How to Use Sentence Memorization in English Conversation


One of the ways to practice English conversation is to memorize the example sentences. The idea is to expand the variety of conversations by learning various phrases. However, some may be wondering, "Is it really effective?" For this learning method of just remembering a fixed phrase. In this article, for those who have such doubts and anxieties, we will explain in detail the effects of memorization learning and points to note when working on it.

Table of contents
  • Is memorization of example sentences effective for improving English conversation?
  • What is a good example sentence that is worth memorizing?
  • How to memorize example sentences to improve English conversation?
  • Application steps to improve the effect of example sentence memorization
  • Recommended example sentences for those who want to improve their English conversation
  • If you memorize an example sentence

Is memorization of example sentences effective for improving English conversation?

In conclusion, memorizing example sentences can be expected to have a certain effect. However, just learning English is not a good learning method. You need the ability to apply the sentences you have learned to each scene so that you can use them in real life.

For example, suppose you remember the English sentence, "My hobby is XX." Just remembering the "○○" part as an example sentence will be a problem in actual conversation. However, if you remember the actual hobby in the "○○" part, you can use it in conversation as it is.

It is difficult to see the effect just by memorizing the example sentences mechanically, but if you can apply the example sentences memorized by the situation, the range of expression will be expanded and it will lead to the improvement of English conversation.

What is a good example sentence worth memorizing?

When you actually start memorizing, it is efficient to select and memorize "usable phrases" as much as possible. So what exactly is a sentence worth remembering? I will explain two points, so please refer to it.

English sentences with usable words and expressions

First, imagine yourself having an English conversation before opening the reference book. If you are a pre-traveler, you will decide on your own situation, such as immigration and shopping, and if you are a business person, you will be presenting.

Then, can't you see the words and phrases that you can use in that situation? Expressions are often organized by scene in example sentences, so it shouldn't be difficult to find useful expressions to remember. By memorizing example sentences that match the actual situation, you will acquire more "usable English".

English sentences arranged from example sentences to actual usage

Also, instead of memorizing example sentences such as reference books and movies as they are, there is also a method of memorizing them by arranging them so that they become the lines that you often use. For example, take a look at the following phrases that often appear in immigration example sentences.

I'm going to stay at my friend's house. (I'm going to stay at my friend's house.)

In this sentence, be going to is used to indicate "plan". Using this phrase, the following expressions are also possible.

I'm going to see my friend this weekend. (I'm going to see my friend this weekend.)

If you often meet friends on weekends, remember the example sentence "I'm going to see my friend this weekend." Instead of "I'm going to stay at my friend's house." But actually the quality

It's convenient because you can use it as it is when asked.

How to memorize example sentences to improve English conversation?

From here, I will explain how to memorize effective example sentences that will help you improve your English conversation. Not only speaking but also listening skills will be trained, so you will be able to acquire useful English skills in actual conversation by memorizing example sentences.

Prepare an example sentence with native voice and script

First, when preparing an example sentence, choose one that has native voice and script. It's easy to find if you use a reference book with a CD or an English learning app.

Another option is to select and prepare phrases that you are likely to use from your favorite movies and dramas. You can learn more realistic and live English by choosing the wording that the natives actually use.

Check the example sentences while listening to the voice

Next, I actually listen to the English voice several times. At first, don't look at the script, just listen to the voice and guess what the sentence is. Even if you don't understand what you are saying the first time, you should be familiar with your ears by listening to it twice or three times. Subtle sounds that you couldn't hear at first may become clearer as you listen to them repeatedly. After listening to it several times, look at the script again to check the contents. Listen to the audio and compare it to see if it matches what you guessed, or if it's wrong.

Also, if you don't understand a word or grammatical structure in a script, look it up and understand it. If you know the grammatical structure, you will also be able to understand how to replace words and make your own arrangement for each situation.

Shadow the example sentence

After reviewing the script and audio, it's time to shadow. Shadowing is a practice method of reading out the sentences you hear immediately without any gaps. It is a very difficult learning method because it is a training that reproduces the sound that comes into your ears as it is, and you also have to listen while speaking. However, it is said to be an effective study method because it is difficult, and it can be expected to improve English proficiency such as pronunciation correction and smooth vocalization.

Recite an example sentence

Practice reading aloud until you can recite it at the end. Recitation is to memorize an example sentence and read it aloud without looking at the script.

