been used in Britain to, provide ,an alternative explanation for the Financial crisis of 2007–2010 to the
  8. 1 January 1977 00:00:32.184) exactly at that instant. (The offset is to, provide ,continuity with the older Ephemeral Time. ) TAI was henceforth a realization of
  9. Such as Fathers Leclerc, Le June and Saga rd, in the 17th century, provide ,the oldest ethnographic records of native tribes in what was then the Domain of
  10. The European Parliament in Brussels asking the international community to, provide ,humanitarian help to the people of Afghanistan. Recent history (2001–present)
  11. Functioning. The use of a weekly/monthly calendar at both home and school can, provide ,the child with important information regarding up-coming events/activities
  12. Boards and 60 city boards of education. Together,1,541 individual schools, provide ,education for 743,364 elementary and secondary students. Public school funding
  13. Proselytize. The Roman Catholic as well as some major Protestant denominations, provide ,help for the poor in the form of crop seeds, farm animals, medical care and
  14. Cormorant, and the European sea sturgeon. Rocky coastal regions in the south, provide ,good habitats for the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. Some of the most
  15. Of this fellow Hegel is a colossal piece of mystification which will yet, provide ,posterity with an inexhaustible theme for laughter at our times, that it is a
  16. Air, Air Arabia, Air India, Pakistan International Airlines and others also, provide ,services to Afghanistan. The country has limited rail service with Turkmenistan
  17. Be distinguished from feelings of loyalty and duty. Altruism is a motivation to, provide ,a value to a party who must be anyone but the self, while duty focuses on a
  18. Construction in Edmonton is the new $909 million Edmonton Clinic, which will, provide ,a similar research, education,and care environment as the Mayo Clinic in the
  19. B. Lamar, appointed him Secretary of War on December 22, 1838. Johnston was to, provide ,the defense of the Texas border against Mexican invasion, and in 1839 conducted
  20. Rather to control devices (such as printers) that make use of ASCII, or to, provide ,meta-information about data streams such as those stored on magnetic tape. For
  21. Care and only when required. Sustainability Technological advancements help, provide ,farmers with tools and resources to make farming more sustainable. New
  22. Out of respect of the lunar landing being Kennedy's legacy. The MESA failed to, provide ,a stable work platform and was in shadow, slowing work somewhat. As they worked
  23. Anderson Memorial Tunnel, an active Alaska Railroad tunnel recently upgraded to, provide ,a paved roadway link with the isolated community of Whittier on Prince William
  24. Resulting in the organic movement. The cereals rice, corn,and wheat, provide ,60 % of human food supply. For example, irrigation increased corn yields in
  25. Microscopic forms that live suspended in the water column (phytoplankton), provide , the food base for most marine food chains. In very high densities (algal
  26. The economy. In 2012,the construction of Cars–Tbilisi–Baku railway expected to, provide ,transportation between Asia and Europe through connecting the railways of the
  27. Modern agriculture, more crops can be grown on less land allowing farmers to, provide ,an increased supply of food at an affordable price. Food safety, labeling and
  28. Per year from its mineral deposits, its gross national product would double and, provide ,long-term funding for Afghan security forces and other critical needs.
  29. By the UN Security Council to help assist the Karma administration and, provide ,basic security to the Afghan people. While the Taliban began regrouping inside
  30. And subject to some imprecision in definition, the term" amoebic" does not, provide ,identification of an organism, and is better understood as description of
  31. Would be used on-site, the process would be more efficient and might just, provide ,enough fuel for a new organic-agriculture fusion. It has been suggested that
  32. Systems, can work in conjunction with laptop sky programs. Computerized systems, provide ,the further advantage of computing coordinate precession. Traditional printed
  33. Work. One of the central characteristics is that anthropology tends to, provide ,a comparatively more holistic account of phenomena and tends to be highly
  34. Factories began operating in different parts of the country, which not only, provide ,revenues to the government but also create many jobs. Improvements to the
  35. To qualify adjectives, much in the way Balto-Slavic has used this word to, provide ,the definite ending of adjectives. The cultural renaissance was first of all
  36. And towns within the state that are commercially viable are challenging to, provide , so they are heavily subsidized by the federal government through the Essential
  37. Fuel from the biochar and synfuel process, which uses agricultural waste to, provide ,charcoal fertilizer, some fuel and food, instead of the normal food vs fuel
  38. Affordability The goal of modern agriculture practices is to help farmers, provide ,an affordable supply of food to meet the demands of a growing population. With
  39. Produce products shipped all over the world, and Edmonton's oil refineries, provide ,the raw materials for a large petrochemical industry to the east of Edmonton.
  40. It will require many detailed field surveys before it is possible to, provide ,a reliable estimate of the total number of species ...." Regional and group
  41. The languages can be both spoken and written. These languages are intended to, provide ,a greater technical precision over big natural languages, although historically
  42. Economic 'goods '. In fact, the interaction between these two approaches, provide ,a fertile field for deeper understanding in agricultural science. New
  43. You used a shovel to dig in the mud. However, some linguistic contexts do not, provide ,sufficient information to disambiguate a used word. For example," Biweekly "
  44. Mercury and also arsenic, selenium,and other toxic elements. Bitumen scan, provide ,good preservation of plants and animal fossils. Background Asphalt or bitumen
  45. 2009,ANSI launched a new Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP) to, provide ,neutral, third-party attestation that a given certificate program meets the
  46. The time of Barret's pledge; the charter was amended in the public interest to, provide ,a newer, superior,and less expensive route, and the corporation retained the
  47. Region, such as the Moldovan or the Gravitation. In this way, archaeologists, provide , a vast frame of reference for the places human beings have traveled, their ways
  48. Conducted by some minor judicial tribunals in proceedings that do not, provide ,all the procedural attributes of a formal judicial trial. If unchallenged
  49. To make certain there is ample strength between the brick’s edges and also to, provide ,a relative moisture barrier during the seasons where the arid climate does
  50. Nature is composed of things that change and that studying such changes can, provide ,useful knowledge of underlying constants. Physics The five elements Aristotle

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