Enough - enough, enough, enough


Enough - before nouns enough books , after adjectives and adverbs good enough, quickly enough

We have enough money.

Not enough - not enough

There are not enough hours in the day for me to adequately express my angst at how there are not enough hours in the day.


  • enough = enough
  • too much = too much (with uncountable nouns = cannot be counted)
  • too many = too many (with countable nouns = can be counted)

Too - also, too

I like milk too!

He is too fat.

Too - before adjectives too good, too boring. Colloquial: too funny = very funny

You work too hard.


I have a hard work = hard work (n)


I work hard = I work hard; spinning like a squirrel in a wheel

I work too hard = "too hard" - cannot be translated into Russian literally: a common mistake is a translation like "I work hard." The correct translation could be: "I wear myself out at work"

Useful design:too + adjective + to + verb
  • It is too hot to drink tea.
  • He is too cool to care.