It is also important to read aloud when practicing recitation. It would be even better if you could become aware of the grammatical structure and words used while speaking.

It is also recommended to record your own voice when practicing. Listen to your own voice and the native voice and correct any subtle differences in pronunciation.

Application steps to improve the effect of example sentence memorization

If you want to go one step further, please try the following two application steps.

Find a sentence similar to the memorized example sentence in the English sentences you meet

When you are solving another reference book, watching a movie or drama, etc., you may find that it is similar to the memorized example sentence. In that case, let's analyze how it resembles the example sentence.

For example, even if the words used are different or the modifiers are attached a lot, the grammatical structure is the same, so if you know whether it is similar to the example sentence, how is the memorized example sentence applied? You will notice. After memorizing the example sentences, you can increase the variation of the expression in yourself by knowing various applied usages.

Make variations by changing the words in the memorized example sentences

Arranging the example sentences you have learned and practicing to create expressions that can be used in various situations is also effective for improving English conversation. For example, try changing words, adding modifiers, and increasing variations.

Also, if you want to hear the native voice of the arranged sentences, please use Google Translate. In addition to just translating sentences, Google Translate has a "reading function". It also supports long sentences, which is convenient when you want to know the pronunciation of the sentences you made.

Recommended example sentences for those who want to improve their English conversation

Finally, here are four example sentences where you can learn phrases that are useful for learning English conversation. There are various types that can be used in daily conversation and in business, so please choose according to your needs.

For those who want to improve their conversational skills

For those who cannot speak English even though their vocabulary should not be low, "I can speak English quickly with the minimum vocabulary" is recommended. This is a reference book that specializes in expressions at the beginning of a conversation, and introduces phrases used when starting a conversation with example sentences. This book is recommended for those who are worried about not being able to come up with the first word of English conversation because they can learn native "conversation patterns".

Book title Can speak English quickly with a minimum of vocabulary
Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author David Thane
the publisher Diamond
Price (tax included) 1,100 yen

For those who want to increase the instantaneous power of conversation

"English Conversation 1000 Knock [Introduction]" is a collection of questions that repeats "think for yourself" → "listen to model answers" for questions that are read aloud in English. As the title says, there are 1000 example sentences in total. The difficulty level will gradually increase, so even people who are not accustomed to learning English can feel at ease.

vinegar. This is a collection of example sentences recommended for those who want to do numbers and learn English phrases.

Book title Knock 1000 English conversations [Introduction]
Recommended level Beginner-Intermediate
author Steve Soresi
the publisher Cosmopia
Price (tax included) 1,848 yen

For those who want to improve their business English conversation

For those who want to improve their business English conversation, we recommend "Business English Conversation that gives you immediate fighting power". In this reference book, you can learn many useful phrases in practice such as greetings, meetings, and negotiations. The soft cover makes it easy to carry around, which makes it easy to study in your spare time while commuting. You can download the sound source to your smartphone, so you can study anytime, anywhere.

Book title Business English conversation that can be used immediately
Recommended level Intermediate and above
author Kiyoto Hinata
the publisher DHC
Price (tax included) 2,310 yen

For those who want to know a lot of expressions in TOEIC and university entrance exam preparation

"DUO 3.0" is a reference book that is often cited as a reference book for university entrance exams. Although it is a reference book for memorizing words, it is not just that the words are lined up in a row, but there are example sentences in which the words and idioms necessary for the examination are condensed. The 560 example sentences are supervised by 15 natives, and you can touch on "example sentences worth memorizing" that not only take the exam but also expand the range of expressions in daily conversation.

Book title DUO 3.0
Recommended level Intermediate and above
author Yoichi Suzuki
the publisher ICP
Price (tax included) 1,320 yen

After memorizing the example sentence

Memorizing example sentences is a simple learning method, but if you proceed with learning by holding down the points introduced here, you will be able to improve your English conversation properly. Let's remember the phrases that you are likely to use while referring to the example sentences introduced here.

If you want to improve your English conversation, it is important to have an output space where you can actually use the phrases you have learned. If you don't have a chance to speak English in your daily life, why not take a free trial lesson of EnglishPhonetics English Conversation .

In the free trial of EnglishPhonetics , you can try two 25-minute lessons and receive free counseling. You will be able to use the phrases you have learned so that you can create a learning plan that suits you. While advancing memorization, please take advantage of English conversation lessons.